Company Weekly Update

We had 100% ‘yes’ reaction to the enjoyment of the mission in the operation feedback last night lads! A big shout out to PTE(P) Blitz for another great mission and to Infernus and PTE(P) Stiglitz for some excellent Zeus work. Leading a PL was great fun for myself and I saw some awesome things occur. As always though, there’s things to work on. An overall very positive mission and week.

ARMA Crashes and Internet Problems

I of all people understand the frustration and anger that arises from ARMA, hardware and/or internet crashes. I had 3 ARMA crashes last night and my NBN decided to stop with about 30 mins to go. It’s really frustrating and can really dampen your mood which all staff and J4 understand. All we ask is that you take a breath, attempt to fix the issue and try to re-log. If you try multiple times with no success or become so frustrated that you believe that your mood will affect others within the section, then message your section staff in discord and let them know the situation before leaving the rest of the operation. We don’t want members to be so angry that it detracts from others whilst also not wanting to force you to stay if you can’t/don’t want to.

Now in saying this, don’t use this as an excuse to just bail after a single crash or issue. I expect all members to give fixing the issue a fair go. I ended up on my mobile internet last night and had a fan pointed at my tower to help cool it. Adapt and overcome gents.

Correct Mods

A minor gripe regarding members not having the correct mods loaded but due to everyone loaded in on time, it wasn’t a major issue. Just a note for that, even if you have the mod pre-set saved in your ARMA launcher, always double check it before launching. This is because even if you used that mod pre-set last time, it sometimes won’t load the last used mod list correctly when you launch ARMA. To accommodate for that I recommend when you open your ARMA launcher, you select your Auscorp mod pre-set every time you launch and double check it’s loaded the correct number of mods. This has saved me in the past and if you do it every time, it saves you having to restart ARMA.

Very well done with loading in on time though everyone. This is why we have that fudge factor time so excellent work.


Last night there were multiple minefields in the AO of varying sizes, types and locations. This tested our ability to deal with them and is a reminder that your basic soldier skills need to be maintained at all times. This is particularly relevant to situational awareness, scanning whilst moving and section SOP’s (mines freeze drill). There were a few instances when sections spotted a minefield, then decided it was a good idea to still walk through it which caused multiple casualties. This is a very silly idea and goes against all of the training we have done in the past. The only time you should be walking through a minefield is if you absolutely have to because there is no other way around. I can guarantee that the sections last night had ways around them.

Let’s not start making silly decisions like this because it’s only going to slow your mission down but may cause frustration within yourself or others.

Trainings Schedule

I know the training schedule is looking a bit bare this month which I will be looking at adding to very shortly. I would like to let everyone know that if they are running a section training and want to open it to others within the PL or COY, then please message myself of J4 and we will add it to the schedule so others are aware of it.

Message From 1-0 Starlight

Hi all.

The new ACE 3 medical update has been in practice for about a month now and the overall response is mixed. I personally want to thank all the Medics of TFAC for spending the time to readjust your practice and gain a greater understanding of the new system in order to support your sections during the direst of circumstances.

Most of you have heard about the new medical system that we are developing but some may be a bit unsure of what our plans are and what progress has been made. Right now, all the models are done. Thank you to everyone who volunteered their time to develop models for us to use. Regardless of how small your contribution was, Infernus and I appreciate your time and efforts. The next step is to start coding. I can NOT give an estimate as to when this will be finished as we already have a lot on our plate, these things take time. In the meantime, please become familiar with our current system we have to work with. If you have any questions, comments or concerns my door is always open.

I wanted to remind all members about the standard operating procedures about mass casualty incidents (MCI’s). By declaring an MCI over the radio, you are effectivity saying that your section is overwhelmed by the number of casualties and that you do not have the available resources to manage it (this includes security). From there the highest-ranking medic first on scene will coordinate the MCI. For example, if the only medic on scene is a PTE, they are to triage and coordinate treatment even if there is a CAPT on scene. Follow the directions of the most senior medic on scene until the MCI has ceased. If this means moving away from the causality collection point (CCP) to provide security, so be it. Until then, try to focus on moving causalities to a safe and central location when all the patients can be assessed quickly by myself and the platoon medics in order to make the best decision when it comes to triage. If you are injured prioritise your own health over others. You can’t save others if you can’t save yourselves. Finally, remember unless directed by a medic, only one person/treater per patient. We need to stop having multiple people treating someone when it is not necessary. Providing security and maintaining the fight is just as important as treatment.

Good luck out there guys and stay safe.

1-1 Weekly Notes

Well done 1-1 with another successful mission. We overall secured the various objectives and got ½ of the intel while repelling a lot of enemies. We were faced with a few things being EN utilizing mines again and mainly Infantry with little to no armoured support. One thing I will commend 1-1 for is the effective scanning for spotters. I saw quite a few times where spotters were found and eliminated by any means. Still a few things to work on like initial movements around rotary aircraft however everything else went quite well.

Great job however don’t get stagnant and stale. Always work to be better!

1-1 SOP’s

We have added a number of SOP’s within the last week. Please read the 1-1 Noticeboard regarding the new orders & Procedures.



PTE(P) Shiny: Performed very well last night fulfilling both his own role as LMG and assisting big time with medical. He was on the spot with everything at every moment in OP. Excellent performance.


PTE(P) Wizz:
Did well to maintain his cool and assist where possible during MCI’s.

PTE Crusader: Performed very well during his first op reacting to events well and following orders as well as generally gelling well with the rest of Bravo.


PTE(P) Riley: Pulled security and defended the section very well during MCI’s.

Additional Points

A reminder to all regarding mid-week ops, yes, they are less full on than Sunday nights, however you all need to maintain a level of professionalism during these missions. Bloodbath went well, however people need to listen and pay attention, especially to their superiors.

TFAC AfterDark episode 1 has started off well. I will be working to have it uploaded to YouTube within the week. Please if you have topics you would like to see spoken about please either direct message them to LT Spartan or someone within the J5 team. The next episode will be released early March.

1-2 Weekly Notes

Gents… give me more of that!

So much good to take away from last night’s Op. Well done to all of you. Despite a few technical difficulties, that the good Captain and myself experienced early on you were quick to organise and fall in and the execution of the operation proceeded flawlessly. It was fantastic to have Captain Thomas roll with us last night and as the Plt Sgt I took away a metric ton of valuable little lessons watching and listening to his process. All of my staff performed admirably but there were a few stand out operators that deserve a special little ‘Sunray Commendation’.

Sunray Minor Commendations

LCPL Frost: Mate, it is an honest pleasure watching and listening to you lead your men. A no-nonsense, no bullshit assessment whilst maintaining control at all times and keeping the momentum.

CPL Angel: For taking the initiative to lead Alpha and Golf through some BCT and CQB fundamentals earlier this week. Solid display of initiative.

LCPL Rohdzy: For always being a positive and friendly member of TFAC. I love flying with you mate. You just make every Op that little bit of something extra. Hotel was so on point last night and the CAS runs on Alpha when they went ‘Broken Arrow’ was thrilling.

LCPL RC Wolf: For turning up to his second Op this year 😉

Special mention to PTE(P) Basil for his excellent work on 1-2 Charlies Section Orders and his performance leading the section during last night’s Op. Basil you just keep going from strength to strength, and a final nod to PTE(P) Phaser for stepping up to the plate and providing LCPL Frost the vital relief when push came to shove, thanks mate.


1-2 Alpha

PTE(P) Mitty: For effective pathfinding of the unit getting us from point A to Point B over large travel distances from OBJ to OBJ.

PTE CeeJay and PTE Eden: Slotting into 1-2-1 seamlessly as new blood for TFAC and being able to hit the ground running was a refreshing change of pace, especially for an OP where Alpha was quite Isolated in terms of support. Well done gents, kicked some hard dick and earned all the treats.

1-2 Bravo

PTE(P) Phaser: For a top job as 2IC and occasionally standing in as secco when Frost went down

PTE(P) KnightRetro and PTE(P) Cort: for highly effective MG fire.

1-2 Charlie

PTE Pablo: For performing to standard as a new recruit to the unit, was responsive and stuck with his fireteam.

PTE(P) Basil: First time 1IC experience and did rather well given the circumstances. Still much to learn, but a solid performance overall.

1-2 Golf

PTE(P) Red_one:
Good IDF and direct fires on needed targets.

LCPL Pipsqueak: Good with all needed tasks and IDF.

CHQ Final Points

A truly well executed and high-performance mission last night lads. A mighty improvement throughout the group compared to a few weeks ago due to some behaviour and maturity issues but it seems that those issues have been resolved or that all members now understand what J4 and TFAC as a whole want from the members within our community. Toxicity, slander and general poor performance will not last in TFAC. We all want the same thing and we won’t let the 2% ruin it for everyone else.

Excellent performance last night lads and a solid week. Let’s keep up the great work and look towards the bright future that we are steaming towards.

Maintain the rage legends!

”If you find yourself in a fair fight, you didn’t plan your mission properly.” – David Hackworth