Weekly Company Update

Well, what a mission. A lot happened last night and there were some crazy incidents including MCI’s, prisoners captured, the bloody CO being captured, it was all happening. There are only a few points that I want to cover off tonight so I’ll get straight into it.


As most of 2PL are aware, we suffered quite a large MCI on top of a feature last night which included most of the PL, PHQ and the 1-0 section. The discussions in the discord are partially correct in the sense that spacing was part of the reason so many members were downed. The main reason though was due to the fact that the PL remained on the position when they started to receive effective fire. The Zeus’s advised me that when the fires became accurate, although people were taking cover, they remained on top of the feature which ended very badly. This is something that all sections in the company are doing better, but unfortunately last night we weren’t quick enough. If you start to receive bracketing fires and they get closer/more accurate, move from that position immediately. It doesn’t matter if you have a building to hide in because they will just destroy the building with you in it. Only certain bunkers and fortifications will stand up to mortars so it’s vital to get out of that IDF area as soon as you believe the EN have a fix on your position. We all make mistakes and that’s fine. I am to blame for my team going down during that as we weren’t quick enough to move in, grab any casualties we could and then get out of there. By the time I told my guys to pick up someone and withdraw, it was too late. A good learning point and something to remember for the future.  

Medical Training

Wolflec and myself have confirmed the new training system for both the basic and advanced medical certification trainings. The document for the advanced medical training is located in the trainings-schedule channel calendar under the documentation tab. This document outlines the requirements and steps to achieve the certification. Make sure you read it carefully as there have been some major changes. These changes have been adjusted to suit the updated medical system whilst still producing the highly skilled medical personnel that Wolflec and J4 demand. The basic medical certification document is currently being worked on and should be released within the next week or so.

Any questions or queries about this, please message myself or CPL Wolflec.

PTE(P) Training

The PTE(P) training is being completely re-worked by LT Tate and myself to better target the requirements and skills of a section member. The training was more of an introduction to leadership but due to the changes to the NCO training, we have decided to have the PTE(P) more focussed on section member skills and advancement.

The documents are currently being worked on but the basic outline for PTE(P) training will be the following:

There will be 2 sessions that you have to attend to achieve the PTE(P) rank.

Session 1 – PTE(P) Training

– Role of section member
– Behaviour and values
– Op preparation
– SITREP’s and Re-org’s
– Harris-152 and Advanced RATEL
– Warning Orders and SMEAC
– Section weapon training and practice

Session 2 – Infantry Tactics Training

This is the current infantry tactics training that covers:

– Section Basics
– Formations
– Obstacle crossing drills
– Break contact and advanced manoeuvring
– Detainee Treatment and Handling

Once you have attended these 2 sessions, you will be awarded the rank of PTE(P).

The documentation should be finished this week and LT Tate will be running the first sessions soon after it is done. Those who currently hold the PTE(P) rank will keep it. This change will only affect those who are PTE. Any questions or queries about this, please message myself or LT Tate.

NCO Training

The NCO trainings are also getting a major face lift. We have identified a lot of areas where the current trainings are failing so a re-work is on the way. The LCPL and CPL trainings have been combined into one, creating the ‘NCO Training’.

The NCO training will be split into 3 sessions. The pre-requisite for NCO training will be PTE(P) rank.

Session 1 (Role in ops)

– Role of FTL
– Combat Leadership
– Orders and command
– Basic IMAP Process
– Decision cycle
– SITREPS & Reorgs
– FT Leadership practical exercise

Session 2 (Role outside of ops)

– Warning Orders
– Developing orders
– Advanced RATEL
– Basic Manoeuvre Theory
– Role of 2IC/3IC out of ops
– Admin training
– Take home orders (Orders assessment)

Session 3 (Practical Assessment)

– Role of Section Commander
– Developing orders further
– Snap orders
– Roles of PHQ
– Practical Exercise 2

Once you have attended these 3 sessions with pass marks, you will be awarded the certification of NCO Training which will allow you to step into a LCPL or CPL role. This will be a requirement for members to be eligible for those roles.

Those members who are currently in a staff role, at this stage, it will not be a requirement but it will be heavily encouraged and expected that you complete all 3 sessions. This is so that 1, we can test the new training with current staff members, and 2, that we can ensure all our current staff are at the required standard. More details will come out about this in the next 3-4 weeks.

Same as the PTE(P) training, there will be no LCPL or CPL trainings being run in roughly the next 3-4 weeks. This gives us plenty of time to work on the sessions and the documentation.

Any questions or queries about this, please message myself or LT Tate.


Just a quick reminder to everyone of the points raised in last week’s update regarding expected behaviour and performance whilst I’m on LOA. I want to come back to everything running smoothly and efficiently as it is at the moment.

CAPT Will and CAPT Infernus are tracking the work that needs to be done during this time and will attempt to keep on top of it as best they can. They are both busy with work and uni so please remain flexible and patient whilst we are down a J4 member.  

Orders Feedback

Can everyone please take the 5mins to fill out the orders feedback form linked below. I’ve got 19 responses out of 112 which is pretty shit. We do these forms/votes for your benefit and to further develop the group. By not participating it means we get a lower percentage so therefore a poor representation of what the group wants/enjoys. Please fill it out, it doesn’t take long.


1-1 Weekly Notes

A few gripes lads, those being spacing and battle buddies.

I have allowed section staff to carry flashbangs to use on you if aren’t sufficiently spaced out and/or not listening to orders. Make sure you are correctly spaced out with your battle-buddy.

With battle-buddies, all sections must have it set up so you are paired off with someone. This means everyone has at least one other section member who is with them at all times with movements, personnel well-being and effective movements for call signs. We are all taught this in basic and infantry tactics so use it.

However, aside from those gripes 1-1 worked effectively throughout the objectives. I expect very much the same for future operations. Alongside the amazing reactions to op attendance this week, it was a beautiful thing to see the entire PL had reacted.


PHQ Commendations

All 1-1 Staff: In effectively working to the common goal that LT Spartan has for 1-1. All of you working in close unison to get the job done, very much makes me happy and gives me a chub. I would like all 1-1 members to reflect on their staff behaviour and performance whilst envisioning my goal for 1-1 being the best. Achieve the goals set out and strive to take the initiative and be a member who is committed to learning and working for the team.


PTE(P) Shiny:
Performed very well, keeping his section members alive when possible. Also with assisting in the medical role.


PTE(P) Matlord: For always knowing where he needed to be without being told.

PTE Eggy: For showing initiative throughout the op and saving his FTL’s butt a few times

Additional Points

The Galloway award:
For those who aren’t aware J5, is running a cinematic screenshot competition which has 1 more week of entry before it’s closed and voting starts. To enter this competition All you need is to go to this link https://forms.gle/ymMNgH2aEESf2pm36 and follow the prompts. Only 1x submission per member, so make it a good one.

TFAC AfterDark Podcast:

Episode 3 is going to go live on Tuesday night at 7:00pm AEST with our new fortnightly schedule. We are looking for 2x guests for the podcast. It will also be livestreamed on my Twitch for those not being guests or hosts. If you have topics you want us to discuss, DM them straight to LT Spartan. Also, if you wish to be on the podcast please react to the post here


Expression of Interest for J5 Media

Who are we? J5 is all things media – streaming, YouTube, editing etc. We are looking for 2 new members with high drive into creation & some experience in the media area. How do you apply? Send either LT Spartan or LCPL Basil a DM with the following:

~ Why you want to join J5
~ What can you bring to J5
~ What previous work have you done [IE any edited screenshots, videos or other media]
~ Your availability & commitment

Note: We do get a large influx of people interested so make sure your message is correctly filled out and serious. This offer will close on Saturday the 21st of March so get in quick!

1-2 Weekly Notes

Quite an interesting op all round last night. I have had a chance to look over the feedback and want to highlight some points. We paid heavily last night for our lack of spacing, being that we got repetitively shelled on top of that hill. Ack it was not ideal; however, these things can be avoided by referring back to our basic drills. I’ve taken on board that some sections and assets had very little to do last op and that it got quite boring and repetitive. Unfortunately, there’s not much we can do when we have been tasked to clear the town and surrounding areas where observation and fields of fire is limited. At the end of the day we have to meet the commander’s intent and if we are ordered to clear a village with little contacts in it then that is what we will do. Otherwise, not too bad of an effort from the platoon.

Staff Movements

Due to multiple members being discharged the following members have moved into staff roles.

LCPL Blitz: Has been promoted and moved to 2IC of 1-2-Bravo. Blitz is an experienced member holding previous leadership positions within the platoon. PHQ are looking forward to seeing his performance as he steps up into this new role.

LCPL Sloppy: Has moved to Charlie 3IC to assist Evans and Basil in leading the section. Sloppy has proven himself over his time in the unit and PHQ are looking forward to seeing his performance as he steps up into this new role.


1-2 Alpha

PTE(P) Tim: For saving the section from the initial BMP push and efficient use of CQB training during clearance.

PTE(P) PunchCaster: For exceptional use of his CQB knowledge during clearance.

LCPL Coops & Englishman: Taking exceptional command of 1-2-1 while needed and provided good ideas and executed them flawlessly. To all of Alpha – Was good to see some training start to come out in use in this OP. Fighting withdrawals through smoke, slow, methodical CQB while clearing coupled with chaotic treat collecting.

1-2 Bravo

LCPL Blitz: For taking up the role of Bravo 2IC with confidence and professionalism and always being ready to support his secco. Multiple times issues both technical and in-game affected the section, but Blitz was always ready and willing to step up and support the section.

PTE(P) Crossley: For showing grit and endurance during the repetitive meat grinder, following orders to a tee and very easy to work with and knows how to position himself. Solid Operator.

PTE(P) KnightRetro: Persisted throughout the operation, lead the fireteam with caution and attitude. Understood all commands given and operated smoothly.

1-2 Charlie

PTE(P) Thunderbolt: For never going down once through multiple MCI’s including being one of the two last standing members after a particularly bad ambush.

LCPL Basil – Took control of the section and maintained focus and direction for the section, kept PHQ informed and worked well as 1IC.

PTE(P) Aqwaman: Took control of fireteam when 3IC went down, kept his fireteam focused and on task and utilised them to achieve sectional goals effectively

CHQ Final Points

A different mission with many spanners, wrenches and dead hooker bodies thrown into the works. We continued on task though and managed to achieve most of our objectives. With only a few weeks left of the campaign, we are coming to the explosive conclusion which I’m very excited about.  

As always, some things to work on but that’s how we grow and get better. I’m fairly happy with how we went and how the mission ran. I’m looking forward to the last missions of this campaign and to see what the next campaign has in store for us.

“Battles are won by slaughter and manoeuvre. The greater the general, the more he contributes in manoeuvre, the less he demands in slaughter.” – Winston S. Churchill