Company Weekly Update

We have come to the end of Operation Unknown with some people who really enjoyed it and others who may have had some issues with it. This happens gents and J2 try to target the majority of the group but it some times just not possible to please everyone. We are still learning and adapting as a group and with the largest numbers of any Australian mil sim group, it’s not easy to nail it every time.

Sunday Campaigns

Sunday campaigns will be put on hold for a few weeks at this stage and we will be running single missions on Sundays whilst we wait for the internet strain to decrease a little. The reason for this is because we don’t want to have mission makers campaigns ruined by poor performance after they have put in all the work. We will continue with mid-week missions and other game events so you will still have plenty to do during your down time. J2’s focus is still on Sunday missions as they are to be the primary focus. Because we are not running a campaign, J2 will have to be on the ball with creation, organising and marking on their calendar who is running what. I cleaned up the J2 folder the other day and we adjusted the mission tracker so ensure it is used.

Any non J2 members who a have a mission they want to be run or looked at to be given the all clear, need to talk to a J2 member and get them to assist you. CAPT Will, CAPT Infernus, LT Spartan, LCPL Blitz and LCPL Rusty have all made missions and campaigns and know what is required. They are capable of ticking off your missions for it to be run.

If you create a mission you must;

– Create the mission in editor with as minimal added objects as possible. Aim for less than 500 for Sunday missions, less than 1000 for weekdays.
– Export it as a .pbo and send it to your J2 contact. If you don’t know how to do this, google and YouTube is your friend.
– Create a COY brief excluding the execution portion and send that with the .pbo file.
– Create a Zeus notes document that outlines what you want to happen in the mission.

All of this is accessible to J2 members so they can help you if you ask. Be advised that they may be busy so spending a lot of time with you may not be possible. Please be patient and understand that they have work to do. If you are still learning with mission making, watch YouTube and google your problems. 99.9% of the time someone has had the same problem as you and the answer is on the internet somewhere. Don’t be lazy. Have a proper look and then ask J2 if you are still stuck. Even better, write your issues down, continue with the mission creation and come to J2 with all your issues at once rather than one after the other.

Section Trainings

As mentioned at the COY meeting last night, section trainings will now be mandatory at least once every 2 months. This is a requirement for you to remain in a section otherwise the section staff can remove you. We understand that some members just want to attend Sunday missions and that’s it, but we have reservists keenly waiting to get into a section and if they are willing to train, develop relations and improve their skills, then they are preferred to those who do not. If I ran a section I would be running trainings at least twice a month and would expect 100% attendance.

In saying that, trainings don’t have to go for long and don’t have to be boring lecture sessions. They don’t even have to be in ARMA. You can use other games to practice communications, tactics and just to have fun and bond. Section staff need to find the balance and make trainings not only relevant, but productive and enjoyable. A quick training layout will help achieve this and make sure you’re covering all the points you want to cover. Section trainings should be mainly practical and running through scenarios so you can develop SOP’s. I continue to harp on about them but it’s because it’s so important. You can write them down as much as you like but if you don’t actually practice them in game and with rounds flying, then there’s no point writing them down. Every single SOP should be practised! A section training may run for an hour and you might only cover 2 SOP’s because you had to run the scenario again and again to get it right or to make adjustments.

I will be creating a quick training template/plan in the next few days that will be available in the commanders notebook to assist staff if they need guidance on how trainings could be run.

Advanced Infantry Tactics Training

The training has been finished and I’m currently finishing the slides as we speak. I expect the first training session to be run this week. Thank-you for your patience relating this as I know a lot of members are keen to get into it. Keep an eye on the trainings and trainings schedule channel.

I would recommend you go over the Basic Infantry Tactics Training document prior to attending so you’re refreshed and able to answer the questions. Yes there will be questions and possibly a questionnaire.

Golf’s Implementation

The implementation of Golf into plans and calling in fires will be covered in detail in the new NCO training that is being created. This is so that all NCO’s understand the capability and procedures linked to Golf and can effectively and confidently call in fires from Golf without having to rely on their Pronto. Golf fires can be called in by any NCO at any time so with this new training we should start to see Golf becoming one of the busiest call signs in the PL.

Well done to 2PL and especially Golf with running trainings trying to better the use of the asset.


At this time Echo’s creation has been put on hold. We are assessing the possibility of Echo into our Sunday missions and I will be conducting trials of the asset in my mid-week campaign that’s in creation. This campaign will be an opportunity to test new things and asset ideas, use assets and vehicles that we don’t normally use, and to just have a bit of fun. Echo will be one of those assets that we will test. Although this is bit of a downer to a lot of members, the “testing” campaign will allow us to trial things before getting excited and spending too much effort before we find out it won’t work. Please be understanding regarding Echo but also get excited because I plan to have a wide variety of things to try and use. I currently don’t have an ETA of the first mission but I will keep you posted.

The Galloway Award

After a high number of requests to return, this next iteration of The Galloway Award has been split into 2 Categories which means more Winners!

1st Category: The cinematic image category is the same as last time. It doesn’t have to be TFAC related as long as it’s related to ARMA, it is acceptable. No DCS or other games of the like.

2nd Category is: The short clip category. The submission can be no longer than a 15 sec clip of either your favourite TFAC/ARMA moment or a cinematic short video. It doesn’t have to be TFAC related as long as it’s related to ARMA, it is acceptable. No DCS or other games of the like.

All submissions must have the following,

~ Title
~ Name of the Submitter
~ Story of the image/clip. This doesn’t have to be a novel. It can be just what you were thinking in the moment or where it was taken.
~ None of the submissions are to be meme related. This is to be taken with proper maturity. Fun can be had however blatant meme’s will be rejected.

There will be 1 winner and a runner up for both categories. The submissions will go for about 3-4 weeks with a 1 week voting phase.

Submissions: The Galloway Award:

1-1 Weekly Notes

Well done 1-1 in completing the final objectives, capturing the traitor and finishing the campaign on a strong note. Even due to multiple factors, 1-1 performed exceptionally well. We do have a few things to work on however like section cohesion and movements but aside from that we are one well working machine. 


1-1 PHQ Commendations

SGT Henza
: For bearing with me and understudying me as best he can over these past few weeks. I look forward to evolving you further to a solid PLT CO.


PTE(P) Shiny and PTE(P) Pawlik: Both did an absolutely fantastic job tonight laying waste to the EN force.


PTE(P) Toast: Did well stepping up into the 3IC position to look after the fire team with LCPL Chocolate Milk being in Delta for the night.


PTE Chacky: For his effective use of MAT which made a hard operation as easy as it could be.

1-2 Weekly Notes

A very successful end to a long campaign, big shoutout to LCPL Rusty for creating it. The PL’s performance was above average in most regards; however, we can still improve. This will be touched on later. A reminder while we have this downtime in our lives which is very rare for some of us, make the most of it. If you’re looking for something to do get your fireteam together and practice CQB clearances in the training area. We have a wide array of facilities on the training server so make sure you utilize them.

Section Trainings

To echo the words of CAPT Thomas: All sections are to conduct some sort of training every 2 months at the bare minimum. Within the Platoon I would preferably like to see trainings fortnightly; however, acknowledge that sometimes this is not always possible. I’m going to put a challenge up to section staff to conduct trainings every month at a minimum. It is up to section staff to organise and track this.

Staff Training

All current NCOs BPT undertake the new NCO training sometime over the next fortnight. Any staff who do not get their qualifications updated outside a reasonable amount of time will be demoted.


1-2 PHQ Commendations

Delta: Delta was attached to 1-2 for all of last night and proved to be a valuable asset, assisting the PL as a relief force and rescue force for the final phase. Delta accomplished all taskings given to them in a very efficient manner. All of 2PL is grateful for your assistance.

Golf: Our other specialist asset performed very well last night. As a group they found an ideal spot to provide support for the PL. At this area they engaged and destroyed 3 x A-10s, 2 x MBTs and 1 x Bradley. Their support was much appreciated by myself and the PL.

1-2 Alpha

PTE(P) JustAce: For continuing to perform his role as medic above expectation and managing all casualties in a methodical manner allowing the rest of the section to continue on objective.

PTE(P) Tricky: Always being an avid dick kicker, was dropped a couple times but always came back with a vengeance to dismember more of his enemies.

PTE(P) 4ngel: Effectively operated the RPG to disable an EN Bradley in excess of 500m.

1-2 Charlie

PTE(P) Aqwa:
Performed well as 2IC when having to step up to the role and really taking it in his stride. 

PTE(P) Grub: Performed to a high standard as 3IC taking on extra roles and responsibilities, making the team far more cohesive. 

PTE(P) Gaz: For thoroughly searching of the base and good SA lead to securing the intel on Captain Thomas.

1-2 Golf

PTE Gal & PTE Jammer: They went well for their first OP and with no DFSW training. They also joined a pre-op training to get them familiar with Golf’s equipment showing their dedication and eagerness to learn.

CHQ Final Points

Well done to all members for last night considering we had some average server performance in particular instances. It was great to see everyone push through and to ultimately have a good time. A big shout out to LCPL Rusty for all his work regarding the campaign creation and planning. You did a really good job for your first Sunday campaign mate, you should be proud.

We will be stepping into single missions this week and I’m eager to see what we come up with. Some brilliant ideas have been thrown around and I think we will get some awesome missions out of it. Keep posting your ideas and get into mission making if you’re keen.

Maintain the rage gents. But keep 1.5m apart.  

“Listen up – there’s no war that will end all wars.” – Haruki Murakami