Company Weekly Update

Bit of a rough operation last night unfortunately with some technical issues server side and a bit of desync through the mission. This will be spoken about in the weekly a bit more but I’d like to start off by saying well done to all those members who stuck through the issues and continued with the mission. You all loaded back in quickly and without too much complaining. This is appreciated gents so thank-you for that.

1-1 Golf Open

Finally we have got 1-1 Golf back in action. After some good efforts by 1-2 Golf, they’ve managed to train up enough people to allow us to re-open the long-lost team. Thank-you to the 1-2 Golf gents and especially CPL Keegen for their work regarding the DSFW training and getting the asset back open.

Congratulations to all the new members that have joined both of the Golf call signs. I’m excited to have our capability back in action and look forward to seeing how the COY will perform with their new strength.

1-1 Delta

As per the noticeboard post last night, we are taking applications for 1-1 Delta that will be opened in the next few days. I anticipate to have the team open and official by Wednesday. A reminder to all those applying that you will need the basic and advanced infantry tactics training certification in order to be eligible. There will be more trainings run in the next few weeks but at this stage I cannot promise any particular dates.

The decision of who will be selected for the team will be made together with 1-1 PHQ and CHQ. Multiple factors will be considered for the roles not just whether you have completed the training. Good luck to all those who apply and I look forward to seeing Delta with some solid members and a more structured system.

Company Training Program

We had approximately 13 people attend last week which is beyond disappointing. I will be running this program for one more week and if there is not a better turn out, I will be cancelling it. I 100% understand that people have things going on during their Saturdays, it was mother’s day weekend and that the training is not compulsory, but it’s pretty disheartening when I spent hours creating this for the COY to only have less than 10% of members show up.

I hope we can get more members interested and show up next week, otherwise I’ll be forced to cancel it.

Hotel 1-1 Open Position

A reminder that we have 1 Hotel pilot position open that any member can apply for. You can request training and pre-screening sessions to get an idea of what you might want to work on prior to your assessment flight. The Hotel lads are more than happy to help get you to the level required so don’t shy away from the opportunity.

SGT Roofie and his team will be the ultimate decision makers on who can be chosen and will confirm the selection with myself. Ultimately though, I trust their judgment and will listen closely to their reasons and choices. A good attitude, good attendance and dedication is required to be part of the team. You can only get better at flying, by flying. So jump on into the training server and ask the Hotel lads to help you out.

Good luck and good flying lads.

Mod List For Sunday

Acknowledged that some people had genuine mod issues last night but the majority was due to people not having the correct mods loaded or not repairing them as per the instructions in discord. Everyone should have 2 mod pre-sets saved. One for the training server and one for the operations sever. These need to be tested prior to any event (training or mission) to ensure that you have the correct, updated and working list. To many people had the wrong list last night which caused a lot of headaches for staff and J4.
Click me – Please please please make sure you have read all updates posted in the discord and have your mods and setting good to go before missions.

In saying that, there is little opportunity at the moment for people to test their mods on the operations server unless you are assisting with testing the medical system. Unless it’s being used for a mission, from now on we will put up the operations server with a very basic mission/area from 1800-2000 AEST on Fridays and from 1200-1600 AEST on Sundays so that you may load into the actual server and check that your mod list is correct and working. This will also give you the chance to make kits prior to Sunday, although, don’t forget you do have the firing range for that as well.

This will be created onto a vanilla map but you will still use the operations mod list even if we’re playing the mission on another map. It will still check that you have the required mods so ensure you have the correct list loaded. There will be a very basic area where you can create kits and that’s it.  

J1 Recruitment Department

J1, also known as the recruitment team, are looking for 4 more members who are willing to step into the team. This is a very important role for the group as it is the first contact that applicants have to our community and you are the gatekeeper for the type of people we are looking for. J1 is responsible for interviewing all new applicants and processing them through to their BCT.

The requirements to apply for J1 are;

– Must have been with TFAC for 6 months of more.
– Must be reasonably available throughout the week, generally in the afternoon/evenings to conduct interviews. This includes when isolation ends.
– Must be mature, professional and not have a considerable discipline record.
– Must have discord on their phone and will be required to have several channels unmuted at all times.

If you are interested in joining the team, please message myself and I will decide on processing you onto the training phase for J1. To complete J1 training you must sit in on 2 interviews run by another J1 member (1 of those must be with myself), then conduct 2 of your own interviews whilst being supervised by a current J1 member (generally I try to supervise one of those as well). After that you will be able to conduct your own interviews. This is a very important role especially considering we have re-opened applications.

J3 Training Department

Now it’s J3’s turn. J3, also known as the training team, are looking for 1 more member who is willing to step into the team. This is also a very important role for the group as you are expected to train recruits to the standard required so they can attend operations. J3 is responsible for training all new recruits and processing them through to reservists.  

The requirements to apply for J3 are;

– Must have been with TFAC for 6 months of more.
– Must be reasonably available throughout the week, generally in the afternoon/evenings to conduct trainings. This includes when isolation ends.
– Must be mature, professional and not have a considerable discipline record.
– Must have discord on their phone and will be required to have several channels unmuted at all times.

If you are interested in joining the team, please message myself or LT Tate and we will decide on processing you onto the training phase for J3. To complete J3 training you must sit in on 2 BCT sessions run by another J3 member (1 of those must be with myself or LT Tate), then conduct 2 of your own BCT sessions whilst being supervised by a current J3 member (generally myself or LT Tate will try to supervise one of those as well). After that you will be able to conduct your own BCT sessions as well as begin to learn how to conduct other trainings.

1-1 Weekly Notes

The operation was a tough one for a lot of 1-1, on both performance and morale. Ultimately everyone worked well despite the server restarts and down time. Some things could be worked on such as the speediness of resupplies, however overall, the platoon worked well. 1-1 worked as best as we could and I am very happy that even through the rough operation, we all managed to band together and push through it. I know it was a difficult operation as it was hard on even me at times. With this we are going to do a few things such as bring CHQ down to run in key positions alongside us to allow us to see the root of our current issues and morale. This will allow a much-needed break for people within PHQ and some section staff. This will be an opportunity to see how some experienced members may do things a bit differently which can only add to our knowledge and capability. I know we have hit a rough patch guys. It’s rough but as stated before we are going to be able to push through it and come out better and stronger than before.

I would like to remind all 1-1 Personnel that your mental health is my number 1 priority, with number 2 being your enjoyment. You all know I suffer from mental health and it took a very bad turn last night as my friend passed away which resulted in myself departing abruptly last night. I ask If you, a member of 1PL or any placement for that matter, are not 100% in the mental space area, come and see me please. I am a part of the chaplain team and here for you. If you are feeling confident to speak up, that is fine. Just know that any problem whether it may seem small or large I am here and ready to speak to you and just listen. If you want advice or assistance, I am prepared to do that also. I don’t care if it’s at 3am or 3pm, whatever time you need to talk I will organise a time for you.  

Just a reminder to all 1PL personnel that this month of May all 1-1 C/S are to commence their once every 2 months mandatory section training as per COY SOPs.  1-1 PHQ has also updated our SOPs to reflect the changes. Please read this located in 1-1 noticeboard. If it’s easier for 1-1 personnel to count the Saturday COY trainings as a part of their mandatory training, then that is acceptable.

Finally, as per CHQ’s post last night we now have 1-1 Golf back! Some members are already in or have been in 1PL before but some have come to us from 2 PL. We welcome you all to the dark side! And yes, we have cookies! On a serious note though, I would like the PL to get familiar with the new Golf both in and out of game. We have them available in operations now so lets use and abuse them or as LCPL MacAttack says “You Bump It, We Thump It!”. A lot of things are happening amongst the unit with training and new teams opening up I ask for all 1-1 if you have a desire for a field then chase it! Nothing is stopping you to go and achieve it.


1-1 Alpha

PTE Jaycee: He was extremely motivated and followed orders well. He also had a great attitude.

PTE(P) Shiny: He fit in well jumping to a 3IC position and commanded his team well.

1-1 Charlie

All of Charlie did very well last night, regarding their patience and keeping morale.

1-1 Delta

All of the Delta lads did well last night considering the numbers we had and issues at the start. PTE Nato did very well for his first op and PTE Kaz tried his best considering his technical issues. Well done gents, your efforts were appreciated.

Additional Points

~ TFAC AfterDark Ep 7: It’s that time again for another episode of TFAC AfterDark. If you have topics you wish to discuss, please send them directly to LT Spartan to be added to the list. The show will be on most likely on Friday night at 7pm however this is subject to change due to scheduling.

~ Mental Health: As part from my post above I will be planning out some games/game modes and other means to bring us together and to help your heads and hearts out! If you have any ideas please let me know in unit-discussion on discord!

1-2 Weekly Notes

From the LT

Despite server restarts and a late step off, 1-2 was quickly able to adapt to change and accomplish the mission in the timeframe. The aggression and tempo of last night’s operation was second to none with even the Zeus commenting on how difficult it was to slow us down. Incredible effort from all members of the PL. As most of you would be aware, the NCO training is opening up to the junior members of the COY, and as we all know Delta being imminent, we will require a handful of new staff. If this interests you I suggest you attend as much training as possible (regardless of what it is) and show as much initiative in your section as possible, we are looking everywhere in the PL for new staff, so no matter your time in or experience, make it known to us you are after this role.

From the ol’ boot

The communications between 2PL elements tonight was spot on. RATEL was some of the best I’ve heard and it just bumped the immersion up to another level. Well done to all section staff for their diligence and focus on RATEL improvement.

Staff Movements

1-1 Golf: Congratulations to CPL Rox and LCPL MacAttack on their promotions and assignment to 1-1 Golf. The dedication and professionalism of both of these members is very high and 1PL are lucky to have you.


Myself and Konk will be doing rounds around the section prior to next week’s op to ensure that section SOPs have been finalised and all members are aware of them. The onus is on you to familiarise yourself with these SOPs.


1-2 PHQ Commendations

PTE(P) Huske & Delta: The reaction time of Delta was a key ingredient to the success of last night’s operation. Delta were able to quickly respond where required and no complaints were heard when they had lulls in the mission.

1-2 Alpha

PTE Windows: Despite many technical issues not allowing him to reach the section for half the Op, Windows persevered and spent the second half exceeding expectations for his first op with TFAC.

1-2 Bravo

PTE(P) Crossley:
Did well as his first time as 3IC. He lead his section well and was a key part of Bravo getting their objectives done. Bravo massively appreciates his efforts.

1-2 Charlie

PTE(P) Gaz & PTE(P) Barker:  Both Gaz and Barker performed extremely well during the Op and displayed high levels of professionalism, teamwork and general efficiency during the Op’s duration.

CHQ Final Points

An ok mission overall with some tech issues and areas that need improvement amongst the PL’s but the thing that stood out for me was the attitude and behaviour of all members during the restarts. You guys were quick, responsive and mature about it. This is really appreciated by J4 and all staff so thank-you for that. This week is a busy one again with plenty going on during the week. Ensure we are keeping up to date and referencing all the documents and channels that have information. 90% of the time your question has been/can be answered somewhere. Take that initiative and have a quick look before perhaps asking a really obvious question.

Have a wonderful evening lads and I look forward to catching up throughout the week.

“We sleep peaceably in our beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on our behalf.”- George Orwell