Company Weekly Update

A successful mission last night with some great things conducted across both platoons. I think that we have adjusted to the new arsenal/mods better this week and took on the feedback points from last week quite well. The mission was very well thought out by LCPL Rusty and allowed a number of diverse objectives and events. Some key things were observed that need to be addressed this week but overall the performance and behaviour of both platoons was to a good standard.

J1 and J3 Roles

There may be some positions opening within the J1 (Recruitment) and J3 (Training) departments in the next week or so. We have good teams at the moment, but adding a few more members will help relieve the pressure slightly as they have been quite busy. Some department members are able to commit more time than others so there will be an evaluation of the current members to see if they are meeting the requirements of the roles.

If you are interested in joining one of these then please have a think about which one as you cannot be part of both. I would suggest chatting to one of the current J1 or J3 members to get an idea of what is involved and see if it might be suited for you. A request for interest post will come out when we have the number of members required.

Mod Lists

A quick reminder of the required mod lists for each server. You should all have these pre-sets saved by now in your ARMA launchers. If not, ask a mate for help. It will make your ARMA mod life so much easier.  

Training server: 26

Operations server: 28

Liberation: 28

Operation Feedback

I received some messages and some verbal feedback regarding the operation feedback replies/post. I would class it as well received and successful for the first time, so I will look at doing the same this week. Just a reminder that if you disagree with or don’t understand the replies, to please either come chat to J4 in TS (preferred), DM one of us or discuss it openly in the unit discussion channel.

Galloway Award Reminder

A reminder to all members of the Galloway award that is being conducted at this time. This is a cinematic photo/screenshot competition being run by the J5 team. Details are as follows.

To enter the Galloway Award, you do not need to be a J5 member as this is open to all TFAC members. All you need to do is take a cinematic style shot, title it and submit it with the form that will be pinned in the media channel in Discord. TFAC related images are preferable however not mandatory. Entries will be open for 1 month until the 24th of March where the images will be voted on by you to decide on which is best! We hope that we are able to continue this on a monthly basis if received well by the unit so get your submissions in.

TFAC After Dark

TFAC’s After Dark Podcast is just 1 week away. We need you to send J5 your submissions for topics. Episode 2 is going to be great. Also, if you are wanting to be on the show to discuss with us then all you will need to do is when LT Spartan puts a post out in noticeboard, you are to simply react to it and you will be randomly selected to appear on the show. Anyone within TFAC can apply to join the podcast.

EN Mortars

Last night there was a 3-tube battery of EN mortars located in one of the EN FOBs. They began to engage 1-2 Golf after one of the EN patrols stumbled across their position. This caused Golf to have to re-locate. The EN mortars then turned their attention to the platoon that was assaulting the FOB’s. There were multiple instances with multiple sections when they identified that EN mortars were located somewhere in the FOB. Yet no one called through to PHQ or Golf that they had heard the EN mortars firing. This allowed the EN mortars to force Golf to re-locate and caused a MCI for a section. Not calling in the EN mortars costed not only time, but had a fairly significant effect on the platoon. If you hear and/or identify EN positions whether it’s mortars, vehicles or air assets, let your section staff know so they can pass it up to PHQ. And for goodness sake section staff, pass it onto your PHQ if you hear it or receive that information from your section. Making an assessment on the ground and passing on the information to your PHQ is part of your job. The LT cannot hear everything or be everywhere so you need to pass on that info so he can make the tactical decisions. The EN mortars could have been silenced up to 10 mins earlier than when they were finally eliminated by section fire. Quite poor on many levels gentlemen but let’s learn and make sure that we switch on when these things happen in the future.

Golf Qualification

A reminder to all members that if you’re interested in getting your DFSW (Golf) qualification, to please message CPL Keegen so he can get some numbers before creating a training session. Our aim is to get a decent number of members qualified so we can re-open 1-1 Golf ASAP.

Withdrawing and Tactical Decisions

Another point that I think is worth covering is withdrawals. If your section or platoon comes up against a large number of EN forces or even a small powerful force, then consider your ability to deal with it and the tactical picture. There was an instance when a section was faced with 2 Abrams and 2 truckloads of infantry that advanced quite rapidly onto their position. The section had little AT left and the shots they had onto the tanks were not effective enough to disable them. Before they knew it, all but 2 of the section members were down, and the remaining 2 were completely pinned down for some time. I admire the section backing themselves against the forces that were approaching but the decision to stay was probably not the right one. This is just an example/reminder that when your section come across, spot or are being pushed by large numbers of EN’s, the staff need to take that commanders pause and do a quick assessment (IMAP). The biggest consideration for the example above being “Do I have mission critical resources?” to which I would have assessed to be no. If this is your assessment and unless you’ve been told to hold that position at all costs, then you need to consider getting the hell out of there. There is nothing wrong with withdrawing. It is often a smart tactical decision which will allow you space and time to think of another way to conduct the task.

In saying this, I did watch a section withdraw when receiving IDF and withdraw back to a safe position and waited for the fires to finish before continuing. A good decision made there but don’t forget, you don’t know how long those fires may be going for and consider the fact that the spotter may still have eyes on that location. So, passing through that position even when the fires have stopped, probably isn’t the best decision. The EN won’t have to bracket their fires so the rounds will fall a lot quicker and more accurately. Remember the EN can call “Repeat” with IDF same as we can. Consider going around that area.

1-1 Weekly Notes

Good job this week boys. Everyone did their jobs and we were able to push through and complete all our objectives, even if we had to rush through the last couple. Was quite a fun mission from my point of view and looking through the feedback forms it looks like it was universally liked. As soon as we came into contact everyone was switched on and focused on the task at hand. Again, comms is improving and were rather good this week. Let’s continue to improve upon this standard. 



PTE(P) Shiny:
Performed very well assisting in various medical situations.


PTE Jaycee & PTE Sm0key: Gelled very well with 1-1 Bravo during the op. Great job to both ressies!


PTE Eggy: Slid into 1-1 Charlie well as a ressie.

LCPL EvilRabbit: Effectively led his fireteam during the operation and successfully took control of the section when the section commander was incapacitated. 

Additional Points:

Reminder to all 1-1 Personnel if you are wanting a certain training or certification please come to LT Spartan and discuss it.

1-2 Weekly Notes

Rough night lads! Possibly the highest attrition rate I’ve experienced to date as a PHQ member. You know you’re really in the shit when you have ¾ of PHQ down, Alpha almost wiped to a man and pinned down by heavy enemy armour, Bravo struggling to negotiate an MCI of their own with their section command structure decimated, Charlie holed up and trying to save Alphas ass and Golf displacing all over the show as EN IDF pummelled their sector. Good times! Honestly, it’s when shit hits the fan like that and the situation spirals into real despair that I find this game peaks. Pure adrenaline, combat fatigue and crisis management all squeezed into a big can of fuck yeah!

Thanks gents it was epic.

PHQ Commendations

Cpl Angel, LCPL Evans and LCPL Englishman: For keeping your team in the action, persevering through the challenges and hanging on till the end. Ops are always erratic and you just have to roll with the punches and the Abrams. You were tasked with an unknown mission (MT1202) against a superior EN force with the initiative and as a result took 80% casualties. Disheartening at the best of times but your grit got you through to the end.

LCPL Frost: For stepping up to the task of section commander for 1-2 Bravo and seeing the orders you designed executed to the best of your ability. The last chapter of the op saw you and CPL Patriot in a similar predicament to Alpha and likewise, Bravo also gutted through it in solid fashion. CPL Patriot thank you for taking a back seat and monitoring the progress as LCPL Frost was put through the paces. Solid performance all around.

CPL Chrone Bone:
Hitman squad was in full form last night. Charlie was pushed and pulled around and forced off of objective multiple times to support and in some cases rescue their battle brothers. Without hesitation Cpl Chrone mustered his lads and led them off into the darkness executing his tasking flawlessly. The outcome of 1-2s operation would have been dramatically different without CPL Chrone Bone’s experience and skill as a combat leader to depend upon.


1-2 Alpha

PTE Turner: For following his section commander under pressure.

PTE(P) Mitty: Always volunteered and was keen to partake in many situations.

PTE(P) Tricky: Was switched on constantly allowing his FT leader to worry about the rest of his FT.

PTE(P) Coops: Shut down several EN foot soldiers and several HMG gunners that saved the section a lot of hassle.

1-2 Bravo

PTE(P) Bryn: For defusing an IED and keeping the Section moving forward.

PTE(P) Jol: For first Class medical work.

PTE Blanc: Persisting despite significant technical issues.

1-2 Charlie

PTE Grub:
Very well done forming an effective buddy pair with PTE Slade and worked well throughout the operation.

PTE(P) Blitz: For fearless action with his anti-tank weapons and gave his absolute best in spite of the ineffectiveness of his weapon at times.

Additional Points

Gents, it was really good to see PTE(P) Bryn rolling with Bravo last night. It was great to have you aboard the 1-2 platoon steam train last night mate as the experience you bring to Bravo and this platoon will never be underestimated or under appreciated.

Likewise, for PTE(P) Rox who is now a solid member of our DFSW asset. Welcome to the team brother. Another dependable, experienced veteran who has already become an integral part of our operational capability.

To all the new reservists we had rolling with 1-2, your conduct filled the brass with hope for a solid core of ‘the right stuff’. Your conduct in platoon debrief was also noted as mature and positive. Well done lads and again welcome aboard

CHQ Final Points

Some excellent things occurred in the last week with multiple trainings, some section movements and a large number of new members arriving. With the completion of the advanced infantry tactics training document, I’m looking at running the first session next week. This week I will be running 1-2 infantry tactics training sessions to give those members who haven’t completed it an opportunity to do so, whilst also giving those who want a refresh to also come along. Details of this will be posted in the trainings channel.

The aim is to have Delta as a permanent section in the next 3 weeks. Stay posted for how selection for that will work.  

Overall it was a productive week and I look forward to seeing how the next few weeks are.

“Only the dead have seen the end of war.” – Plato