Company Weekly Update

A tough but overall good start to the new campaign. We had some mission issues including medic settings, no reservist slots and no OPDEM crates, but we got through it and managed to only just completed our tasks. It was a tough mission but the PL’s kept at it and managed to fight off the powerful US forces. As we progress through the campaign, depending on the outcomes of the missions to follow, we’ll hopefully get access to some better equipment and vehicles that will allow us to bring the pain even more. Always remember to be flexible, understanding and most importantly, be willing to take on the challenge no matter what it is. We don’t give up, complain or crumble under the pressure no matter what it is. Grab the EN by the balls and twist. If you can’t reach his balls, his nipples will do.  

CUP Arsenal Weapons and Ammo

With the introduction of the new mod list and in particular the new arsenals, there were some issues and error information that wasn’t passed on very well and/or was discovered by you guys. I will cover off on some of the common ones which should help clear up some questions and frustration.

Firstly, if you are using CUP weapons, only use CUP ammo. If you use vanilla ammo in a CUP weapon, it will likely bug out or will not be very effective against the EN. To check if it’s a CUP item in the arsenal, simply put your mouse over the name in the list and it will show up with something like this for a weapon; ‘CUP_arifle_AK107_kobra’ or this for ammo; ‘CUP_30rnd_545x39_AK_M’. Note the first part of the class name (CUP) indicates that it is a CUP item.

CUP weapons work better against CUP EN personnel and vehicles whilst CUP vests and helmets protect you better against EN CUP units. Make sure you grab CUP protective vests and helmets if you want it to work more realistically/better.

CUP RPG ranging seemed to be a bit wack but it seems as if it was not having the proper sights that caused that issue. With the correct sights and knowing how to use them, they have worked fine when tested today. This will be fixed in the arsenal for next week.

We are going to try to fix the GLA smoke rounds bouncing this week. It may take some time so please be patient.

The TFAC arsenal is set up correctly so you should not have these issues if we utilise them in the following missions. Please remember to be understanding and flexible as we adjust to the new mods, equipment, bugs and have new J2 members creating missions. They are learning as we go along so you can expect some minor issues for their first few missions.

Mod Lists

This was something that was communicated poorly at the beginning but we ended up posting in so many other channels, everyone should be aware of what is required by now. Just to be sure though I will confirm again which mods you require for which server.

Training server: 26
Operations server: 28
Liberation: 28

I recommend saving pre-sets in your ARMA launcher for each of these so you don’t join with the wrong mod list. I also recommend you select the pre-set every time you launch because sometimes ARMA will load a random pre-set. I click the right pre-set every time I launch ARMA even if I just crashed and had to re-launch. That way it saves you minutes of loading when ARMA derps out and you have to exit and launch again.

Operation Feedback

I want to try something this week with the operation feedback that we receive. Either tonight or tomorrow, I will take some of the more prominent feedback points and address them in the company feedback channel. This way you guys can see that we do read the feedback whilst receiving some explanations to some of your queries, questions and complaints.

Detainee Handling and Civilian Casualties

A reminder to all members that if you detain a civilian or EN they are to be back loaded as per the TFAC procedures or kept in a safe location until they can be released when the threat has reduced. There were multiple instances where civilians were engaged with no reasonable cause, along with others detained and left out in the middle of nowhere. It’s important we follow these procedures as it will effect our storyline and could have negative affects on our missions.

1-1 Golf Temporary Closed

Due to some members stepping down and moving to other appointments, 1-1 Golf will be closed until further notice. This is not a permanent thing and will not change the usual operation of 1-2 Golf for now. We currently do not have enough qualified members to keep 1-1 Golf open and operating effectively, with the remaining 1-1 Golf members moving to 1-2 Golf. CPL Keegen will be running some DFSW trainings in the near future which will allow us to re-open 1-1 Golf once we have enough qualified and interested members. If you are interested in becoming part of the Golf team, then please share your interest to CPL Keegen.

1-1 Weekly Notes

The new campaign was interesting to say the very least. Very different style and concept which then lead to various hiccups along the way. Please note if we are utilizing different uniforms, weapons and equipment, you all need to be able to remember and PID targets before engaging. This also stems onto reading the various briefings given by CHQ & PHQ.

Apart from that, 1-1 did well with the objectives and completed all while assisting 2 platoon in their defences from the EN counter-attacks.

Staff Movements

CPL Bryn has stepped down from 1-1-Golf and has snagged the rank of PTE(P) and has moved to reservists due to personal reasons.

LCPL Rox has been transferred to 1-2-Golf and has been given the rank of PTE(P).

PTE(P) Dennis has been promoted to LCPL and is now 3IC of 1-1-C.


1-1 Alpha

LCPL Linstone:
For covering for as 1IC while I was unable to effectively operate during intense situations.

PTE VengfulSnp: For being very professional during down time and combat.


PTE(P) Gaz: Performed extremely well throughout the op and acted as the ideal section team member.


All members performed excellently throughout.

Additional Points:

Reminder to all 1-1 personnel that if you are wanting a certain training or certification please come to LT Spartan and discuss it.

To all of TFAC

As per SGT Konk’s ping last week, I have been graciously given the privilege to be a part of the chaplain team. If you require any assistance or need a chat, please DM me to organize a meeting. For those who don’t know I have various experiences to draw on plus I am currently studying nursing. I am more than happy to sit down and speak with any member of TFAC no matter the issue and how big or small that you may think it may be.

J5 Media

NEW COMPETITION!!!!!!! I am happy to announce that J5 is hosting a TFAC competition with game key prizes if you win! The competition is a cinematic image competition called “The Galloway Award”.

To enter the Galloway Award, you do NOT need to be a J5 member as this is open to all TFAC members. All you need to do is take a cinematic style shot, title it and submit it with the form that will be pinned in the media channel in Discord. TFAC related images are preferable however not mandatory. Entries will be open for 1 month until the 24th of March where the images will be voted on by you to decide on which is best! We hope that we are able to continue this on a monthly basis if received well by the unit so get your submissions in.

TFAC’s After Dark Podcast is just 2 weeks away. We need you to send J5 your submissions for topics. Episode 2 is going to be great. Also if you are wanting to be on the show to discuss with us then all you will need to do is when LT Spartan puts a post out in noticeboard, you are to simply react to it and you will be randomly selected to appear on the show. Anyone within TFAC can apply to join the podcast. J5 is currently undergoing a revamp. Post this revamp there will be 2 slots available. If you are interested in anything media related, including streaming, video editing or graphic design, then be ready to apply for J5 when LT Spartan puts out an expression of interest post.

1-2 Weekly Notes

Well done to the platoon for sticking it through to the end last night. The whole platoon is to be commended for their adaptation to a different environment and approach to the mission. Hopefully with some new gear attained we can bring the fight to the enemy next time.

Disciplinary Action:

Be aware of the disciplinary document available in the public TFAC folder and/or the key-information channel in Discord.

PHQ will be enforcing these standards in line with the intent of CHQ. Ensure you have a full grasp of this and as a platoon we should strive to not end up on the wrong side of these procedures.


PHQ Commendations

CPL 4ngel: 4ngel took command of the platoon last night when I went down, although thrown in the deep end 4ngel maintained his bearing and kept the mission going inline with the intent.

1-2 Alpha

All of 1-2-Alpha worked incredibly well with the limited resources at our disposal and maintained composure in stressful events, with notable mentions to LCPL Evans and LCPL Englishman for ensuring 1-2-1 ran smoothly in the absence of leadership from CPL 4ngel.

 1-2 Bravo

PTE Jol: For conducting his role as section starlight with confidence and professionalism.

PTE Fordoe: For being an effective member, always doing his job and following orders when needed.

 1-2 Charlie

PTE Eggy – Always on the ball and where I wanted him to be without me asking.

PTE Slade – For cutting the road into town during the final phase of the operation preventing EN infantry from entering the town from the East

PTE(P) Aqwaman – Reliable & steadfast. Nothing more can be said about his consistently great performance.

CHQ Final Points

Bit of a rocky start to the new campaign lads but not to worry. The mission issues will be fixed for next week and with some captured equipment and vehicles we should be able to tackle the EN with greater ease. I said it at the start and I’ll mention it again. Remain flexible and take on the challenges that some missions bring. We can’t have it easy or win every time. Don’t get comfortable with being victorious or being able to decimate the EN every time we encounter them. Remember that withdrawals are a valid tactic and are often underutilised.

Overall this week though, great attendance to the trainings that were on and we welcomed some great new members to the unit.