Company Weekly Update

Hi all, long time no post. Excuse me if I don’t finesse your eyeballs with the same level of content that Thomo does, however, welcome to this weeks Company Update.

Sunday 22nd Operation
This weeks operation was a great success from my perspective. Having gone last week against a much harder AI than normal, both platoons stepped up to the plate ready to fight smarter. I saw much slower movements from sections and much greater awareness of where each other were. Please keep this up as it allows us to do much more fun things with AI and make much more tense missions if you are able to improve your own section and platoon skill levels.

I was frustrated again in the afternoon prior to the op having to deal with late pull ins and pull outs at such a high frequency. Please get ontop of your reaction as early as you can. This goes for reservists and section members.

Things are chugging along in preparation for Infantry Tactics Training and more sessions should be held soon. The Advanced Medical Exams have also been underway by CPL Wolflec. Congratulations to those who have progressed onto the next stages.

Our Server

During the middle of the week our server gets under used by quite a bit. We keep up hearts and minds and training but those barely use all we can. DCS when used does consume some power but I’d love for our community to get some more use out of what you help pay for.

If you know of any games that have dedicated server support and require very little interaction on server end to change things around mid session, let us know. If it’s something we can put up and setup a map rotation for example on, we’re happy to accommodate.

Mod List Additions

We will be adding 2x mods to the list that are both very small and for the great benefit of the Hotel Pilots when using some of the helicopters with lower quality interiors.

These updates will occur by the end of the week. Kimi HMD – Kimi HMD CUP

Both mods will be in the new mod preset found in #key-information and will need to be used on the Sunday Op mod list, the Training mod list or for Hearts and minds.

Hearts and Minds

I’ve loved seeing you all enjoy the new persistent mission. We’re coming to a close on finishing so I’m looking for new map or persistent mission suggestions. Please continue to follow the existing ruleset for the current map and mission.

New Zeus’ for Sunday’s

This week’s op was amazing from a performance perspective and the feedback was great overall. I’ll respond to some of it in #company-feedback in the next couple of days, however, one stand out was sometimes sporadic “attention” to sections. We’d like to bring in atleast one extra Zeus on-top of the two we normally run. Regularly we can operate that with CHQ however, sometimes we want to play too. We’d like atleast three to four extra guys available. We need you to run a few midweek missions or have already done a few before. Given the importance of Sunday’s we need someone with significant experience and good op feedback to be on the op. I’m asking for more folks to get involved in J2 first, then message me to get involved on a Sunday op.

1st Platoon Weekly Words

This week all of 1-1 worked well. We were able to clear our first objectives quickly and efficiently. Our secondary objectives took a little bit longer however there seemed to be a larger enemy presence in that area. Looking back on feedback forms it looks like the mission was well liked from 1-1.



PTE(P) Noodles effectively and efficiently neutralised an enemy A-10 before it could cause any casualties.


PTE Barker, PTE Blanc, PTE Wanderer, PTE Hasty all performed very well for their first time, especially with pulling and maintaining security at MCI’s throughout the whole OP. Without a doubt stopped further casualties.

Additional Points:

Operation Benghazi went off with a few issues however now They have been ironed out, I ask you all to try and come to this weeks mid week op! Reference Community Noticeboard for the info! 

Expression of Interest for J5 Media 

Who We Are J5 is the All things Media team – Streaming, YouTube, Editing etc What we are looking for 2x Persons with high drive into creation & Some experience in the media area [Those being but not limited to: Editing, streaming etc] How to Apply! Send either LT Spartan OR LCPL Basil a DM with the following,

 ~ Why you want to join J5

 ~ What can you bring to J5 

~ What previous work have you done [IE Any edited videos etc]

~ Your timeframe & commitment

Note: We do get a large influx of people interested so make sure your Message is correctly filled out and serious. This offer will close on Saturday the 21st of March so get in quick! 

TFAC AfterDark Podcast: 

Asking for TFAC Members to help J5 out with topics for Next weeks show, If you have any ideas, topics or otherwise please DM LT Spartan

2nd Platoon Weekly Words

I was highly impressed with the Platoon’s efforts last night in moving through and taking our objectives without too much issue, although not perfect, we’re getting closer. Well done to the section staff in particular last night, I was impressed with comms as well as the interoperability between sections, maintain gents.

J3 Interest

J3 interest form has been posted in the noticeboard, EOIs will close Wednesday 25 Mar. 


PHQ Commendations: Myself and SGT Konk have been quite impressed with the efforts of our reservists members attached over the last few weeks. It is obvious we have some good quality members coming in and you guys are holding yourself up to a high standard. Keep this up, in 3-6 months time it is likely a large portion of you will either be permanent section members or section staff.

Golf 1-2: Golf maintained their weapons systems and effectiveness throughout the operation, constantly being relied upon and coming through with effective fires every time. Good efforts last night Golf, maintain.

1-2-Alpha Commendations

PTE Turner: Extremely impressed with his skills, treat collecting and dick kicking. Slotted into Alpha well and kept his CQC on point. Keen to see your progression within TFAC, keep stacking that brass and eating that ass.

PTE Dragon: Even through all his strange ingame issues, and his couple of relaunches, he didn’t put his hands up and give up. A real merit to his character and a great new addition to the unit.

 1-2-Bravo Commendations

PTE(P) Smog: For being an effective MAT Gunner, taking out 6 EN armoured vehicles in support of Bravo securing our OBJ. PTE Blacklight: For being an effective FT Member, always ready to support his FT and Section. 

PTE(P) KnightRetro: Whilst conducting over watch marked down targets with accuracy and with great detail, once things got messy he was there to clean up the filth with his LMG. 

PTE(P) Crossley: Effective in all situations he found himself in, clear crisp sexy comms, also kept fireteam morale high throughout the operation. Very well done.

 1-2-Charlie Commendations

PTE(P) Thunderbolt: Posthaste assistance of the MCI working effectivley to save members of the platoon 

LCPL Basil: taking the inititive and eliminating and enemy rocket pod that was pinning down the Plat



Keep up the momentum and stay safe

Our community continues to grow at a steady pace with new members flowing in each week. Continue to welcome new guys and new ideas with the same openness as we always have. I strongly believe what we do is truly unique and I wouldn’t change us for anything. During the craziness out there right now I hope you all remain safe. Please stay sensible and don’t be cavalier about the situation.

Fight on gents, don’t back down