2PL Weekly Update

A very healthy start for 2PL into this first campaign back, it has been comforting to see the attendance numbers and staff professionalism has not dwindled over the break. Although there is a bit of uncertainty in the air for our platoon, it is business as normal for us for the next few weeks. In saying that, this could be a unique opportunity for all members to seek out new roles and have a chat with those who have experience in those roles. I’m looking forward to seeing what the future holds.

For our newest members of the Platoon

If you have recently completed your BCT and have gone through the current reservist system, J3 would like to hear from you. If you have the chance please fill out as much information below in the following link.



Ol’ boots commendation this week goes to CPL Basil, LCPL MacAttack and the 1-2 Delta boys for their patience when faced with lengthy delays between jobs on Sunday night. Consummate professionals one and all setting the standard and keeping the bar raised high for 1-2. Well done lads.


PTE(P) Binns : Presented himself tonight in a very mature manner. He kept his section comms clear, and his contact reports concise. Always a pleasure to operate with.


PTE Ewie – Worked extremely well on the machine gun, provide accurate and heavy fire to the enemies to regain the initiative in contacts and move through their positions. Worked very well with the section as its new member

PTE Regi – displayed good initiative and decision making skills, took first OP in his stride and assimilated well

PTE Chiefy – Worked to a high standard as the assault gunner, provide mobile fire superiority required to effectively supress and kill the enemy

PTE Cent – Picked up new information and tactics well, did not let the chaos of the OP overwhelm him. worked to a high standard.

PTE(P) Barker – Worked extremely well as the MAT, eliminating a whole host of armour and armoured vics as well as an entire frigate with him shoulder mounted destroyer of worlds.

PTE(P) Cloaker – worked feverously to revive and stabilise downed section members in our many overwhelming contacts with the enemy, keeping the section at strength.

1-2 Charlie putting lead down range