2PL Weekly Update

Great to see the sections taking the initiative to get tasks done last night while myself and the 2IC were unable to reach the section. Unfortunately technical issues are bound to happen while we’re teething out but on a positive side, the server performance was drastically increased. Konk has returned from his LOA this week and hopefully we will step back into a smooth rhythm come this next op.


LT’s award: This week’s LT’s award goes to LCPL Pipsqueak. I have worked with Pipsqueak for the majority of my time in TFAC and have relied upon him to step up and deliver. Pipsqueak has held numerous positions within the unit but has found his perfect fit in 1-2 Golf, and has shown his dedication by creating systems to allow easy calculations for Golf’s assets. Pipsqueak, along with Keegan is largely responsible for the accurate and efficient IDF support for the PL, I think I can speak on behalf of everyone that the support you provide is a very valuable asset to the PL. Well done Pip.

Bravo Commendations

Bravo would like to shoutout GM Murphy for stepping into his GM role all guns blazing. Continuing to add that human touch/interaction to take the Sunday standards to a whole new level.

Delta Commendations

PTE(P) Zilo: Didn’t let the frustration of being stuck at base for so long after dying due to EAMs bug affect the rest of his op. Came back and maintained a great attitude.

1-2 Charlie conducting a tactical movement under the cover of darkness.