Donation to TFAC

What is a donation?

A donation is a gift given without return consideration. This means that, you as the donator, expect no returned item to be given now or in the future.

How does AusCorp use donations?

All donations given to Taskforce AusCorp enter an account used to pay for server related bills such as; the Virtual Server, ArmAclans or teamspeak licences.

What will your donation to Taskforce AusCorp give you?

At this stage, due to the nature of our community and Bohemia’s EULA in regards to in-game rewards, nothing will be given to you as a donator on our servers.

Where do I donate?

Donate via the secure Paypal donation button below. This will take you off our site and process your donation.

By donating money to Taskforce AusCorp ([email protected]) you agree that:

  • Under no circumstance will your donation be disputed or refunded
  • Any incentive for donation can be removed, edited or added without notice
  • Your donation does not in any way exempt you from following the SOP’s and rules expected of other members
  • Your donation does not elevate any potential opportunity you may receive in the community (Taskforce AusCorp)
  • Any incentive given for your donation is a privilege and, under any circumstance, may be removed or amended at any time without notice
  • Your donation is a contribution to AusCorp Gaming, held on behalf of [email protected] Money sent to this account is used for the sole purpose of paying for the server costs and operating expenses of AusCorp Gaming ( and ( these websites and the server they run on.
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