FAQ, Rules, Expectations

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a microphone to join AusCorp?

I am already a member of a REALISM/MILSIM community in ArmA 2/3. Can I join AusCorp?

Being a member of other MILSIM/REALISM groups similar or different to AusCorp regardless of times of play are not permitted. If you are, or wish to get involved in an RP community or other group, you are welcome to do so. For example, this would include groups that play on seperate nights AND also use a significantly varied play style, such as a Star Wars community.

Please confirm with our staff if your alternate group conflicts.

Do you use forced first person?

Do I need a paid version of ArmA III to join AusCorp?
Yes, our servers use Battleye and as such you need a legal copy of the game.

Do I need any of the ArmA III DLC to play?
– No, however if you wish to use/purchase them you will be able to use equipment from them in some cases.

DLC’s Refer to content such as the Helicopters or Marksman DLC.

Do I require/do you use the ArmA 3 APEX Expansion?
, the APEX Expansion is NOT required. (Note that this is in effect as of 1st June 2017. Previously it was required)

How old do I need to be to join AusCorp?

What Mods do you use?
– To name some popular mods: ACE 3, MLO, NIArms. We also utilize custom and restored modifications.

Does it cost money to play?
No, however, if you enjoy your time in our community, you can donate to assist in funding our servers. This is however voluntary.
– Donations can be given via this page, http://www.taskforceauscorp.com/realism/donate/

How often do you play?
AusCorp’s regular operation time is Sunday 6:00PM AEST every week. This is the first required day of play if you wish to join the unit.

– Additionally, new recruits will attend a initial training session before they are allowed to attend Operations and receive Private. These sessions are hosted regularly.

Do you use mods? If so what mods do you use?
Yes, our modlist is available in two forms.
– Steam Workshop – Our Auto Config url can be found after being enlisted. A member of recruitment staff will provide this link to you or it can be found at the top of our teamspeak to members currently enlisted

Do you ever do PVP events against other groups or in house?
 Occasionally PvP events are hosted inhouse. These events are optional and notification of these events are generally broadcast on our steam group.

How many members do you have?
– The most up to date list of members can be found on the orbat page.

How old is the AusCorp community?
AusCorp Company was founded in August 2015 as an Australian SASR Unit. Since then AusCorp Company spent the first 6 months of 2016 as a Private Military Company. on July 7th 2016, AusCorp returned to its roots and  operated as Australian Defence Force Unit. At the start of October 2016, AusCorp Company closed down.

Taskforce AusCorp officially opened on – December 9th 2016. Taskforce AusCorp underwent changes in 2017 and closed down in November during the Christmas period to undergo large scale changes.

The current community has existed since January 2018 as a Private Military Company unit.

Do you allow non-members to participate in operations?
 Generally we do not allow members from other communities etc to join in our operations. If you are a representative of another community or smaller group, please speak to a member of HQ about attending.

Do you do Joint Operations with other units?
– If you wish to do an operation with our community and you are a leading member of another community. Please approach a member of AusCorp Staff or J-6 about this.

Restrictions for players outside of Oceania Unfortunately due to our growing numbers, we cannot accept some players outside the immediate Oceania area. If you are from Australia or New Zealand, there will be no issues for you. If you are not in these countries, please let us know alongside your SteamID64 and we can advise you if joining is a possibility.

Can we add a Recon/Naval/Tank Unit to the main ORBAT?

As much as we appreciate the time and enthusiasm our members have for speciality units, it is unfortunately impractical to add every unit they request. Recon, Naval and Tank units are some of our most requested, and also some of the most difficult to implement, not to mention taxing on our server resources, which are already spread quite thin.


Section 1: Teamspeak

  • On Teamspeak a member of AusCorp is required to,
    • Uphold a high level of seriousness and sensibility.
    • Have their Teamspeak name set to the same as it would be when in-game on ArmA.
    • Treat new and existing teamspeak users with respect.
    • Use teamspeak permissions (Move/Ban/Kick) sensibly and not to the detriment of others.
    • Point out teamspeak permission errors (IE a user has move/kick abilities when they shouldn’t be able to)
    • Ensure that, if they have channel admin in any channel, the channels name, topic and description is not vulgar, pornographic, racist or homophobic.

Section 2: ArmA

  • On the AusCorp Arma Server or during other allied operations, members of AusCorp Company are required to,
    • Set their ingame name with the following format – “Pte. Name”.
    • Listen to the orders of those with higher rank.
    • Wait for permission to speak during briefings and debriefings.
    • Use radio’s for ingame/in character related chat.
    • Use a legitimate, unhacked version of ArmA 3.
    • Only use vehicles their role is permitted to use. (IE: Only members in Aviation may fly)
    • Do not communicate about operation related matters on any out of game communication platform whilst in Operation. IE: “I am knocked out at x location.” “Tell x about contacts over there”
    • Correctly use radio calls/call signs.
    • Do not teamkill other BLUFOR players or shoot at unarmed civilians.
    • Ensure the Mods is up to date at least 48 hours before the commencing of an operation or training.

Section 3: General – as per https://www.auscorpgaming.com/rules-expectations/

Section 4: Forums, steam group or other AusCorp hosted bulletin boards

  • AusCorp and Public members are required to adhere to the following rules as well as all other rules whilst utilizing our forums – www.taskforceauscorp.com/forum
    • Register an account with an easily identifiable name.
    • DO NOT post, link to or otherwise reference vulgar, racist or sexual content.
    • DO NOT post, link to or otherwise reference shit posting/flame baiting/troll or other bait related topics or replies.
    • DO NOT Spam posts or replies.

Expectations of an AusCorp member

Section 1: Teamspeak

  • Our members are expected to be willing to help out anyone (new or not) with any questions that someone has. If you do not know the answer, don’t pretend you do and mislead the person. Ask someone who might know.
  • Teamspeak permissions and channels are expected to be used correctly.

Section 2: ArmA

  • Provide feedback on how operations went.
  • Provide feedback on your squad leader and squad as a whole.
  • Assist in training new members.
  • Leave HQ and other FOBs in a tidy state for other members to use.

Section 3: General – as per https://www.auscorpgaming.com/rules-expectations/

(Auscorp Gaming and Taskforce AusCorp reserves the right to modify, edit or delete sections or whole parts of this document without prior notice)