Company Weekly Update

An overall successful operation last night by both PL’s and an overall very successful campaign. We have a few changes occurring this week along with important points that are mentioned below but will also be addressed this week. Ensure we’re encouraging section members and reservists to read the weekly’s as always.

GoFundMe Fundraiser

Our fundraiser for the bush fires started with a small goal of $1,500 and surpassed that before we knew it. Over the 2 months we shared the campaign, spoke to members from other groups and managed to get on 2 Australian television stations and another in the USA. We ended the campaign last week on approximately $10,500! An absolutely outstanding effort by all of our members, not only for sharing and spreading the word, but for being so generous by donating. We had a few members who donated several times and some single large donations as well.

J4 would like to thank everyone for their generosity and hard work which made the total amount possible. It truly warms our hearts to know that we have such a great group of members who are willing to give their time and hard earned money for such an important cause. Well done everyone!

Mid-week and Sunday Mission Behaviour

This is an issue that has been brought to me by not only staff, but by multiple non-staff members. It’s something I’ve noticed a bit myself and will be addressing some members personally.

Simply lads, any mission that TFAC runs, unless it is stipulated by the mission maker or Zeus that it is a more relaxed mission, is to be treated as if it is a Sunday mission. I’ve had several reports of members blatantly disregard, ignore or insult members who are in staff positions for that mission. I don’t care if a PTE is running as the LT for that mission, you must listen to him as if he is your normal platoon commander. It’s absolutely disrespectful and unacceptable. You all agreed to obey the chain of command when you joined TFAC and this goes for mid-week missions and liberation as well. Anyone who does not follow command, disrespects any person who is command for the night and/or does not want to act sensibly and follow the TFAC rules, will now receive full disciplinary action as if it was a Sunday mission. This is unacceptable and will not be tolerated anymore.

The mission makers, especially mid-week mission makers, spend a lot of time and effort making these missions for you! Mid-week missions often take way longer to create than Sunday missions so when people show up and dick around, it’s really frustrating and upsetting for the mission maker. They don’t have to create these missions for you, but they spend their own time and effort to give you guys something for mid-week. Do not disrespect them and ruin the mission not only for the creator but for those who want to play the mission properly. Anyone who is misbehaving or not acting in accordance with the TFAC SOP’s will be kicked from the server and disciplinary actions will be taken.

This poor behaviour has started to leak into Sunday missions as well. The above points relate to the Sunday missions and any rule breakers will be dealt with accordingly. J4, Zeus’s and staff will not tolerate any backchat, disrespect, and/or behaviour not in accordance with the TFAC SOP’s. Sunday is the mission we all joined TFAC for. We are a mil sim group lads. Don’t fuck around and ruin it for others.

Mod List Update, Map and CTab Changes.

From CAPT Will Our new mod list is now out. Please take the time to familiarise yourself with the content. The training server will be up tomorrow to show you what we plan to have included in the TFAC mission arsenal. We have some room to add/remove things should the suggestion of such thing be deemed valid by J4.

For missions in the future and for campaigns following, we are encouraging mission designers to think outside our own arsenal. This may mean for a campaign or operation, NONE or ALL of the kit in the arsenal you are used to is included. To provide an example, one campaign the mission creator may want us to play as Israeli or Russian forces. As such the arsenal in that mission, should the designer want an arsenal at all, will include that faction specific weapons and equipment. The alternative is to use the one designed by J4 and can be used in any mission situation should they choose. We hope this allows ops to have a much larger variety and hopefully provide more enjoyment overall. Be advised that some limitations will still apply to the custom arsenals for performance, play style and suitability reasons.

CTab has been removed and replaced by two mods.

TFAC Map Additions — Made by CAPT Infernus, this allows the zooming in and out feature of a GPS that we love about CTab. This is currently hardcoded to be PAGE UP and PAGE DOWN but will soon include key bind changing in the normal way in the Configure Addons settings.

Metis Markers — This mod adds a widely customizable map marker system. You can add accurate OPFOR designations on the map and adjustment as you please. You can even move them if needed.

CTab no longer has features the above two mods don’t add that we have a use for and as such is being removed.

We will use ACE BLUForce tracking so we will also increase overall unit awareness in operations as to where other elements are. We think this is a very useful change and should help sections coordinate not only their positions but enemy ones better.

The new mods are quite the download if you don’t have some of the content already. Please ensure you get a hold of it and download it ASAP.

You have a whole week between now and Sunday. Not having them downloaded will not cut it as a valid reason for not attending. The training server will have the new arsenal in it tomorrow so you will be able to sort your kits. A reminder that missions and campaigns may have different arsenals so let’s continue our excellent loading in practice so we can give you as much time as possible to sort loadouts.

Uniform and Kit Carry Limits

Along with the mod and arsenal changes, we will be using faction specific uniforms, vests and backpacks. What this means, is that you will have varying amounts of carry weight available depending on the uniform or equipment. This may be challenging, frustrating or disliked at first, but for mission makers and J4 to edit every piece of equipment’s carry weight is a huge job. We want you all to accept the challenge and work out between the sections about how you will carry what you need. Sections as it is, carry way too much stuff anyway. I know some members are carrying over 20+ magazines which is ridiculous. With this change it will also give more opportunities for OPDEM’s, whilst also instilling combat discipline in regards to rates of fire and well-aimed shots.

CAPT Tricky

It is with a heavy heart that I must announce the stepping down of CAPT Tricky from J4. He has done so so much for the group and has been a priceless asset to the J4 team. Due to personal reasons and wanting to get back into the fight, he has decided to step down from J4 which will be effective in the next few days.

Infernus, Will and I would like to personally thank Tricky for his outstanding work and commitment that he’s continued over the last 3+ years. His attendance is remarkable. His attitude is always productive and helpful. His commitment to the group is impeccable. Tricky has and I’m sure will continue, to perform at the highest standard within the group wherever he ends up. Thank-you so much mate and I’m seriously going to miss you from the J4 team.

Message From PTE(P) Blitz

Hey Guys.

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to create a campaign that you could enjoy. I know there were some issues with certain areas throughout this and I’d like to thank all the members of the community, especially Thomas, for guiding me along and remaining patient when I made some really rookie errors in the creation of this campaign. This was my first and most certainly won’t be the last campaign I make so any and all feedback is immensely appreciated!

From CAPT Thomas

I’d like to thank Blitz for his hard work and dedication to this campaign. It had its down moments of maybe 10%, but I’d confidently say the remaining 90% was sensational. The feedback we received for this campaign has been record breaking positive and everyone enjoyed themselves throughout it. You worked hard and I appreciate the effort you put in mate. I’m looking forward to the next one and to see the progress you’ve made, shine in the missions to come.

TFAC Donations

We don’t ever expect you to donate if you don’t want to or can’t afford it. We understand that life expenses happen all the time. If you do have a spare few dollars every now and then, and enjoy your time within the group, then your donations are extremely appreciated and allow us to keep this fantastic community going. It doesn’t matter if it’s $2 or $200. The smallest amounts go a long way over the months. To put it in perspective, with our current group numbers it costs us approximately 40cents for each member per Op.

Do not feel obligated and you will never be removed for not donating. The group continues to grow and it’s heart-warming to see our members enjoying what we offer.

1-1 Weekly Notes

Well 1-1, from a strategic and operational standpoint we completed our objectives very well from the ambush to the airfield assault. Congratulations on that. Just make sure that you are listening to your staff and we will have many more weeks like that where things go off without a hitch. There were a few issues last night which your staff will be bringing to your attention this week. Aside from that lads, excellent work.

Staff Movements

CPL Gaz has stepped down from Section Commander of 1-1-C and set as a PTE(P).

LCPL Zilo has stepped down from 3IC of 1-1-C and transferred to 1-1-A and set as PTE(P).

LCPL Snapper has been promoted to CPL and promoted to Section Commander of 1-1-C.

PTE(P) EvilRabbit has been promoted to 2IC of 1-1-C and set as 2IC of 1-1-C.



PTE Jazz:
For stepping up as section medic in Rob’s absence. You did a great job dealing with downed casualties throughout the op.


PTE Chacky: Performed extremely well for his first time as MAT eliminating many EN IVF’s and MBT’s.

Additional Points

As per 1-1 noticeboard with the expression of interest for LCPL & CPL certification, I will be taking that list and forwarding it to CHQ so that we can set times on the training schedule for you to all attend. If there is any additional trainings you wish to do or see, please ping LT Spartan in your section chats and I will discuss them with you. Alternatively, you can see all the official trainings available in the training schedule channel.

1-2 Weekly Notes

As discussed in debriefs last night we still have much to work on; however, we are getting there team. Myself and my staff will ensure these 1%ers are taken care of through a series of debriefs, SOPs and training. Overall, I was very happy to be back in the driver’s seat for the platoon and although a few hiccups in Phase 1, I was quite impressed with the coordination of the platoon in Phase 2. Let’s maintain a successful ending to this campaign and dive forward into the new campaign ready to prove ourselves as the badass mean green platoon we are.

Staff Movements

LCPL Basil has been promoted and moved to 3IC of 1-2-3.

PTE(P) Cloaker has stepped down and will remain in 1-2-3. PHQ would like to show their gratitude to the effort PTE(P) Cloaker has put in over the last few months as 3IC.

A massive congratulations to LCPL Murphy who has received a well-deserved promotion. We wish you luck in the same job you were doing before but now with the rank to back you up when sorting the discipline of the platoon during orders. 

LT Tate and LCPL Evans have returned from LOA.

PHQ Commendations

1-2-C: Charlie is to be commended on their efforts conducting a fighting patrol during the operation. Charlie was able to remain self-sustained and complete all assigned tasks while providing regular comms to the PL Commander. This is a testament to Charlie’s leadership and drills, maintain gents. 

PTE(P) Phaser: After sustaining heavy casualties, Phaser being a fill in 3IC was able to efficiently get on the platoon net and declare an MCI whilst also providing SA to myself. Phaser’s situation was well articulated and followed proper procedure, allowing immediate assistance to be dispatched and Bravo returning to being combat effective. 


1-2 Alpha

PTE(P) Mitty: For working well in our MCI and within his role, took initiative.

PTE(P) HamMan: For holding his angles well, and despite his hours-old membership did not have any major issues to overcome and followed orders quickly and to the letter.

1-2 Bravo

PTE(P) Smog: For effortlessly conducting his duties as MAT to destroy a huge number of EN heavy armour, saving the section from many potential MCIs.

PTE(P) KnightRetro: For not only being an effective LMG gunner but also aiding his FTL with the organisation of his FT.

PTE(P) Tree: For conducting his role of assistant MMG effectively and precisely, always being around to keep the section’s MMG ready to go.

1-2 Charlie

PTE Pants
: For performing to standard as a new recruit to the unit. He was responsive and stuck with his fireteam very well.

CHQ Final Points

A great end to an excellent campaign. Apart from a bit of shitty frames, the mission was a success and was enjoyed by most. As stated above lads, get the mods downloaded ASAP and sort your kits accordingly. Remember that the arsenals will change depending on missions and campaigns so maybe write a list of what you normally carry and then mimic it with the different faction uniforms and equipment.

Thank-you to everyone for getting in position for the COY photo so quickly and smoothly. It was conducted very well and no one fired at the end. This is the standard lads. Keep it up.

With the mod change, there will be bugs, errors and some things to adjust over the next few weeks. I ask you remain patient, understanding and flexible. Let’s remain professional and tackle any challenges and changes with gusto. Give things a go lads and work with what you’ve got available. We can’t have access to every weapon, static, vehicle or equipment otherwise we decimate everything in our path. There has to be challenges. This means things like EN difficulty, lense flare, weather, vegetation, terrain, EN IDF and EN assets are part of the missions. Take the challenges by the balls and twist with all your might. Adult mil sim group lads, not a teenage casual group.

You know the drill. Maintain the rage!

“Heroism doesn’t always happen in a burst of glory. Sometimes small triumphs and large hearts change the course of history.” – Mary Roach