1PL Weekly Update

Well lads, Last night was a great testament to why I love our platoon and the position I am in. Last night was excellent in alot of areas with a few minor tweaks in areas that can be easily fixed. However most of 1st PLT actions and movements last night was excellent.

Last night we did first of many things which in my book any victory no matter the size is a good one however these things are,

~ Effectively breaking contact to better organize at an RV
~ Platoon level formations
~ Effective communications among all teams
~ Combined arms assault onto 2 US destroyers

Needless to say I am ecstatic on alot of 1st platoons actions last night. I hope to see alot more refined actions to our already established foundations. We do need to work on a few things however and those being Convoy spacing, Comms discipline & listening. With these things are easily fixed for next operations with I am ready to see next operation.

We have quite a few things to look forward to over this next period of a couple months. With many new things and new ways to bond to become a stronger team and family. I hope to see you all keen as I am to do this!

Another point is Similar to what 2PL is doing, we will be doing a somewhat work experience weekends for various positions among the PL. This means if you want to experience PHQ or even attempt your hand in a position you can request it in your section chats just by Pinging me asking and we can look at working something out. You can also do this at a section level by just speaking with your section staff. With these positions this will allow you to better grasp and understand what goes on in a staff role and to better see the method of the madness that goes with it. If you have any further questions please ask me to clarify in your section chats.

1st Platoon Commendations


Alpha worked highly effectively with all counts and taskings that where given to them last night.


PTE Trent: Stepped up as temporary MAT and nailed multiple EN vics
PTE Crusader: Excellent work as MAT, shot down an Apache.
PTE(P) Phaser: took command when section staff was down, got on 1PL comms quickly and organised an MCI promptly.


PTE(P) Jazz: was a hero during the op with his life saving skills plus being a good motivator for the section and kept us in high spirits even though he was ill for the op.


PTE(P) Gal: was an absolute gun on the MAAWS effectively eliminating threats out to 800m


PTE(P) Serg: performed exceedingly well as 2IC tonight.

Closing Points,

1 Platoon’s work revitalized my love for the platoon & my position within it. I thank you all for being patient while I worked somethings out for myself to be able to come back a better leader to you all. We have some great things planned for the platoon in the sense of bonding which I am very excited about. These will be in the forms of as easily as just hanging out and playing other games together.

We have a few things aswell that are coming this week,

TFAC AfterDark Ep.8 on either Thursday or Friday

TFAC Stellaris Game! yes its happening again! If you are keen please put your name down on the sheet that will be in community noticeboard on discord.

TFAC Liberation! PTE(P) Thunderbolt has graciously created a liberation for all of TFAC which I would love to get you all on and doing platoon level ops on there.

TFAC Mid-week Operation Acts of Valour! We have another mid-weeker on this Wednesday so If you are interested in coming and doing some more different things that we aren’t normally doing then come along, Also just a hint for the op is I hope you guys like being wet. Either way It should be awesome and I hope to see you on Wednesday!

Other games, If there is a game you want to play with someone then speak up and lets get a group going!

As Captain Thomas says,

Maintain the Rage