Company Weekly Update

Another great week lads with some excellent mid-week missions and a pretty tops Sunday operation. The COY withdrawal went a lot smoother than I thought it was going to considering we haven’t done one before. That is a testament to the PHQs and section staff for maintaining great command and control of their teams. It can get very hectic during withdrawals and can have some really slow, boring parts. But I saw great focus by most members during the mission which was excellent to see.

A busy week to come with a new mid-week campaign starting, trainings and the re-opening of applications. The discord is a busy place and it does take some time to keep up to date. Ensure we are reading the posts as well as these weekly’s so you are well informed.

Golf 1-1 Expression Of Interest

We are looking at re-opening Golf 1-1 ASAP. This is an official request for all members who have the DSFW qualification and are interested in becoming part of the Golf 1-1 team, to message CPL Keegen with your interest. Keegen, along with 1PL PHQ, will decide on the Golf 1-1 leader and it’s 5 other members. The only requirement is that you have completed the DSFW qualification and have good operation attendance. You need to be able to attend operations regularly and be confident in the utilisation of all Golf vehicles and equipment. There are 7 spots open and applications will be closed in 1 week. If we do not get the required 6 members in the week, we will look at extending the application period. 

Good luck to those who apply and I look forward to seeing Golf 1-1 back in action.

Company Training Program

The first training (although only 20 attended ☹) was a success. We went of basic section stuff but I saw some sections come up with some new SOP’s directly after it. There was tips and tricks passed on by members to share previously learnt/discovered lessons. We had a blast destroying probably more than 100 vehicles and shooting a shit load of rounds.

I understand that the first few weeks might not excite you but please do make the effort to come along. You will learn something and get something out of this. It also gives you the chance to hang with the lads and to kill some stuff. I hope to see a much larger turn out this coming weekend.

Hotel 1-1 New Position

A reminder that we have 1 Hotel pilot position open that any member can apply for. You can request training and pre-screening sessions to get an idea of what you might want to work on prior to your assessment flight. The Hotel lads are more than happy to help get you to the level required so don’t shy away from the opportunity.

SGT Roofie and his team will be the ultimate decision makers on who can be chosen and will confirm the selection with myself. Ultimately though, I trust their judgment and will listen closely to their reasons and choices. A good attitude, good attendance and dedication is required to be part of the team. You can only get better at flying, by flying. So jump on into the training server and get ask the Hotel lads to help you out.

Good luck and good flying lads.

The Galloway Award

Thank-you and well done to all the contestants who submitted some excellent pictures and videos. A big congratulations to our winners LCPL Murphy who took home first and second place with his very impressive submissions as well as LT Spartan getting a well-deserved third. Both of the winners submissions were unique and showed a lot of talent. I personally was very impressed and can’t wait to see the next round after bit of a break. Make sure to jump onto the next round when it comes around lads as there are game keys galore for us to hand out.

Mid-week Mission Attendance

I spoke about this last week and it’s disheartening to have to bring it up again. Both Wolflec and I had people forget, be late or just not show up for our mid-week missions. Wolflec put in considerable time into his mission and with very specific roles needing to be filled, had to re-shuffle at the last minute to accommodate for that. This was part of the reason we then started late. It is frustrating for me to see mission makers like Wolflec to put in so much work to then have people be disrespectful in that way. It really sucks.

Then for my prison break mission I had 10 people either, pull out, late or completely forget and not show up. I got a multitude of excuses but to be honest, I’m just over it. This mission was probably the most time I’ve spent on a single event mission and it was vital that I got the numbers required. Due to the lack of numbers I had to half the prison area that was available and roles like the tower guards had to be left empty. It was still enjoyable and playable but due to those members, the mission was significantly different. What a waste of my time creating the prison that large and spending hours with Infernus helping me with scripts.

You don’t seem to understand the effort that goes into these missions sometimes and when you get told, “I’m really sorry, I forgot” you can imagine how you might feel as the mission maker. I don’t care so much if you fuck on me and my missions, but I get really annoyed when it happens to our other J2 members. I will be discussing with J4 about discipline in the future for not attending when you have marked yourself down. This is not a joke and it has gotten worse. I personally will not stand by and watch it continue.

Hotel Intercoms

This is something we have been doing pretty well for a while but the fly boys have come across a small bump that they wanted to address. The same rules apply for when you enter an aircraft, that you are to switch to the cargo intercom channel but still try to keep comms to a min. You should already be on cargo intercom when you load in so just check by looking at the channels available. If you can’t see the cargo intercom channel, it means you’re on in.

For 2IC’s and SGT’s, you are to load in last as normal and then jump straight onto the crew intercom channel to let the pilot know that they are clear to take off. That way they spend as little time on the ground as possible. This is why it’s important that everyone else is off that channel and not talking during this important time. Once you’re in the air and moving, feel free to have some responsible and professional banter.

NCO Training Volunteers

A quick shout out to those who assisted with the NCO training the other week which made the session possible. Your names have been noted and your time was very much appreciated. Thank-you lads, you’ve shown good dedication.

To everyone, I acknowledge that some of my words about this topic last night were a little brutal. I wasn’t targeting anyone or meaning to come across so aggressive. To be honest, I had a great mission and was actually just over excited about how it went which allowed my army potty mouth to come out. If anyone was offended or felt it was targeting them, please come chat to me about it. I swear a hell of a lot at work but I try to keep it chilled when not there. I’ll try to maintain my energy level a bit better next time.

LOA And Mental Health

A reminder to everyone that you are able to take a leave of absence (LOA) from TFAC for up to a month at a time. This means that you provide a start date and an end date to your chain of command and they will note you down on the master sheet. During that period, you are not obligated to attend anything TFAC related or to react to posts. You are effectively on holiday. If you wish to attend mid-week missions and/or a Sunday operation during your LOA, then that’s fine. But note that you will have to react to the appropriate attendance posts if you do want to attend.

The reason I bring LOAs up is because as not only a community but as a country we are going through a tough time. I know a number of our members are unemployed at the moment or their jobs have been suspended. I know members are not feeling so great about themselves or their situation and I just want to make sure that you all know that TFAC should be a place for you to relax, enjoy yourself and to get assistance if required. I don’t want people to think they are forced to stay in a role they are not interested in anymore or that they can’t get some time away. Often having a few weeks off to just relax and not have to worry about attendance posts, trainings etc, is a good way to recharge. LOAs are not a negative tick against your name in anyway and are not considered when assigning roles. You are all welcome to take time off and it is encouraged if you are struggling.

The final point regarding this is a reminder that the chaplain team and J4 team are there for you if you need to chat about something that’s getting you down, blow off some steam or just for a yarn. Anything that you talk about with either team is a support sense is completely confidential. This includes things or issues you may have about TFAC. Private chats are a good way to get a different point of view or maybe share some experiences you’ve had. We are a community, not just a gaming group and I know that can be lost in amongst the gripes and drama. Don’t let yourself feel along or let the black dog get a hold of you. There is always someone there willing to spend time with you and listen to you, you just have to ask.

J1 Recruitment Department

J1, also known as the recruitment team, are looking for 4 more members who are willing to step into the team. This is a very important role for the group as it is the first contact that applicants have to our community and you are the gatekeeper for the type of people we are looking for. J1 is responsible for interviewing all new applicants and processing them through to their BCT.
The requirements to apply for J1 are;

– Must have been with TFAC for 6 months of more.
– Must be reasonably available throughout the week, generally in the afternoon/evenings to conduct interviews. This includes when isolation ends.
– Must be mature, professional and not have a considerable discipline record.
– Must have discord on their phone and will be required to have several channels unmuted at all times.

If you are interested in joining the team, please message myself and I will decide on processing you onto the training phase for J1. To complete J1 training you must sit in on 2 interviews run by another J1 member (1 of those must be with myself), then conduct 2 of your own interviews whilst being supervised by a current J1 member (generally I try to supervise one of those as well). After that you will be able to conduct your own interviews. This is a very important role especially considering we are re-opening applications today.

J3 Training Department

Now it’s J3’s turn. J3, also known as the training team, are looking for 1 more member who is willing to step into the team. This is also a very important role for the group as you are expected to train recruits to the standard required so they can attend operations. J3 is responsible for training all new recruits and processing them through to reservists.  
The requirements to apply for J3 are;

– Must have been with TFAC for 6 months of more.
– Must be reasonably available throughout the week, generally in the afternoon/evenings to conduct trainings. This includes when isolation ends.
– Must be mature, professional and not have a considerable discipline record.
– Must have discord on their phone and will be required to have several channels unmuted at all times.

If you are interested in joining the team, please message myself or LT Tate and we will decide on processing you onto the training phase for J3. To complete J3 training you must sit in on 2 BCT sessions run by another J3 member (1 of those must be with myself or LT Tate), then conduct 2 of your own BCT sessions whilst being supervised by a current J3 member (generally myself or LT Tate will try to supervise one of those as well). After that you will be able to conduct your own BCT sessions as well as begin to learn how to conduct other trainings.

1-1 Weekly Notes

1 PL Worked very well with the COY withdrawal of the AO. Yes, it was enjoyable however we will need to work on break contact drills and general withdrawals utilizing various vehicles. Even with the medical bugs 1 PL also worked very well with adapting towards it and I have high hopes that our knowledge base will be ever evolving towards this process.

Also, all of 1 PL personnel are to be advised as stated previously, that this month of May all 1-1 C/S are to commence their one mandatory training every 2 months as per COY SOPs.  1-1 PHQ has also updated our SOPs to reflect the current times. You can find them pinned in the 1-1 noticeboard channel so please make sure to read them.

Finally, congratulations to all personnel receiving their awards and commendations last night. I hope next month we will see a lot more. We are the best platoon so make sure you conduct yourself accordingly.


1-1 Alpha

PTE Jaycee: Jaycee performed very well tonight fulfilling his role as MAT and being on point as a section member.

PTE Eggy: For great use of LAT to take down multiple vehicles, saving us on multiple occasions.

1-1 Bravo

PTE(P) Broche: Performed his anti-tank role exceptionally, saving the section several times from overwhelming EN firepower and EN armoured forces. Great job Broche!

1-1 Charlie

PTE(P) Turner: For stepping up to 3IC and doing an outstanding job leading his men.

PTE Chacky: For his outstanding MAT skills and saving the section on being overrun by enemy armour.

1-1 Delta

PTE(P) Patriot:
For effectively leading delta during this operation and for stepping up when asked by CAPT Thomas.

1-2 Weekly Notes

Well lads, for a withdrawal operation I am thoroughly impressed with how well that went. I am very impressed with every member in the PL at the moment and we are well underway in achieving all our goals for 2020. Attendance has been next to perfect, the dedication to training from the staff has been admirable and the administration has been of very good quality minus a few minor errors. Well done, both myself and Konk are very proud to call ourselves the commanders of 2 PL.

Staff Movements

CPL Basil: Has moved from 1-2-3 to 1-2-2 to take the role as section commander. Basil has been a staff member with 2 PL since the start of this year and has quickly moved through and proved himself capable in his previous roles. Basil will be an excellent addition to the command team for 2 PL and are looking forward to seeing his performance in this role.

LCPL Grub: Although quite a new member to TFAC, Grub has quickly proven himself through his dedication and commitment to training and operations. Grub is a truly capable FTL taking the role multiple times in the absence of section staff. We are looking forward to seeing your performance in this role Grub.


A reminder these SOPs are assumed knowledge for all members of the PL. If you are found to not be complying with these you may be held accountable by your staff. These SOPs prevent a lot of confusion in the ops and make us work like a well-oiled machine. I urge you to ensure you understand these and quiz each other on them.


1-2 PHQ Commendations

SGT Konk: Did his role as PL SGT perfectly. I have never seen the PL SGT role used for what it is designed for as well as I did tonight. Konk was on his feet all night, accounting for section personnel, weapons and vehicles as well as personally resupplying the sections allowing them to continue on task. I think the whole PL can agree that we could not have done that operation without you.

2ICs: Tonight’s success was a testament to your ability and I believe was a lot of lessons from the NCO training demonstrated tonight. At no point were PHQ having to continually ask for weapon, vehicle or casualty reports and all 2ICs were on the ball making sure the section was ready to go. Lads you made the whole PL proud tonight, good work.

1-2 Alpha

PTE(P) Mitty, PTE(P) AlienPunch, PTE(P) Punchcaster, PTE HamMan: For utilizing the skills practiced during the MMG/MAT training earlier in the week to full effect during this week’s operation which in turn provided outstanding security for the section during countless EN assaults. Great to see these lads soaking up the information staff are passing across to them to improve themselves and their sections as a whole. Awesome work gents, keep it up.

1-2 Bravo

PTE(P) Pants
: He has kept up very well with changes to EAMS and operated as a very, very good medic especially for his first time. It was much appreciated him volunteering.

1-2 Charlie

LCPL Grub: LCPL Grub put tireless hours into updating section SOPs and training, as well as volunteering to write section orders. LCPL Grub spent many hours liaising with other 1-2 call signs and conducting terrain appreciation IOT write a thorough and in depth set of section orders. Awesome effort big rooter.

PTE(P) Gaz: PTE(P) Gaz stepped up to 3IC tonight and was in charge of driving the HEMMT. At one stage in the OP the HEMTT was responsible for carrying 3 LCPLS, 2 CPLS and a SGT and not once did PTE(P) Gaz make a wrong call with the management and utilising of the vic. This resulted in no casualties in transit. PTE(P) Gaz’s expert use of judgment was well executed.

PTE(P) Turbantor: His expert use of and knowledge of his weapon system lead to effective engagement of enemy forces out to his weapons max range which held off enemy assaults.

PTE(P) Thunder: His accurate and effective fire delivered onto targets showed good use of marksmanship training and good knowledge of the weapons system.

CHQ Final Points

An overall really good week gentleman. We had some good missions and events run along with some good trainings as well. A mission that with a quick look over the feedback, was enjoyed by nearly everyone. This week is going to be just as busy in the background with new recruits expected to flow in. Let’s make sure we give them warm welcomes and show them why we are by far the best Australian mil sim group.

Look forward to seeing you lads throughout the week. Until then, maintain the rage!

“To command is to serve, nothing more and nothing less.” – Andre Malraux