Weekly Company Update

Well lads, what a successful mission considering it was some grey waters we were sailing into. Overall, we got excellent results and had a massive improvement in server performance. We obviously had some bugs and issues like friendly fire, but the results and performance we got easily outweighed these minor issues. As we steam forward into the coming weeks, we are expecting to only improve further and really nut out some of these issues that we have been encountering.

Attention During Trainings

Unfortunately, I have to start this weekly with a gripe but it is something that is important to me and the staff. Being asleep, AFK, alt tabbed or otherwise not paying attention during trainings is simply unacceptable gents. I have reports of this occurring and have had this happen in sessions I’ve been running or assisting with. Short story is lads that it is absolutely disrespectful to the trainers and other members who are there. The trainers have taken the time to create, organise and run the trainings for you guys. The trainers don’t get any sort of reward for running the trainings and to have members not paying attention or continuously have to ask what the question was again is insulting.

If you do not want to be there, then leave. We are not forcing you to attend the sessions so if you cannot concentrate and give your undivided attention, then be respectful and leave the session. It is so obvious when members are not paying attention and it stands out in assessments and when the trainers ask questions. Yes, sessions can go for a long time. We always aim for no more than the 2 hours so if you mark yourself down to attend that session, make sure you leave at least 2 hours free for it.

Last note regarding training etiquette and something I keep talking about nearly every week at the moment. Make sure that you are tracking any training session dates and times if you have marked yourself down to attend. That means if you have to set a reminder or an alarm on your phone because you might fall asleep, forget or be away from home, then so be it. We all have phones and you all know how long it takes to load in. If your computer or internet struggles sometimes, then LOAD IN EARLY! That is why we say start to load in at least 15 mins prior to. If your computer decides to shit itself for whatever reason, even if it’s usually pretty good, then at least you have 15 mins to sort it out prior to the session. The trainings start at the times marked. It’s not you begin to load in at those times.

From now on, any members who the trainers believe are not paying attention and/or are late for the start of the training without a reasonable excuse may be told to leave the session and will receive disciplinary action. I’m tired of starting trainings late due to people falling asleep or loading in late because ARMA fucked up when we see you loading in with 5 mins until start time. It’s disrespectful gents and the trainers and myself will not tolerate it any longer.

The New NCO Training

Onto a bit of a lighter note. The new NCO training was run last week and although we ran into a couple of issues and majorly blew some times out, it was really successful. We had most of our section staff attend all the sessions and we got some awesome feedback from said members. We have altered the NCO training slightly due to the feedback we received and due to the outcome requirements.

Sessions 1 and 2 will be no change.

Session 3 will be the section commander theory for the first half, with the 2nd hour being a walk-through talk-through of common section commander scenarios.  

– There will be 9 trainees to the lesson with 1 trainer.
– The trainer will be the secco with the trainees being the section members.
– The trainer will conduct the scenarios as they would do it whilst explaining their process to the rest of the section.
– The scenarios will be similar to the ones run in session 4 but will not be at the same locations and not at the same intensity. This way the trainer can talk to the section members and discuss their decision process and how they would handle it.

We think this will be a good way to introduce the new trainee staff to acting as a secco in a lot more gradual way.

Session 4 will purely be the scenarios we ran last week. 2 – 2.5 hrs will be dedicated to it so we don’t run over time ridiculously like we did last week. The layout will be much better now that we have an understanding of the way it can/should be run. We will still attempt to use real members but will allow the section members to change scenarios so they do not get sick of the same one. So how this attendance will run is;

– Every 3 NCO trainees needs 1 trainer (test group)
– Every test group needs 5 section members (this will be organised by the test group and there will be attendance slots for the groups on the training calendar)

We will run a max of 3 groups/3 trainers in the session with the 3 different scenarios. They will be strictly time limited which will be part of the assessment criteria as well. We will conduct debriefs at the end only with the NCO trainees. That way the assistants can leave earlier.

I’d also like to thank all the members and staff who were a part of the session 3 last week. We really appreciate your time and effort during the session. We went way way over time but it means we got the feedback, results and information required to adjust the training so it will be much better for the next group. The sessions have been changed and some of them are now open to all TFAC members. Be advised that we are quite busy with trainings at the moment so keep an eye on the training schedule and posts.

Trainer Slots In The Training Server

Just a reminder to everyone who loads into the training server. If you are not leading a training session then you are not to load into a trainer slot. These slots are for, you guessed it, trainers. They are the only people who require Zeus access during training sessions so do not occupy the slots if are not meant to be. If you require Zeus then you can ask one of the trainers to give it to you but this is not to be given out lightly.

Last point regarding this, if you load into the server and you’re the only one in it and you load into the trainer slot but the Zeus won’t work, try hitting ‘Y’ whilst it’s black screen. If that doesn’t work, try relogging in from the lobby and try again. If it still doesn’t work then unless someone can give it to you who is already in the server, then you are just going to have to use your own editor for the time being. Yes, it can be annoying, but you have to make do sometimes.

Hotel Lifts

Something I want to bring up as I’ve received a few comments and concerns about this, is the insertion of PLs with Hotel at the start of missions. I know there is some feelings of favouritism or frustration regarding which PL gets lifted first and I want to give you the facts straight from the horse’s mouth so this silly issue can be resolved.

First off, there is no PL favouritism in regards to me liking one PL more than the other. No matter how you look or feel about it, I’m being 100% honest, there is none. No situation/circumstance or mission you think of will be proof of my liking a PL more than the other. I know you may feel that way, but I promise you, it’s simply not true. The reasoning behind any choice of who gets inserted first is simply a tactical one which I’ll talk about in a min. But for now, if you think that I am playing favourites due to the PL members and/or staff, rest your minds, it’s non-existent.

Now, with regards to Operation Dondolare. There was nowhere in my orders that stipulated that 2PL had to be inserted prior to 1PL. All TFAC members need to ensure they are reading their orders thoroughly prior to passing on incorrect information to my PHQ’s. This incorrect information was passed on by a member who is not staff and therefore 1PL PHQ was under the impression they had to wait even though they were ready first. This is purely that members fault. If you do not know what is going on or you make assumptions, please, keep your mouth closed. Having information that is purely fabricated by non-staff members has caused issues throughout the group that the staff now have to deal with. Staff, if you are puzzled, concerned or otherwise annoyed about a plan/decision, take it up with your PL staff. This includes in game and out of game. If you don’t believe you had to wait, then check the orders and then talk to your PHQ. Anyone who had checked the COY and PL orders would have realised that I gave no such direction which would of allowed 1PL to step first. Do not start Chinese whispers lads, it will ruin us.

With regards to Operation Asir. I selected 2PL to insert first due to the fact they currently have Golf attached to them. As you would have seen if you read my orders, I quote myself “From HQ, if possible, all COY C/S will mount in Hotel assets and be inserted to LZ Luna. If this is not possible, 1-2 will be inserted first IOT allow Golf to set up prior to your arrival.” This was the first sentence in 1PL’s execution from the COY orders. Not only does it explain why I made the decision and show I clearly stated it to the whole COY, but it also shows that I wanted the entire COY to be inserted at the same time if possible. Tell me where the favouritism is there. You may say “It’s favouritism due to them having Golf” to which I say that it’s not favouritism, it’s tactical decision making. The decision is purely a result of me conducting the IMAP process and coming up with what I feel is the best plan. A cheeky side note, there is an announcement regarding Golf later in this weekly which may help settle some of these silly assumptions.

Last point regarding this is the comments about waiting 50mins and 46mins for insertion into the AO at the start of the mission. This is simply not correct information and I’ll tell you why. We do not start ‘timing’ from when we load into the server. We start ‘timing’ from 1850 AEST which is stated in the orders when we are to step off from HQ. So those timings of 50 and 46 mins are simply not true. If you want to start considering the load in period as the start, then you should realise that this means nearly every mission ever we have left HQ after 30mins or more. If members want to start complaining about insertion times then they need to be giving correct information. I have watched footage and for the last 2 missions, the waiting times from when 2PL stepped off to when Hotel returned and 1PL loaded into the helicopters was 20mins during Operation Dondolare and 15mins during Operation Asir. For Operation Dondolare both PL’s took longer than usual to be ready to mount which pushed the timings back slightly. I addressed this in the orders and to all staff during last week so it wouldn’t happen again during Operation Asir, which it didn’t. 2PL stepped off pretty much bang on time and Hotel returned within 15mins. So when I hear that people are making up rubbish timings because you want to start timing from load in, you can imagine why I would get annoyed about favouritism comments then being made. Get your facts right before you start spreading rumours and causing issues for my staff. Be mature and actually think about what is going on, the timings, the decisions being made and reasons behind those decisions before you start the school yard bickering.

Gents, I try to give a fair experience to both PL’s in regards to objectives, assets and time allocations. I will be more aware that sometimes the plans and reasons behind those plans are not always crystal clear to everyone and will look at ways I can improve that. In the mean time I expect all members, staff included, to make sure they are thinking about the comments and complaints you make prior to making them. It’s not that I don’t want to hear them, but when they are unreasonable or section members are the reason for the issues, don’t expect me to cop comments and responsibility about favouritism or the other PL being dog to the other.

If anyone wants to discuss this particular issue or any others for that fact, please message me and we’ll organise a chat in TS. The alternate option is to fill in a feedback or complaint form located in the public TFAC folder. The link to this folder is in the key—information channel in discord.

Golf 1-1 Expression Of Interest

We are looking at re-opening Golf 1-1 ASAP. This is an official request for all members who have the DSFW qualification and are interested in becoming part of the Golf 1-1 team, to message CPL Keegen with your interest. Keegen, along with 1PL PHQ, will decide on the Golf 1-1 leader and it’s 5 other members. The only requirement is that you have completed the DSFW qualification and have good operation attendance. You need to be able to attend operations regularly and be confident in the utilisation of all Golf vehicles and equipment. There are 6 spots open and applications will be closed in 1 week. If we do not get the required 6 members in the week, we will look at extending the application period.  

Good luck to those who apply and I look forward to seeing Golf 1-1 back in action.

Hotel 1-1 New Position

It has been decided that Hotel 1-1 was in need of some extra man power. CHQ has decided to allocate 2 x new members to Hotel to allow greater flexibility and the opportunity to fill in pilot slots when a Hotel member may not be able to attend an operation. It was decided by CHQ and Hotel staff that PTE(P) Aqwaman was eligible and deserving of one of the positions and was awarded it last night. Congratulations Aqwaman and good luck with your new position. You deserve it.

This means that there is one more position open for Hotel as a permanent role. I’m aware that some members are currently training for their Hotel assessment and would encourage you to get practising so you can sit your assessment ASAP. SGT Roofie and Hotel members are more than willing to assist those who wish to apply and to get in practice prior to sitting your assessment.

Hotel requires mature and very dedicated members who show TFAC standards to a very high level. Hotel will be responsible for the selection of their 6th member so any questions regarding the assessment procedure and/or the position are to be directed to them. We endeavour to have this position filled ASAP but due to the assessments taking some organisation and time to complete, we will not be setting a cut off time for now.  

The Galloway Award

Submissions for The Galloway Award have 1 week remaining until the voting phase begins. Get your submission in quick for a chance to win prizes.

TFAC Medical

J4 acknowledges some bugs from Sunday regarding our first test for medical. Every week we do plan on adding more features and adjusting things based on feedback given per operation.

We plan on continuing to add features but we urge you all to understand that our goal is to achieve a happy medium between ACE and what we have now.

We want to add at least bandaging of individual limbs and a blood system that can be monitored. A role specific speed or other increase in ability for people in the medic role itself. Different wound types.

We want being in the medic role in game to hold greater worth to the section. Currently all people can theoretically achieve the same level of knowledge as a medic and, if the medic is down, they can easily stand in. We want everyone to still be able to know all the same things, but when it comes to playing the mission, that particular character needs to have a boost above others. The test we held on Sunday was very successful and has shown us just the beginning of a performance improvement we can achieve. Whatever medical system we end up implementing, it shall not have a performance drop equal to ACE Medical. Ideally it only has half the effect if not less.

1-1 Weekly Notes

Good work this week 1-1. We were able to complete all our objectives without too much of a struggle. Everyone adapted to the temporary medical system well and most people reported higher performance which is always good. Ultimately another strong week.


1-1 Alpha

PTE(P) Mladshiy: For bearing with the basic medical system and putting in the effort to keep himself safe due to the fact he was so important to the section as medic whilst also doing everything needed to keep our members up and running.

1-1 Bravo

PTE(P) Phaser: Did well in integrating with the section. Great Job.

1-1 Charlie

PTE(P) Turner: Was an excellent point man and provided a good foundation for some awesome formations.

1-1 Delta

PTE(P) Mack:
Stepped up to a 2IC role well when needed. Was always where he needed to be.

PTE Jammer: Was always on point as medic, very quick to act and nailed his role.

1-2 Weekly Notes

Another good run last night lads, massive kudos to the way the whole platoon embraced the medical system tryout. Fluidity and adaptation are fast becoming one of this units real strong points. There was a smorgasbord of tactical ball ticklers on offer to keep all the lads happy and overall, I feel was one of the best ops for variety to date. I loved the maritime/amphibious element, one aspect of ARMA I feel is underutilised.


1-2 PHQ Commendations

LT Tate: Ran around like a headless chook last night, knuckle dunking the role of SGT and Pronto…simultaneously. Massive kudos to you LT, J4 will keep you on for sure now.

1-2 Alpha

PTE(P) VengfulSnp and PTE HamMan: Used the captured EN vehicle to good effect in the short time it was operational.

PTE(P) Punchcaster: Took down multiple EN vehicles approaching Golf’s position.

PTE(P) Mitty: Effective use of his MMG in eliminating hostiles at long distance.

1-2 Bravo

PTE(P) Smog: For his once again solid work behind the MAT.

PTE(P) Crossley: For being a solid section member, stepping up to assist with leadership.

1-2 Charlie

PTE(P) Thunderbolt: For diligently and effectively reviving and healing members of the section whilst still slanging heat.

PTE(P)Gaz: For destroying the AAA missile battery from 1026m with a LAT launcher.

PTE(P) Grub: For maintaining positive control of his FT and making sure that they were always on task.

LCPL Sloppy: For effectively taking control of the section when our 1IC went down, moving the section onto OBJ and turning the EN to fertilizer.

1-2 Delta

My kudos goes out to the entire team again this week. We had some newer members and were a little rusty at the start, but managed to pull ourselves together and get the objectives done that were given to us. Apologies to the section we fired onto from the feature, the lads just had a taste for blood no matter who they took to the underworld. Seriously though, well done to all Delta 1-2 members. A solid performance and I look forward to seeing you next week.

CHQ Final Points

Bit of a grumpy weekly this week gents but it doesn’t mean that myself and J4 are not pleased with what occurred last week. We had some fantastic training sessions run along with an excellent mission overall. The performance test has sparked some new hope in adding the final assets we want to do whilst allowing us to add back Golf 1-1 and some extra Hotel members. I look forward to seeing these teams in action and getting our PLs back to full strength.

Although I grouched a bit, well done to everyone for your efforts and commitment shown. A few bad eggs hasn’t disregarded the excellent work that others have put in. I appreciate the work of our current NCO’s and especially to LT Tate, LT Spartan and the other trainers. We have made quite a leap in the training sector and it’s coming along nicely.

As always, maintain the rage gents.

“When the rich wage war it’s the poor who die.” – Jean-Paul Sartre