Company Weekly Update

A successful mission last night with some great things conducted across both platoons. I think that we have adjusted to the new arsenal/mods better this week and took on the feedback points from last week quite well. The mission was very well thought out by LCPL Rusty and allowed a number of diverse objectives and events. Some key things were observed that need to be addressed this week but overall the performance and behaviour of both platoons was to a good standard.

Additional Radio Frequencies

A reminder to all members that unless you are a section staff member or above, you are not to be on the PL’s command net. The only circumstance you’re to be on the net if you’re not staff is if all 3 of your section staff go down or they are being redeployed and you need to relay a message to your PHQ. Once you have been reunited with your staff, you are to erase the PL command net and go back to single channel.

Members who are discovered to be on a channel they aren’t meant to be on may receive disciplinary action depending on the situation. Forgetting you are on the net will not be an acceptable reason. It’s your responsibility to remember.

Helicopter Extracts

I received positive feedback from Hotel regarding the extracts at the end especially with 1-1. There was proper security provided, the LZ was clear and you mounted quickly and in an organised fashion. I was Zeus for 1-2 last night and observed their extract which was also to a good standard. Time on ground for Hotel is their biggest concern so although it needs to be organised and security needs to be maintained as much as possible, the loading needs to be as quick as possible. PL extracts are obviously going to take more time than section extracts but these things improve with practice and with PL and section SOP’s. Both PL’s did a good job so keep it up.

Hotel Airframe Side Guns

To continue with the last point about extractions, last night when Hotel were picking up and dropping off the PL’s members were using the side miniguns in the blackhawks and chinooks. Hotel says that this is ok but the guns needs to be fired in short bursts with a few seconds in between each burst. This is because if they are fired in long bursts or continuously, then the pilots cannot hear their radios and the noise can cause hearing damage to them. If you are going to be using the miniguns on the side of the airframes, ensure you use short, controlled bursts to prevent this from happening in the future. If this cannot be followed, then we will simply use non-armed variants and we will lose that weapon capability. It will be sections staff’s responsibility to ensure all section members are aware of these rules.

From CPL Wolflec

Hello everyone,

In the past, the advanced medical cert involved a very intense systematic training which allows platoon medics to gain a deeper understanding of the medical system. The training itself was mostly reflected and relevant to the platoon medic role as a whole, with the addition of a larger scope of practice for interventions that don’t fit the role of a standard member or section medic. With the new medical update for ACE3 changing and removing a lot of the medical systems and content, the advanced medical training is now more approachable and relevant to more members of TFAC.

It has been decided by myself and CHQ that the advanced medical cert will now be able to be undertaken by more than just platoon medic candidates. This will be useful to expand the knowledge and practice of currently practicing section medics and other members who are deemed very competent with the medical system. Furthermore, in the absence of a rostered platoon medic, members with the advanced medical cert can fill the position if needed.

The exact requirements, method, training and planning is still in the early stages but positions for trainings will likely open up next week. Do not message me in in attempts to “jump the gun” to be trained first. I will post more details later in the noticeboard about the specifics for undertaking the training and been qualified as an advanced medic. For all other questions, I’ll be happy to answer them.

Friendly Fire Instances

A few friendly fires instances occurred last night with 1 instance in each platoon that stood out. This isn’t a grilling or going to blame anyone as the instances were fairly minor and dealt with to an ok standard in game. I want to remind you all that PID is obviously really important and sometimes taking that pause to watch their behaviour and/or check your GPS and map before opening fire is the best way to PID between EN and friendlies.

There is an increased difficulty with us fighting insurgents that look very similar to us but overall, you guys have done really well regarding this so far within the campaign.


I have a lot of field this year and the first one is in less than 2 weeks. I’ll be gone from the 20th Mar – 6th April for this first one. I will then be back for around 2 weeks before heading out again for a long exercise that may last up to 8 weeks. The dates for that one so far are 27th April – 22 Jun but these are likely to change slightly. I’ll then be around for about 5 weeks before heading out again for approximately all of August. After that I should be around for a while if not the rest of the year.

The reason I’m letting you guys know now is so that you are aware of it and so that you understand mine and J4’s expectations during the time I’m away. There may be a reduction of outputs to the group including weekly’s, feedback responses and trainings but we will do our best to keep it going to some extent. This is due to J4 having real life commitments that may restrict them on picking up the extra work.

My expectations are that all members continue to maintain their performance, behaviour and attitude during these dates. I know in the past there have been issues that have risen from the dark during my time away and I’ve had to deal with them upon returning. I don’t think this will be an issue this year as we have grown from those times and changes that have been made have enabled issues to be dealt with more effectively. In saying that, I will have little tolerance for members or groups of members who want to cause issues as soon as I step away. Will has built this group from the ground up and to have members think that it’s ok to start shit as soon as the top command isn’t at full strength, will not be tolerated by myself or J4. There is no change to the rules, expectations and discipline whilst myself or another J4 staff are away.

To all staff, this is where we rely on you more than ever to maintain the standards and control within your teams. You are in the positions for a reason and these are the times that J4 need you to step up that little bit more to help your PHQ’s and CHQ with what they need. I’m confident you’ll do a great job as we currently have very capable and professional staff.

To all other members, especially PTE(P)’s. You all know the rules and what is expected of you whilst in TFAC. The staff already have enough on their plates before having to be deal with discipline, behaviour or toxic behaviour within the group. Make sure you are doing the right thing and that senior members are setting the example. If you guys do the right things which in turn helps your section staff, then the group runs a lot smoother. We have few issues within the group at the moment and we want to maintain that.

If you lads have any questions, queries, complaints, doubtful points or death threats regarding the above, please don’t hesitate to contact J4 or myself.

1-1 Weekly Notes

Excellent work this week 1-1. We did very well against our objectives last night. A few things to work on such as tactical knowledge and aggression but aside from that, we completed all objectives in rapid succession and well before other callsigns which made it feel very short and sweet. I expect all of you to maintain that level of teamwork through-out every mission.

Having a full platoon plus overfill was an excellent feeling and everyone did their job very effectively. Thank-you to 1-2 Golf for rolling with us, your support was appreciated.

A few things to note though, I have asked all sections to complete a section training this week as they will greatly benefit you in your knowledge to do better in situations in operations. Please go along to these as your section staff have taken the time to organise and plan these.



PTE Tibbs:
For always being there to provide covering fire whenever needed.


PTE(P) Rubberducky: For being an effective MMG and by always sticking by his FTL.

Additional Points:

With regards to last weeks in-memoriam to those fallen and the suicide awareness in TFAC AfterDark please do reach out to the TFAC Chaplain service to setup a time for a chat, SGT Konk, PTE(P) Stoggi & myself are all here to chat. Please don’t be afraid to reach out

Just a reminder about 2 J5 things.

The Galloway award:  For those who aren’t aware, J5 is running a cinematic screenshot competition which has 2 more weeks of entry before it’s closed and voting starts. To enter this competition, all you need is to go to this link and follow the prompts. Only 1x submission per member! So, make it a good one.

TFAC AfterDark Podcast: After a positive receiving from TFAC and the viewers of TFAC AfterDark, I have reconsidered to change the podcast from once a month to once a fortnight. This will allow for more shows, more topics and more fun. If you would like this to occur, please read the post in community noticeboard here:

1-2 Weekly Notes

Very happy with the all-round efforts of each and every platoon member last night. I received no negative feedback from section staff about any of the members which is great to see. Whilst the attitude to last night was great, it was observed during the conduct of the operation that some basics need to be revised again, specifically CQB and infantry minor tactics basic and advanced. I will ensure these trainings are made available to all members of the platoon over the following weeks. There will be multiple sessions available so the onus is on you guys to make sure you attend one.

Staff Movements

Due to multiple members being discharged the following members have moved into staff roles

LCPL Coops: Has been promoted and moved to 1-2-Alpha 3IC. A capable member who has been travelling with Alpha for a while now. PHQ are eager to see Coops step up into this role and continue to develop 1-2-Alpha.

LCPL Englishman: After proving himself as Alpha’s 3IC for 4 months now, Englishman has stepped up into the role of 2IC. Englishman has acted in this capacity when required and has proven he is capable of getting the job done.

CPL Evans: Has been promoted and moved to take command of 1-2-Charlie. Evan’s has the skills and attitude to develop and mentor his new section. PHQ believes we have selected the perfect man for the role and are looking forward to seeing Charlie travel to new heights. 

LCPL Basil: Has moved to Charlie 2IC to assist Evans in leading the section. Basil has proven himself over his time in the unit and PHQ are looking forward to seeing his performance as he steps up into this new role.

Well done all members who have been promoted.

2 PL 2020 Goals

A list of PL wide goals was sent out to staff last night, please take some time to understand these and familiarise yourself with them.

1. Best administration in the COY. 
How we will do this: Ensure all master sheets, attendance trackers, feedback, etc are filled to a high standard 
How we will measure this: Every time our admin is fucked will be a strike, we will have for less than 5 strikes in the year.

2. Best attendance in the COY.
How we will do this: Encourage our members to come along as much as possible and make operations enjoyable. 
How we will measure this: Average no less than 7 full time members per op. 

3. Most supporting roles in the COY.
How we will do this: Encourage members to seek training in fields such as J1,J2,J3,J5 and strive to perform their duties to a high standard. 
How we will measure this: No less than 3 members from each section to hold outside roles. 

4. Most citations and awards in COY.
How we will do this: Send nominations to myself and Konk for vetting, if we believe it is good to go we will pass it up. 
How we will measure this: No less than 3 members with citations (excluding time in unit) per section. 

5. Win best performing platoon for 2020.
We’ve got this one in the bag. 😉


PHQ Commendations

PHQ would like to commend all section staff members on their efforts in last night’s operation. All orders were carried out within the commander’s intent and staff took the initiative with sections raising each other on the net to get tasks done. Even Murphy was impressed at the level of RATEL last night, well done team. PHQ would also like to extend this commendation to PTE(P) Tricky. Tricky has recently stepped down from his role as COY XO; however, was happy to assist us when 1-2 Bravo lacked any staff last night. Tricky performed in his role as section commander to an excellent standard.

1-2 Alpha

LCPL Coops: Coops took his new role on and ran with it, effectively leading his fireteam and carrying out the tasks within the secco and PL COMD’s intent. Well done Coops.

PTE(P) Tim: Performed his role as MAT to a very high standard. Having a reliable MAT makes the section able to run smoothly and efficiently. Well done Tim.

1-2 Bravo

PTE(P) Smog: Smog stepped up into section 2IC last night and performed to above the standard expected from a member who had not received any formal training or experience in the role. His section commander was very pleased at his work last operation.

PTE(P) Phaser: Acting as 3IC for last night, Phaser performed to a standard above what is expected for a member who has had little experience in the role. Phaser was commended for his initiative and leadership. Well done Phaser.

1-2 Charlie

PTE HamMan: Displayed incredible discipline and integrity by watching a BDRM for 15 minutes without engaging and made no complaint when Hotel then eliminated said BDRM.

PTE(P) Aqwaman – Aqwa was a reliable fireteam commander when required from his section staff. All members were kept on task and his section staff were very happy with his performance.

PTE(P) Thunderbolt: Displayed great knowledge and competence of the TFAC medical system and kept members alive.

CHQ Final Points

A great mission with high levels of performance from everyone. I was impressed with everyone’s performance, behaviour and attitude last night even when members had technical difficulties with both the server and Teamspeak.  

This week may be busy for me with my course at work but I’m going to try and get at least 1 infantry tactics training run. Then next week the focus will be running the advanced infantry tactics sessions so we can hopefully open Delta soon. I’ll keep you all updated as best I can.

“War is life multiplied by some number that no one has ever heard of.” – Sebastian Junger