2PL Weekly Update

Seeing that mostly everyone in 1-2 enjoyed the last op makes me happy. There was some positive feedback all round from section staff and from COY staff working within the platoon. The first op with a dedicated Delta was highly anticipated and I think it lived up to the hype, well done lads.

Staff Movements

CPL Basil: Has moved across to take command of the new 1-2 Delta asset, we’re looking forward to seeing Basil’s experience utilized for his team.

CPL Blitz: Has been promoted IOT immediately take command of 1-2 Bravo. Blitz has been in contention for a command role for a while and we are glad to see him achieve this and as capable as ever.

LCPL MacAttack: Has made his return from 1-1 to come home and take the 2IC role of 1-2 Delta, along with CPL Basil, we are expecting big things from their team.

LCPL Tim: Has made his move across from Alpha to Bravo for a well deserved bump up to 2IC.

LCPL Crossley: Has been made 3IC of Bravo, Crossley is a welcome addition to the PL staff and brings a range of experience, we are looking forward to seeing him in action.

1-2 Delta

1-2 Delta is still looking for 2 more members to fill permanent positions, the successful applicant will have completed the advanced infantry tactics training. Please express your interest to either CPL Basil or LCPL MacAttack.

J3-Training EOI

J3 are looking for new members to run training. We are looking for at least 5 people interested in assisting others to expand their knowledge and training. At least PTE(P) rank or higher is preferred but is not necessary.
If this is something that you are interested in please send CPL Razorjax a message on Discord with the following information:

  • Time in the unit
  • Your understanding of the role J3 plays in TFAC
  • Why you and want to join and what you bring to J3
  • Your general availability throughout the week

All responses will be read thoroughly, short listed and successful applicants will be notified. Only apply if you are serious about joining please. Would love to see more 2PL members in J3.

1-2 Commendations

LT’s Award: This week the LT’s award will be going to a lesser known to the PL, but known in 1-2 Bravo as an MAT god. PTE(P) Smog has been with Bravo for a few months shy of a year now and has shown a high level of dedication to the section and also his role as MAT. Although in a completely different timezone, Smog has made an effort to attend every single Sunday operation this year and is heavily relied upon as MAT and to occasionally take the reigns as a FTL. Congratulations on receiving the LT’s award this week Smog.


PTE(P) Mitty: Stepped into 3IC role for the first time. Did well to keep his FT pointed in the right direction at the right times.

PTE(P) AlienPunch: For handling a MCI well while being the only member up and holding on until Delta and PHQ arrived to support the section.


LCPL Grub: performed outstandingly, had control over his FT and was always keeping me in Comms. Effectively monitored and responded to PLT net and made sure that all section members were moving towards achieving the COY end state. An example of the standard sought after

PTE(P) Gaz: maintained positive control of his FT, did well in stressful situations. took the initiative in complex situation to ensure that our backs and the back of a fellow section were covered. well done

PTE(P) Zilo: worked well within the section and with his battle buddies, effectively employing his weapon system to eliminate the enemy and achieve our obj.

PTE(P) Dragon: very effectively employed his weapons system wracking up 46 kills, hosing down the enemy like it was a sport, he just needs to remember to listen to staff.

PTE(P) Wizz: Was always on the hunt for enemy Vic’s and and worked very well with his FT to decimate the enemy.

PTE(P) Cloaker: Outstanding first OP as medic, was kept very busy by all members of Charlie tonight and was unflappable. good base of knowledge and worked well.

PTE(P) Barker: very good OP as MMG, displayed extreme resilience after getting smoked by the AI 5 times and still re-spawning and hiking across the AO to get to us. Excellent attitude and professionalism.

CAPT Will: really good section member to work with. He always had good positioning and did a great job 3ICing when the 3IC was incapacitated or KIA, alleviated alot of the stress from staff in OP by being extremely capable.

PTE Trent: 5 hours into ARMA and he preformed like someone with 500, never had to pick up his slack once, was always on the ball.

“Do the mahi, get the treats”