2 PL Weekly Update

I was happy to hear that the operation went smoothly under the leadership of Konk and Basil last night. The staff in this platoon have acted exemplary throughout my time as 2 PL COMD, the future of this platoon remains bright and I am keen to watch our current staff’s movement in the future.

PHQ Resignation

Over the past 6+ months, SGT Konk and I have given our 100% at being your Platoon staff, it has been an extremely rewarding experience but it is something we no longer feel capable of doing to our full ability, instead of allowing for things to remain stagnant throughout the ranks, it is in everyone’s best interest that we take a step away from our role as Platoon Commander and Platoon Sergeant.

From LT Tate

2 Platoon is where I had the most fun in the unit, from being the first Secco of 1-2-Alpha to a brief stint as 1-2 PL SGT and eventually coming back to become the Platoon Commander, my time has been very interesting and enjoyable. Not only have I made some fantastic friends in the unit, but I’ve learnt a lot about my leadership style. There is going to be a bit of a teething phase as expected but guaranteed 2PL will land back on it’s feet.

From SGT Konk

Hey lads heads up. It has been a long campaign but this old war horse has about had his day in the Sergeants seat. Today I have handed in my request to be euthani…….. step down. It’s been a helluva ride and one of the greatest gaming experiences of my life rolling with you nutsacks. I guess I’m just sick of all your shit… joking/not joking, but it’s time now for fresh meat and new blood. You guys, the staff, the leaders of this fine unit have been my virtual brothers in arms in every sense of the words, but lets cut to the chase and get down to the common dog.

it’s been a wild ride!

P.S: I’ll be serving out a period of time ensuring that 1-2 is not left in the lurch so I’m not gone just just yet lads… and if I see 1-2 goofing off I’ll still crawl up their as$%^# in the debrief.

What happens next?

Konk and myself will look at stepping down after we are satisfied a suitable replacement can be found, that may be next week or it may be 2 weeks from now. J4 with guidance from us, will select new staff in the coming weeks and we look forward to seeing our very capable members jump up to those positions.

Anyway onto a more positive note, commendations!


My final LT’s Commendation goes to CPL Basil. Basil has just reached over a year in this unit and I’ve been privileged to have him under me in both 1-2-Alpha and serving out as 1-2-Charlie 2IC, 1-2-Bravo 1IC and 1-2-Delta 1IC. Basil is always keen and dependable to fill important roles within the Platoon and has been an exceptional mentee. Basil filled the role of 1-2 Sunray Minor during the previous operation and did so to a good standard, receiving praise from his colleagues in the platoon. Well done Baz.


PTE(P) AlienDeath: Highly effective usage of his MMG at long range, dropping contacts quickly within seconds of them being called out. AlienDeath continues to be a highly effective operator and his efforts were noticed by acting Sunray Minor

PTE Dark: slotted well into the MAT role at last minute and operated to a high standard while being apart a recon team, detached from the section. PTE BobbieRoss: Acting as a key element on his mounted 50. cal providing crucial support during MCI’s and EN assaults


PTE(P) Pants – Made a very honorable goods trade with one of the Red Bear Militia, aiding in the improvement of TFACs overall standings with the locals.

The entirety of Bravo preformed exceptionally well tonight. It’s always an absolute pleasure operating with this group of lads and I wouldn’t have it any other way – LCPL Tim


No standout commendations, all performed well.