1PL Weekly Update

These past couple of weeks have been quite hectic to say the very least. There has been many changes, updates and in general just things happening. This has been quite full on to completely digest and to evolve ourselves to the new changes. I commend all 1st platoon personnel in their actions and fluidity during these changes.

We have been graciously given 2 new teams over this time to add to our arsenal. Golf 1-1 & Delta 1-1. These teams will complete the effective and excellent fighting force of 1st Platoon as the best contingent within TFAC.

These past 2 weeks of operations has been a nice change of pace for all I have seen within the platoon. SGT Henza with the assistance of CAPT Thomas have run the PLT well in my time of an 1-1 Sunray LOA. I will return soon once I obtain some more information to better my position as 1st PL CO.

Additionally I cannot thank this community enough overall. We are all here willing and able to help out another person in need at a moments notice without any wish to be thanked or commended for ones actions. We are just here as a thankless job. From this past week I have seen an incredible amount of support given throughout this community. You are all madmen and I cannot ask for a better community to be with.

1st PLT Staff Movements

CPL Razorjax Transferred to 1-1-D as Section Commander.
LCPL Reckers promoted to CPL and now Section Commander of Bravo.
LCPL Chocolate Milk has transferred to the Game Master Team and obtained the position of Game Master [GM].
PTE(P) Toast promoted to LCPL and now 2IC of Bravo.
PTE(P) Noodles promoted to LCPL and now 3IC of Bravo.

CPL Snapper is stepping down from the Section Commander role due to new work and obtaining the rank of PTE(P) while remaining in Charlie. We wish him all the best in his new work with his state police force.
LCPL EvilRabbit promoted to CPL and now Section Commander of Charlie
LCPL Dennis moved from 3IC to now 2IC of Charlie
PTE(P) Turner promoted to LCPL and now 3IC of Charlie.

CPL Razorjax has come from Bravo to lead the new team.
PTE(P) Mack transferred from reservists and promoted to LCPL and now 2IC.

PTE(P) Rox transferred from 1-2 Golf and promoted to CPL and now Section Commander of Golf.
LCPL MacAttack graciously joined us for a short time to assist CPL Rox’s with Golf. However has move onto 1-2-Delta. We wish him the best.

1st Platoon Commendations

Here are the last 2 weeks of commendations from 1st PLT. I congratulate all those commended for their actions.

1-1-A Operation Pearla – 17th of May 2020

CPL Starkiller & LCPL Chase, Outstanding ability to follow through with orders and apply sensible changes to them depending on the situation. Both very reliable members of staff and would happily be in their section again either under or alongside them.

PTE(P) Mladshiy, Quickly responded to medical situations and was happy to provide SBF with our vehicle when needed. Didn’t conduct many medic duties tonight as our section was alive most of the time. Was very reliable as a section member and medic.

PTE(P) Pawlik, For effective use of the MAT against enemy Armour and for exceptional reliability and perfect accuracy which saved his teammates often.

1-1-A Operation Fortune – 24th of May 2020

PTE Dempsey, was a solid guy, was always at the right spots where he should be and was always following orders correctly and had a good first op for Alpha.

PTE(P) Raptor (Ressie), Very happy with his overall performance and compliance. He got the job done to a great standard.

PTE(P) Shiny, filled in the 3IC role very well and managed his FT effectively and followed any orders given properly despite heaps of bugs tonight

1-1-B Operation Pearla – 17th of May 2020

Bravo worked effectively with changing tides all throughout the mission

1-1-B Operation Fortune – 24th of May 2020

PTE Jaycee, took over as MAT after PTE Crusader disconnected. Provided effective AT fire against multiple EN vehicles.

PTE(P) Phaser, always there with accurate, damaging MG fire.

1-1-C Operation Pearla – 17th of May 2020

PTE(P) Turner, performed excellent as medic, responded very quickly, well suited to the role.

And To all the reservists who joined charlie that night, They jelled really well the the section, made a tough situation easy.

1-1-C Operation Fortune – 24th of May 2020

Charlie worked effectively under new leadership and pushed through with immense determination to overcome any obstacle.

1-1-D Operation Fortune – 24th of May 2020

1-1-Delta for a fantastic first op, maintaining focus during downtime and reacting effective to any situation they were put up against, well done boys!

1-1-G Operation Pearla – 17th of May 2020

LCPL MacAttack and PTE(P) Serg fired over 200 mortar rounds throughout the operation and kept up with all support requests while achieving good effects on target.

1-1-G Operation Fortune – 24th of May 2020

1-1-Golf worked very well for their 2nd Time back into 1st Platoon. They effectively eliminated many EN Vehicles and Aircraft.

Additional Points

I hope to continue to see 1st Platoon effectively work together and refine their methods to utilize against the enemies we go up against, I hope that the new personnel find their home and identity within our platoon. We are very lucky to have you on board and I hope to see you aspire to which you wish to aspire to.

I will be setting up some additional games nights for us all to hang out an play together later in the week. I look forward to seeing you all shortly