2 PL Weekly Update

Well that’s a wrap for the first half of 2020 ladies and gents, as the group has grown exponentially (even to the point where recruitment was closed for a bit) there has been a lot of change within the group, a well deserved break is on the table for all to wind down a little; however, there are still organized missions on the table for those that are still seeking that enjoyment. Well done to the sections last night, we barely made it out with less then 20 last night, it was quite a tough finish.

2PL Mission Continuation

As listed on the 1-2 Noticeboard, there will be the option for 2PL members to continue their role in the group on Sundays in a smaller campaign directed by myself and SGT Konk. The proposed ORBAT is as follows:

Platoon Sig – LCPL
Platoon Med – LCPL

Sections x 3
Combat Med – PTE
Sapper – PTE

Specialist Weapons Team x2
Team Lead – CPL/LCPL
Specialist – PTE
Assistant – PTE

2x Recon Team
Observer – LCPL
Sniper – PTE

Max Spots: 32

I intend to have all these positions available and the sections may be able to specialize for certain missions (airborne, mechanized etc.). The focus of this campaign will be unconventional operations as a bit of a change to our normal conventional operations. We will aim to have a good mix of realism and specialized missions in here. Operation attendance will be listed in the 2PL noticeboard on Wednesday and it will be first in best dressed for members (noting we only have 6 spots per section), staff will have first pick prior to the remainder of the section. Operation orders can be found in the 2PL noticeboard.


LT’s Award: This week’s LT award goes to CPL Englishman. Englishman has been with the group for about a year now and has spent essentially all of that year in 1-2-Alpha with very little time off. English’s skills have enabled him to fulfill the role of 1-2-A Section Commander, a role that has a history of well performing Seccos (:p). English also is heavily involved in the community outside of the 2PL with his involvement in J1 and his role as a coordinator in ACG, he is very busy with group development. Well done English!

Alpha Commendations

PTE(P) AlienPunch: Multiple beautiful neutralising shots onto EN pers at many different ranges, long and short.

Bravo Commendations

PTE(P) Frost – For an outstanding performance and attitude in operating when down to 2 member fireteam to aid his fireteam leader.
PTE(P) Smog – Always in good hands when EN armour rocks up when Smog is around, his MAAWS proficiency is second to none. I’ve lost count on the amount of times he has saved the section with a single, precise MAAWS round. Such a solid operator and I don’t know what we’d do without him.

2PL Navy going to work!