Company Weekly Update

Last nights operation had everything. Beach landing, EN aircraft, EN armour, 1-0 death machine, large EN counter attack, server restart, the complete works really. In all seriousness it was one of the best missions in regards to PL performance and how you completed your objectives. A massive kudos to all members for sticking through the restart and smashing it all the way to the end.

Last week was busy but we saw some excellent missions, events and trainings occur. These coming weeks should be a little more structured with some set days and times for missions, campaigns and trainings. A lot of information is being sent through the discord at the moment so ensure you guys keep up to date with the notifications so you don’t get overwhelmed when you log in.

TFAC Timeline

I haven’t done one of these in a while so thought it was well over due. To the new members who haven’t seen this before, I have a sort of plan/timeline for TFAC that lists and prioritises things in the order that I aim to have them completed. This is very flexible as it simply has to be but it can give some guidance and information as to what the focus is for me. The list is in an order but some things will be occurring/being worked on at the same time and the timeframes are also an estimate. So please take this will a grain of salt as things can change very quickly.  

– Medical system: This is J4’s priority at this time with work being completed every day. Bugs will be a thing for some time but once we encounter them, we hopefully will not have to deal with them again.

– Mod list and server performance: Along with the medical system, J4’s focus is bringing back what mods we can whilst aiming to keep the server performance we are currently getting. It has been a big improvement which most members have noticed which is excellent.

– Open Delta teams: This will mean more advanced infantry tactics trainings being run and then opening up applications shortly after. ETA on teams filled/selected: 2-3 weeks.

– Open 1-1 Golf: Applications are currently open for 1-1 Golf with 7 positions being available. If you’re interested in being part of the team, please message CPL Keegen. ETA on 1-1 Golf open: ASAP.

– Trainings: This includes NCO, PTE(P), COY training program and continuing to revise and update other trainings. This will always be a task for us as we can always improve. Keep your eyes on the trainings schedule and ensure you read the COY training program channel.

– MERT: This is under consideration at the moment. This can really only happen when we have a more robust medical system that will allow a MERT type team to be effective. It is in our potential assets list though. ETA: Unknown.

– Other asset consideration: This will be continued after we have opened up applicants again along with the completion and/or advancement of the above points. We want to ensure we have a stable and enjoyable server to be able to play on along with a solid medical system. Then we can look into the potential future.

Hopefully this enlightens you a little to the priorities of J4 and myself and to give some idea on the main focus of our attention and efforts. Will and Infernus have put in considerable effort into the medical system and server already so we will continue to see improvements over the coming months. Be patient, flexible and understanding. We want the same as you and we are trying our hardest to get there ASAP.

Golf 1-1 Expression Of Interest

We are looking at re-opening Golf 1-1 ASAP. This is an official request for all members who have the DSFW qualification and are interested in becoming part of the Golf 1-1 team, to message CPL Keegen with your interest. Keegen, along with 1PL PHQ, will decide on the Golf 1-1 leader and it’s 5 other members. The only requirement is that you have completed the DSFW qualification and have good operation attendance. You need to be able to attend operations regularly and be confident in the utilisation of all Golf vehicles and equipment. There are 7 spots open and applications will be closed in 1 week. If we do not get the required 6 members in the week, we will look at extending the application period. 

Good luck to those who apply and I look forward to seeing Golf 1-1 back in action.

Company Training Program

This week we will be running the first week of the new company training program. All the details are listed in the coy-training-program channel in the discord. All you guys have to do is ensure you attend on time and bring a positive attitude. These sessions are aimed at being enjoyable as well as productive. If you haven’t already, check out the schedule pictures in the channel and that’ll give you a sneak peek as to what we aim at achieving. The sessions will be highly practical with as little ‘standing there talking’ as possible. Make sure that you’re loading in on time lads as I will be starting on the dot for every session and timing. Don’t let your staff down.

There is a section vs section competition at the end which will test skills and things learnt during the program. I’m looking at getting a list of game keys for the winning section and may do runner ups as well. So it’s in your best interest to come along to not only help your section, but to also win some keys and to have a good time with the lads.

If you have any questions please ask your section staff first as I had a meeting with them about the program last night. If they cannot answer the question, they will get clarification from their PHQ.

Mid-week Mission Attendance

Something I want to talk about is the commitment of mid-week missions and events. Although not mandatory to react/attend like Sundays, it kind of does become mandatory to attend once you have reacted. The reason for this gents is because the mission maker has spent considerable time creating the mission for you and then they will specifically allocate you to a role or section by going of the reactions posted. Having people forget or pull out last minute is simply disrespectful and not on. Unless there is an emergency or you simply cannot attend because you’re so sick, then you are expected to attend. The same rules apply for pulling out or removing your reaction no later than 2 hrs prior to the event.

Not only does this potentially mess up the mission for the mission creator, but it can also mess up the members who are playing. They might miss out on a role they wanted due to you taking their spot and not showing up, or the whole group might miss out on an asset to assist because you were tired from the night before. If you are so tired or stay up so late the night before that you think you won’t make it, then do the right thing and remove your reaction before you go to bed. Don’t fuck around the mission creator and other players by being disrespectful or forgetful. I do not want to spend time handing out strikes and warnings for this stuff. We all have phones; they all have alarms and calendars. Use them!

Hotel 1-1 New Position

A reminder that we have 1 Hotel pilot position open that any member can apply for. You can request training and pre-screening sessions to get an idea of what you might want to work on prior to your assessment flight. The Hotel lads are more than happy to help get you to the level required so don’t shy away from the opportunity.

SGT Roofie and his team will be the ultimate decision makers on who can be chosen and will confirm the selection with myself. Ultimately though, I trust their judgment and will listen closely to their reasons and choices. A good attitude, good attendance and dedication is required to be part of the team. You can only get better at flying, by flying. So jump on into the training server and get ask the Hotel lads to help you out.

Good luck and good flying lads.

The Galloway Award

The Galloway Award has now moved to the voting phase. As stated in unit-discussion, the submissions are no longer in 2 categories. They have been merged into 1 due to the minimal submissions, however, 3 x winners will still be announced. I apologize for those who worked extremely hard on both categories and due to the numbers we will be holding off on future Galloway awards for at least 1 month.

Voting is open from now until Friday just before the TFAC AfterDark Ep.6 Podcast. The winners will be announced on stream with prizes given shortly after.

Please take the time to check out the submissions and to fill out the voting form. The submitters have worked hard so they would appreciate the time to check it out. It will take 1 min to vote as you only have to select one option.



Server Restart

We haven’t had a server crash or restart in a long time which is glorious but we unfortunately had to break that streak due to the medical issues. Although we will avoid it at all costs, this may need to occur throughout the next couple weeks. J4 and myself ask you to please remain flexible and understanding during these times. We acknowledge it can seriously fuck around peoples timings in real life and as mentioned before, will be avoiding it at all costs. We really appreciate the level of patience and understanding we are currently seeing, we just ask that it continues for the better of the group in the long run.

Along with that, you guys did really well with the relog and getting ready quickly for insertion. Although there was bit of a mess around with the vehicles once at the airfield, we got on our way in a decent amount of time. To comment on the vehicles instance, during times like that, ensure you remain quiet and listen to directions given by your staff. I spoke to the staff post the mission regarding passing on information, but you need to do your part as well by keeping your voices down, not running all over the shot and listening intently to instructions. That way we can avoid instances like last night. Overall though, not too bad.

Volunteers Needed

J4 will be posting asking for people to assist with testing the medical system with as many people as possible throughout the weeks to come. We would really appreciate that you come along, talk shit and get to shoot some shit whilst we can test things and look for bugs. The more people we get the better chance we have of discovering and fixing potential issues prior to Sundays. Please keep an eye out for these notifications.

We also require volunteer members to assist with the NCO training session tomorrow night. This will be different to last time and will not be run for 3 bloody hours I promise. We require 14 members to run as the trainee NCO’s section members for a couple of tasks. You will load in at the start of the training and be ready to go with the trainees. There will be no waiting period prior to. We will also keep the section members with the trainee NCOs so you don’t have to do the same task 3 times. It will be 3 different tasks. The help would be much appreciated gents.

1-1 Weekly Notes

After my LOA I have returned to find 1-1 better than ever. 1-1 has worked exceptionally well all across the board. From; general movements, communications and administration, operation execution, orders, training and more. With this latest operation, 1-1 has done exceptionally well even with the medical bugs. We saw a range of new things tested within 1-1 that we spoke about in the 1-1 meeting. We will see more of said things implemented in the operations to come. For those who missed the meeting please reference yourselves to 1-1 noticeboard for the soundcloud link to get yourself up to speed.

I applaud all 1-1 for maintaining great cohesion during this testing phase while we gather data and write our very own medical system from scratch. I ask for all of you to continue this until we are able to complete said construction. It hopefully won’t be too much longer!

I also am happy to announce that 1-1-Golf has been reopened. If you have or want your DFSW cert and are interested in the support call sign role. Please notify myself or CPL Keegen so we can put your name down for the team. From the past few weeks of seeing and studying Delta being implemented into the platoon, it has given great insight into how I and CHQ wish for them to be deployed to our efforts during operations. We have found some really great ways to use them and I hope in the coming weeks 1-1-Delta will also be opened to bring our forces up to roughly 46 personnel in 1-1. We will become a very well trained and well-oiled machine of war. We are of course A COY’s Finest which as the God Emperor states we will be ever remembered as the emperors finest.

With future training I ask all 1-1 C/S to conduct their mandatory training during this month of May. This is so C/S can conduct the relevant training that they need. CHQ have announced the company training program so be sure to check out the coy-training-program channel for all the information.

We also unfortunately say goodbye to an OG TFAC member for the last time. PTE(P) Stoggi or as he is also known as Stigliz, who is a founding member of TFAC. He has been through every iteration of TFAC throughout the years through thick and thin however under his own happy terms has said goodbye. He will still be around on TS and Discord however under the Friend of Unit tag.


PHQ Commendations

SGT Henza for conducting himself exceptionally well during LT Spartan’s LOA. Always keen to learn more as he progresses and willing to help out where needed. I am very pleased to continue his training to become one hell of a Sunray Minor and in future a PL CO.

The remainder of 1-1 PHQ for conducting themselves very well. They are understanding my method of madness and are always pre-planning and coming up with various means as they see and understand my leadership style.

1-1 Alpha

All of Alpha for pushing through the final couple of objectives like absolute champions and clearing out really effectively. Also well done for holding as long as possible during the retreat although we got flattened by an IFV.

1-1 Bravo

PTE(P)Toast: For effectively leading his FT through a tough operation and to a good standard. You stepped up to the plate very well.

1-1 Charlie

PTE(P) Rubberducky: For jumping on PL net multiple times throughout the OP during section MCI’s

1-1 Delta

The whole team for being amazing. Everyone was on point with our many taskings. We were traveling all over the place helping each section and once we got our orders to move, everyone headed straight to the Delta vehicle very quickly. Well done guys.

Additional Points

TFAC AfterDark Ep.6 will air this coming Friday at 7pm. We are planning something different yet interesting for the show. There will also be a subathon with more info being sent out by LT Spartan later this week.

1-2 Weekly Notes

Quite an intense operation last night that seemed to be enjoyed by all despite some minor technical difficulties. Obviously this is bound to happen on our quest to getting as close to perfect as possible just remember to keep your heads high and overcome adversity. Also a gentle reminder that we have quite a good reputation and as such, many members wanting to join; if you are leaving midway through operations due to getting frustrated/angry then this is not going to be the place for you. If you are caught in this situation then you will be having a chat with PHQ about your highly sought-after slot here in the platoon.

Staff Movements

CPL Patriot: Has moved from 1-2-2 section commander to reservists. The role of a secco is highly taxing on the individual and many hours of work are required to be successful at the role. Patriot has done very well to be working in this position for the last 8 months and his dedication to improving himself and those around him is a credit to himself. Hopefully we will see you in 2PL again soon Patriot. A new secco will be announced this week.


A reminder these SOPs are assumed knowledge for all members of the PL. If you are found to not be complying with these you may be held accountable by your staff. These SOPs prevent a lot of confusion in the ops and make us work like a well-oiled machine. I urge you to ensure you understand these and quiz each other on them.


1-2 Alpha

PTE(P) Punchcaster: Was able to hit all shots that needed hitting onto EN Armour. His effective use of the MAT systems was relied upon to eliminate several threats to the section with minimal time to aim. His mastery in the role was essential to the section’s success.

1-2 Charlie

From PHQ: Charlie’s performance tonight was quite impressive from PHQ standpoint, Charlie was able to complete all assigned tasks to a high standard and rarely required assistance from other C/S. Charlie was also the model section in administrative tasks, always ready first for movements and also properly handled EN captured pers. Well done to the 2IC for the success of these admin tasks and well done to the secco for ensuring these tasks were accomplished while the tempo was maintained.

1-2 Delta

PTE(P) Mack:
Commended for consistently being on point with his MAT duties. He was able to destroy 2x EN vehicles in the process of supporting other C/S and was a real testament to Delta’s capabilities within the platoon. Well done Mack.

1-2 Golf

PTE(P) VengfulSnp: VengfulSnp was able to provide good fires with the mortars on his first OP running with Golf. His efforts as a reservist attached was appreciated and all members commended him for how well he worked with us.

CHQ Final Points

A much happier weekly this week which is excellent. I was smiling ear to ear last night even when we had that annoying restart. Shit happens but I can’t tell you how excited I am about the new medical system. A lot of info is lost or missed in passing but I can say that we will have a very solid, enjoyable and advanced medical system in the future. Keep your chins up, eyes and ears open and offer a hand whenever you can.

With the improvements in the group and server, we will potentially be looking at new assets, roles and positions. If you are looking for something different or to climb the ladder, then from now onwards is your chance to show CHQ and the PHQs how you can behave and what you’re capable of during these sometimes frustrating times. Lead by example no matter what rank you are.

It’s not just about doing the right thing when someone is watching. It’s about what you do when you think no one is watching that shows true character.

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.