Company Weekly Update

A good start to some single missions to follow for the next few weeks. We will have the opportunity to trial some new things and test some performance options during this non-campaign period. We are pumping out trainings especially this week so we can get people qualified, trained and ready for new positions. Keep an eye on the trainings schedule especially as it will be a busy couple of weeks.

New Uniforms

Infernus has been hard at work creating some new variants of our TFAC uniform. As you can see below, there are at least 6 new variants along with our current set. These will become available soon and will be able to be used in a wide variety of environments. We may introduce some extra ones as we go but this should cover most environments for now. This should also make for some awesome screenshots and videos in the future. Thank-you very much to Infernus for his excellent work related to this change.

Advanced Infantry Tactics Training

The first session was run last week and was relatively successful. Some minor things were edited and adjusted which has fixed those issues which means the next session should be even better. We will be looking to run these fairly often until we get a large portion of those interested certified. Just a reminder to ensure you are loading into the server 15mins early to allow time for incorrect loading of mods, Teamspeak issues etc. Especially with this training which includes a fair amount of information. Last point for this training is that you need to ensure you re-read the Basic Infantry Tactics Training document to be refreshed prior to attending. Myself and the trainers expect the previous sessions to be assumed knowledge when you attend.

Picking Up EN Equipment And Weapons

A reminder that all TFAC members are not to pick up dropped EN weapons or equipment unless they have run out of ammunition and their section is also unable to provide them with any spare rounds. If it is discovered that you have done this then as per the TFAC disciplinary actions, you will be issued a strike. If you are new to TFAC, I recommend you read this document which is available in the TFAC public folder located on our Google drive. You can find the link to this folder in the key-information channel on discord.

The Galloway Award

Another quick reminder about the 2nd iteration of the Galloway Award gents.

All submissions must have the following,

~ Title
~ Name of the Submitter
~ Story of the image/clip. This doesn’t have to be a novel. It can be just what you were thinking in the moment or where it was taken.
~ None of the submissions are to be meme related. This is to be taken with proper maturity. Fun can be had however blatant meme’s will be rejected.

Submissions: The Galloway Award:

1-1 Weekly Notes

Excellent work 1-1. We worked quite well but there are still some minor things that need to be fixed. Was mostly positive feedback but there were still some negative points so hopefully those issues will get sorted. Delta was a big success this week with both platoons having a designated QRF instead of having a single section for the entire company. Ultimately a good week for 1-1.


1-1 Alpha

PTE Eggy and PTE(P) Stiglitz: For doing an excellent job in combat and maintaining a high professional standard in and out of the combat situations.

1-1 Bravo

PTE(P) RobZombie78: For keeping his cool during the 1-1 MCI in the valley. His actions saved several section members and prevented a whole section from being wiped. Well done Rob!

1-1 Charlie

PTE(P) Rubberducky: For stepping up to the role of 3IC on short notice and effectively leading his fireteam throughout the whole operation.

Message from CPL Snapper: I witnessed incredible communication and teamwork amongst all section members, and was very impressed. Well done everyone.

1-1 Delta

PTE(P) Raptor:
For being an incredible 2IC. He ran his fire team to perfection and kept the section well informed while I was receiving orders.

1-2 Weekly Notes

Looking at the feedback from this op, I can safely say it was thoroughly enjoyed by all. Whilst being slightly chaotic on PHQ end, it was a pleasure to command you all. Surprisingly enough we did end up needing 4 sections to clear the area and got chocked up a little bit in the town. A reminder to only use the radio when absolutely necessary. If it is being cluttered with unnecessary information it makes it very difficult for PHQ to listen to important information on 3 different frequencies.

Staff Training

All current NCOs are to undertake the new NCO training prior to the 15th of May, more sessions will be up shortly.


The 2PL SOP’s are currently being rewritten to better reflect what we’ve learnt over the last campaign. These will be in a new easier to understand format. Make sure you acknowledge them when they come out.


1-2 PHQ Commendations

LCPL Basil: Performed to a very high standard for a member undertaking training for his advanced medical certification. Basil was always taking the initiative and rarely needed direction.

1-2 Alpha

Alpha: Worked well towards our objectives, utilizing formations and tactics to a degree not seen in a while. No casualties in the first phase and a well-handled MCI characterised the section well as a well-oiled machine.

1-2 Bravo

PTE(P) Crossley: Being absolutely on the ball this OP, providing once again crisp, clear comms. An absolute pleasure to work alongside Crossley and command.

PTE(P) Tree: For being an exceptional section member, assisting his FTL and even stepping up to command his FT in the absence of LCPL Frost. He did so with exceptional professionalism, carrying out both his usual duties as well as stepping up and shouldering the burden of leadership.

1-2 Charlie

PTE(P) Thunderbolt: Performed exceptionally well under pressure and did his job as the medic to his best ability. Brilliant with keeping us all up, working tirelessly with the obscene amount of injuries we suffered at the hands of the enemy.

PTE(P) Turbanator: On the gun, he killed his fair share of enemy and made sure that the enemy were supressed as such that Charlie could continue on task.

PTE(P) Grub: For stepping up and taking over 1IC when staff were down. Comms over PLT net were excellent and management of the section was a testament to his ability.

1-2 Delta

The entire team did very very well considering how busy we were and how many casualties we suffered ourselves. You were all professional, flexible and didn’t winge at all when we got minced. PTE(P) Zilo did very well as the 2IC and really stepped up to the plate. PTE(P) Wilson also assisted multiple times when Zilo and myself were down which was much appreciated. Well done team and keep up the great work.

CHQ Final Points

Overall there were some mixed feelings about the op last night but this is often the case. Server performance was pretty good considering we had a record high of 95 players on for most of it. We will be looking at some temporary changes with some of our missions so that we can increase that even further whilst the AUS net continues to battle along.

The trainings last week were successful and well done to all those who achieved new certifications. Keep up the eagerness as this quarantine time is the best opportunity for us to get a lot of this done.

Maintain the rage gents.

“It is fatal to enter a war without the will to win it.” – Douglas MacArthur