1-2 Weekly Update


Obviously there have been a few changes to the way we conduct business over the last week or so. This weekly update will try to explain some of these changes. First of all, I received quite positive feedback from Konk and Evans about the operation on Sunday, apologies for not being there, I had to take a bit of time for myself but am happy to say I am back and keener then ever. Awesome work maintaining the standard on Sunday lads and showing 2PL is adaptable to any change.

LT’s update instead of COY Update

Unfortunately the COY update has ceased for the time being, I am hoping as members of 2PL this will give you a quick digest of info coming through to myself from CHQ and I can vet and summarize the takeaway points for you all to digest. Unfortunately I can’t make everything quite as pretty as CAPT Thomas but hopefully we get there in time. What is expected of you guys, that before asking your staff or myself a question, you read the weekly and make sure it is not already addressed there. I’m normally a patient guy, but if I have to keep repeating myself because people are skipping the weekly then I will loose my patience pretty quickly. If you feel like you can go
without the information then that is completely fine, but if you want the information, you know where to find it.

Delta EOI

The Delta teams are being opened has been delayed slightly but hopefully we will be able to get them open this week and/or next week. 6 members have already been offered positions and they will remain. This is an expression of interest post for the remaining positions. There are 3 positions available for 1-1 Delta and 8 positions for 1-2 Delta. Each Delta will be a team of 8 consisting of;

  • Section Leader (M203)
  • Section Medic
  • Medium Machinegunner
  • Rifleman (M136)
  • Grenadier
  • Light Machinegunner
  • Medium Anti-Tank (MAAWS)
  • Assistant MAT

To be eligible to apply you must have completed the Basic Infantry Tactics and Advanced Infantry Tactics certifications. If you wish to express interest, apply in the noticeboard on discord.

PL Orderly Position

PHQ have increased their strength to 5 for all Sunday operations. This fifth position is the PL Orderly position. This position will not be held permanently by anyone but instead will be a constantly rotating position for any member who wants to get exposure to the PHQ roles or are attached for the purposes of training. As new members are being trialed and trained for PHQ positions, expect this role to be taken for the next few weeks; however, when it becomes available, feel free to express your interest in the op-attendance post.

TFAC Gallery

TFAC Gallery is now available on the website, the movement of pictures across from discord to the gallery seems to be handled for us for now, so continue to push your photos to the gallery.

Training Etiquette

Although there have been some significant changes to training over the past few weeks, I’d like to remind members to provide courtesy and respect to the trainers and the fellow trainees. Although no training past BCT is obligatory, I am finding all to often that members are listing themselves to attend a training and then ‘no-showing’. Although it may not seem like a big deal, the NCO training last Monday nearly had to be cancelled because we did not get the required numbers (although the schedule said we would), luckily a member said they could attend last minute. If this continues I’m unfortunately going to be following up with some sort of action, please make sure you don’t end up in that position.

1-2 Commendations

LT’s Award: This week will be the first of many LT’s awards. Members who receive this award have shown dedication to TFAC over a long period of time and gone beyond what is expected of their worn rank. The first member to receive the LT’s award is LCPL Tim. Tim has been with 2 PL since its creation mid last year and since then, has been key to fostering a welcoming culture in not only Alpha, but the entire PL. Tim works hard behind the scenes to ensure his section is as capable as can be, on top of this, he also personally welcomes every member into the section. Either as a section member or staff member, Tim can be relied on to get whatever task he has been given done to the best of his ability.

PTE(P) HamMan: Persisted through internet issues at the start of the OP and once he had rallied with the rest of his section, he hit the ground running as if he’d been there the entire time. HamMan also showed great adaptability as he had to change roles mid op to accommodate for a member leaving early.

LCPL Coops and LCPL Tim: All the Alpha lads have seen these two settle down into their roles over the past couple months in and out of Ops and appreciate all the things they do for the section. Are large contributors to the Alpha machine and the section wouldn’t be running so well without them.


LCPL Blitz & PTE(P) Pants: Worked like a well oiled machine and kept the Striker moving and working to a great standard. Despite dropping more wheels than EN they always managed to keep the vic running.

PTE(P) Hasty and PTE(P) Frost: Worked as almost a second Striker; worked together incredibly well calling targets and hitting them just as hard. A team that works as efficiently as them should strike fear in the hearts of any enemy.