Company Weekly Update

What a week it has been. The world is changing every day due to recent events and we are seeing the effects onto TFAC as well. We all need to continue to be resilient, understanding and patient during these times so we can maintain TFAC being the most professional and mature mil sim group in Australia. The staff are working hard to maintain everything as normal but some changes may need to occur to allow us to maintain the current posture, playability and frequency.

Internet Strain

We experienced some heavy load and strain onto the server last night which included our Teamspeak intermittently dropping out. This is due to the large strain being placed onto Australia’s internet because of the increase of people being online. J4 are looking at ways to mitigate this and have some ideas that we may trial over the next couple of weeks to see if we can get a more stable performance out of the server. More info will be posted about this as we come to decisions.  

Orders Feedback Form

I am quite annoyed at everyone who didn’t take the time to respond to the orders and briefings feedback form sent out weeks ago. I reminded everyone multiple times and I know that some staff have reminded their sections on several occasions. I got 26 responses out of 118 which is insulting to be honest. I took the time to create the form so that we can get a better understanding of what you guys like and want to see regarding the planning stage of missions. This was also your opportunity to speak up about things you didn’t like about them and to offer some fixes. If you cannot spend 5-10mins to conduct a survey that’s handed out by J4 then you need to consider what you’re doing here. Myself and staff do not spend time creating these things to be ignored by the group’s members. I’m highly disappointed and have continued with the results I got. If you don’t like the new changes and you didn’t fill out the form, then too bad. You had the chance to say something. To those who did respond, thank-you for taking the time and having the courtesy to complete it.

My Expected Absence

Over today I have gotten several updates to my operational status and I’m now on 24hrs notice to move to be deployed domestically or internationally. It is very likely that I will be sent to far north Queensland this week and could be away for up to 3 months. If/when this occurs, then Will and Infernus will continue to lead TFAC as normal. I should be available on my phone depending on the availability of reception and charging ability. I expect the same as when I went out field last week and want everyone to work together to maintain TFAC and the standards.

1-1 Weekly Notes

This week all of 1-1 worked well however there were some gripes regarding friendly fire during last night’s mission which we have all spoken to death about. From there we worked quite well during all objectives and performed great during the initial defence of the FOB.


PHQ Commendations

To all of the staff of 1-1 for maintaining the rage, maintaining their heads and maintaining the platoon in chaos when PHQ went down. I would like to commend all staff for their actions especially 1-1-A staff for taking over for the platoon during this time.

1-1 Charlie

PTE Blanc: For a great fist op as a Charlie member. You showed great initiative by talking to 1-0 Starlight when the Charlie/PL MCI occurred.

Additional Points

This week’s mid-week mission is on Tuesday this week (tomorrow night). Reference the community-noticeboard channel for more info regarding LT Spartans birthday op.

TFAC AfterDark Podcast: Episode 4 will be live either Wednesday or Thursday this week where we will be talking about various topics regarding TFAC, IRL topics along with announcing the winner of The Galloway Award.

1-2 Weekly Notes

A slightly frustrating night for some in the previous op, but I’m hoping you all got some enjoyment out of it. Very proud of 1-2’s efforts for continuing the grind and finishing off the mission. As this campaign comes to an end I’m hoping we can rally together for one final push and give our best performance yet. Further points were elaborated on in the 1-2 Noticeboard if you haven’t already read.


PHQ Commendations

CPL Patriot: Patriot demonstrated a high level of professionalism last night when carrying out multiple quick reaction tasks. Patriot performed these to a high standard and kept his team motivated and on task. Well done Patriot.

Section Medics: Positive feedback all round from the section medics. With the absence of Starlight 1-2 sections were under a bit more pressure to provide sufficient medical treatment to all members of 1-2. Good job guys and maintain the good work.

1-2 Alpha

PTE(P) Tricky:
Always on the ball, needed near to no direction.

PTE(P) Mitty – For always being switched on even through rough situations, and keeping the FT under control and on task while FTL was preoccupied.


All of Bravo: For sticking as a unit and staying professional despite the massive technical issues and the constant changing of the situation throughout the Op. All of the lads just buckled up and kept pushing forward. Well done.


PTE(P) Wilson: Kept a cool head and kept command of his fireteam when his FTL was down.

Hotel 1-1 Commendations

LCPL Rhodzy: For sticking around until the end of the op even though he was experiencing the same connection issues many were. His assistance at the HQ during this was incredibly helpful.

1-2-Bravo: For their rapid response time to multiple Hotel crash sites, providing security and escorting pilots to a safe location. Much appreciated boys!

LCPL Murphy and LCPL Osprey: For their fantastic RATEL, always reporting anti-air threats and adjusting flight paths accordingly to avoid these threats to Hotel.

CHQ Final Points

An eventful mission and week last week. I’m impressed with the commendations handed out this week with some really important points covered and good section behaviour being commended. The company performance starts at section level so to see you guys doing the right things even when it’s a bit frustrating, boring or you’re having technical difficulties, is fantastic to see.  I hope I’m around for the final mission of the campaign as I don’t think I’ve been as excited to see a mission playthrough as I am for this one. Take that as you will but I think this will be an excellent final mission and you will be pleasantly surprised. If I’m not around, enjoy the next coming weeks and please remember what I said a few weeks ago in the weekly’s. Make sure we maintain the TFAC standards and expectations whilst following the rules appropriately.

“It is fatal to enter a war without the will to win it.” Douglas MacArthur