Company Weekly Update

Wow! Some crazy stuff happened last night lads. Some good, some bad, but we will learn and become better as a whole. Feedback from you guys has been good to allow us to test different things and to see what a majority of the group enjoys and/or wants to see more of. There are some important points covered again this week, so ensure you encourage your sections and the reservists to have a read. See you on the other side legends.

Operations Running Overtime

During planning/creation of missions J2 and J4 attempt to have the missions start (step off from HQ) at 1830 AEST with the mission ending at 2030 – 2100 AEST. We give some flexibility for the ending time due to that some weeks you guys are really close to finishing the mission at 2030. Going overtime allows you to finish the mission, which according to previous operation feedback, you would prefer rather than to end exactly on time. In saying this, we understand that some members may have other timings or things to do after a mission so I wanted to remind you all that if you need to leave early or mid-way through, that you are to message your section staff on discord so they are aware of when and why you left. As long as your section staff are aware then there is no issue.

Reservist Attendance

A reminder to all reservists that we are in full swing this year and attendance is expected of you. Your attendance must be at least half of the weekends per month for you to remain in the group. We have had a large number of reservists not attending or even marking their attendance. We have people knocking on our front door gents and I’d hate to see some of you be removed due to lack of commitment. J4 will be sending out notices to those who aren’t meeting these requirements.

Switching to CUP and CFP

J4 is organising a switch over to CUP to replace content we currently use from a various source of packs.

We plan to remove all the NIArms weapons, 3CB Weapons, 3CB Vehicles, and NATO RUS Vehicles. The content in the above packs is replaced in equal or greater quality by the content in CUP Units, Vehicles, and Weapons. Some of the weapon sounds for CUP Weapons are similar but it is at the very least of equal quality to NI Arms and in fact gives us more weapons.

CUP in the last 8 months has had several updates and the model quality and functionality of their content is much improved. CUP, unlike RHS, attempts to follow coding standards and model standards of ArmA 3 rather than trying to create scripted solutions to things, it uses engine solutions. This is a significant performance factor. Community Factions Project (CFP) adds a significant amount more enemy and friendly factions as well as uniform camo patterns and equipment colors. This is going to be terrific for improving enemy variety.

This decision is partly performance based as some of the current mods, namely NATO Rus Vehicles, haven’t received updates since 2017/2018. This is risky to continue to use as future ArmA updates may break this content further. NATO Rus Vehicles already throws many errors and its performance we can’t afford to lose for subpar content.

When will we switch?
Currently J4 wants to make the changeover within the next 3-5 weeks at the end of this current campaign. The swap over will be subject to the TFAC mod being updated as well as any AusCorp missions be fixed to ensure the smoothest changeover for our community as possible.

But I’m going to miss out on ‘x’ gun?
Load up the CUP content yourself and CFP (with ace compatibilities) and have a look at all the available weapons. I’m sure you’ll find something else to love and use if not find the exact same weapon.

I want RHS instead!
RHS uses a lot of scripting solutions for some of their complex vehicle or weapon functionality. This is obviously awesome and quite fun to use, however, at the scale of our community, it does a lot of damage to the servers Cycles Per Second.

2x Scopes

Last night we had the 2x scopes available to the COY and it was well received. The feedback was mostly positive with some points indicating members wanting to use them during the day. Of course this is going to happen and I want to remind you lads that we will be testing them over the next coming weeks. There isn’t really a timeline for when we will conclude testing as we will continue until we feel we have some solid evidence of the performance effects and so we can trial them in different situations/conditions. Overall, the results have been positive so far.

NVG’s And Mission Prep

This was an issue that occurred last night due to some poor planning on many levels. These things happen sometimes so as long as you take the feedback, accept responsibility and learn from the mistakes, then these instances can become a positive thing.

When the COY orders are sent out, it is expected that all staff from LCPL to LT are to read them. That is why they are sent out publicly. This is so all staff understand the story/situation and have a good idea of the overall mission/story/plan. Remember, understudy your staff. If you are not reading the COY and PL orders as a section commander, you are not doing your job right.

In the COY orders there is the time of the operation. It’s a minor detail but as you are aware now, it’s quite an important one. We don’t write these orders for shits and giggles, it’s to give you the necessary information required for your planning, orders and mission preparation. When you write your section orders, you need to be looking at these minor details and giving your guys all the relevant information. It is your responsibility to ensure they have the correct equipment, weapons and supplies. The CO should not have to tell you to bring NVG’s when the time clearly states 1800.

Now, if all else fails and you get in game without orders indicating that you need NVG’s, then a PL or section staff member needs to have a think about what is required for the mission and to ensure your troops have it all. A very quick look at the in-game time or even looking at the sun would tell you straight away if you need night fighting equipment.

There is no excuse for this gents. You are staff and you, along with the senior section members (PTE(P)’s), need to be on top of this stuff. Anyway, lesson learnt and I’m sure you won’t forget next time.  

Mission Feedback/Mission Playthrough and Orders

There were complaints in the feedback about section members not knowing what was going on during the mission and the purpose behind it. As I have spoken about in the past, it is absolutely vital that information prior to, during and after the mission is passed onto your section members. I should have been able to ask any section member about the intel found at the airfield and they should have been able to give me some basic information about it. It is vital that PL and section staff help drive information from the top to the bottom so that your lads are aware of what is happening. Not only does this give them an understanding of what’s occurring, it improves their operation experience, increases the immersion and will increase their drive whilst giving them something to work towards.

I wanted to cover off on some points/feedback that was given last night to explain some things and maybe settle some questions.

– EN mortars: As per last week the mortars are going to be more ruthless in the future. This doesn’t mean that they will be “god-like” but they will be a higher threat asset. There were some comments about the fact that sections got hit first or second round. This does happen some times lads. If they get the first or second round on target then there is no need to adjust. Therefore, they will call “fire for effect” straight after that first round. Bracketing is only used when the first rounds are not on target and they have to adjust. Although first round hits aren’t really likely, be aware that they can happen. Also, if you guys were receiving IDF, how come no one called for a repeat onto the EN mortars marker? The first barrage didn’t actually eliminate all the mortars so they were able to conduct IDF onto your forces and ended up moving from that position. When you started to receive IDF, I personally would have called a 2x repeat onto that previous EN mortar location. At least it’s a good first guess to where they might be whilst you move your lads into cover. Also in regards to the EN spotters, sometimes you won’t be able to locate them easily so if you receive IDF and can’t spot them, relocate. Because if you are receiving fire, they can see you.

– No EN in the tall apartments: That was simply because when we tried to garrison EN’s into them using the module, it wouldn’t recognise the apartments as buildings for some reason. Therefore, we would have had to manually place each EN into the apartments which we didn’t have time for. I was annoyed at that because I knew you guys would have enjoyed clearing those with EN’s inside. Apologies for that gents.  

– Platoons being favoured/getting more interesting tasks: As always lads the Zeus’s try to give both PL’s an equal experience as much as possible. This isn’t always possible unfortunately and due to how quickly you guys cleared the airfield (awesome job) the Zeus’s had to quickly make up some secondary objectives for the second half of the mission. This caused a big lull in the mission whilst we frantically organised something. We apologise for this and I want to remind you all that we never intentionally favour one platoon over another. Sometimes it’s the luck of the draw. This also relates to sections and their tasks. Sometimes a section will get the shitty task whilst others get something a little more action packed. Just remember that the Zeus’s have the EN behave as realistically as possible. Which leads into my next point.

– EN behaviour and tactics: After the airfield was taken and 1-2 were on their way to the EN base to the North, 1-0 gave information about the EN QRF and expected direction (West). The task for 1-1 was to hold the airfield and to clear the minefield to the West. My suggestion would have been to push the entire platoon to the Western edge and set up facing West to North. That way you are facing the expected direction of the EN and once the defence is setup, a fireteam or section may have been able to be pushed out to the minefield. What occurred though was one section moved to the West and one section was facing the South. We had come from the South and there was no reports of EN approaching from that direction. This is what caused some sections to feel as though they were left out. The Zeus’s are not going to spawn EN and attack from an unrealistic direction simply because you are set up facing that way. Considerations of the EN picture and the intel received needs to be made so you can assign your teams/resources appropriately.

The BMP located at the EN base to the North was not destroyed and was right outside an entrance when 1-2 cleared the base. The BMP then moved into the entrance and caused a bit of havoc. Again, Zeus’s don’t fuck on you guys, place down units or attack from directions that aren’t realistic. 99% of the time it is because an area wasn’t cleared fully or the EN has flanked you.

A few comments were made about the gap between EN forces being cleared from their defensive positions and the counter attack and/or the strength/size of the attack. Positioning of sections, layout of the defences and spacing would have mitigated the EN strength significantly as the attacks were rather small considering what Zeus’s normally send at you. If you are getting overwhelmed, request help or fall back. Don’t get stuck in the mindset of holding your ground and dying where you stand.

So hopefully you can see how the effects of decision making, planning and considerations can have a pretty big effect on the experience of members. There’s a lot of responsibility on the Zeus’s, PHQ’s and section staff as they have a large effect on the way the mission plays out. We understand there were a few issues with medical settings and we had some terminator EN pilots. Try not to let bugs or issues ruin your night gents. Keep your chins up and show me that even if there are some terminator EN, that they don’t stand a chance against the might of TFAC.

Orders changing: This was mentioned in the speech 2 weeks ago and I’ll touch on it again quickly. Lads, orders and situations change, regularly. If you don’t like this, then you’re going to have to get used to it. That might seem harsh but any person with military or planning background will tell you that plans always change. You all need to be adaptable. This means that when you get told to go North instead of South, you get up and get it done without whinging. Then if you get halfway and get told to go back South, then you suck it up and move South without whinging. Show your section and PL staff that you are a good operator who is adaptable, willing to follow direction and will do your best no matter what. Orders, objectives, task and plans change, get used to it. Convoys/events: A minor point but thought I’d mention it. We are not going to ambush you every single time you travel/convoy somewhere. If we do, it significantly slows the op as most of the time you guys will lose a vehicle or 2 along with the casualties you suffer. Sometimes we just need you to get to where you need to go or it’s simply not part of the story/mission plan for you to be ambushed. You have to travel sometimes, take it as an opportunity to talk shit and joke around without going overboard. Some of my funniest moments have been when travelling from one spot to another in the back of a vehicle. Make the most of it lads.

Alrighty gents, I know there are some points/comments in there that may seem aggressive, but as stated in my COY speech, I’m just passing on feedback to everyone so we can all learn. I’m not angry, disappointed or think anyone did shit. We all make mistakes and the best thing we can do as a team is identify them, learn from them and improve. If anyone wishes to discuss any of these points in private or even in public, please contact me and we will discuss it. The op was overall a success which was proven by how quickly you guys finished the airfield. So well done in that regard.

1-1 Weekly Notes

3rd Mission of the campaign lads and she sure was a dozy. Members worked well through my severe back pain and through the contacts. We do have a few things to work on such as firing at the end of ops and mechanized attacks. However, overall everyone worked well and we completed all our objectives yet again! Let’s continue the highly effective movements to complete all objectives.

1-1 SOP’s

We have added a number of SOP’s within the last week. Please read the 1-1 noticeboard regarding the new orders.


From 1-1 PHQ
LCPL Snapper: Effectively led his section whilst section leader was downed. Rallied his guys and was able to pull back the remaining section members without taking further casualties.

PTE VengefulSnp: Performed well bouncing around, fulfilling his role and shuffling AT ammo from himself to midget/OPDEM to midget. Vengeful took over MAAWS when Midget was missing with kudos to shiny who also did a great job in his role filling in as section medic.

PTE(P) Broche: For excellent medical work while under heavy fire.

PTE(P) Matlord: For effective use of the MAT.

Additional Points:

To all those who are zombie lovers, we have Bloodbath part 2 on Wednesday! Make sure you have all the mods sorted and ready to go. I hope you have prepared your minds as my sadistic mind is going to enjoy this immensely.

For this OP, please wait in the staging room. Do not load into the server until instructed.

1-2 Weekly Notes

Thank everyone for their attendance in last night’s Op. The teamwork witnessed in 2PL under sustained and mounting pressure was inspiring and despite the onslaught everyone kept their cool and maintained their composure till the bitter end. I can’t ask for any more than that lads.

Thanks Murph for keeping the comms going and directing Golfs wonderful fires on top of our squishy targets. Thanks again to Wolflec for his time running with 2Plat and to RC Wolf (welcome back) for ensuring that 2L PHQ was always kept on its toes.


1-2 Alpha
PTE(P) Justace: While his FT leader was temporarily downed, Justace was able to take over his FT quickly and effectively to continue to clear objectives and provide security.

PTE(P) AlienPunch: After a MCI and being one of two surviving members in the field, AlienPunch kept his cool and was able to maintain keen eyes to spot incoming probing EN that were pushing on our weaker flanks.

PTE(P) Riley: Was keen and able to take command of his FT in the event of a casualty, and did so with exceptional results and enthusiasm.

1-2 Bravo
PTE(P) Phaser: Stepped up as the section 2IC and did a brilliant job and exceeded my expectations by a mile. He was always on the ball with not only commanding his FT, but also acting as a good 2IC and ensuring the entire section is in-line in regards to completing tasks and fulfilling the secco’s intentions. Even in the absence of orders, he took initiative and kept the section focussed, and when the others did come in or change, he quickly changed his orders to fulfil the secco’s new orders and intentions.

1-2 Charlie
LCPL Cloaker: For stepping up into the 1IC role, performed decently, but there is room for improvement. Deserving of praise for a good try.

PTE(P) Basil: For stepping up into the 2IC role, he performed to a good standard.

PTE(P) Sloppy: For stepping into the 3IC role, he also performed to a good standard.

CHQ Final Points

Although there was very mixed feelings and experiences for last night, overall the COY did very well. You guys cleared the airfield much quicker than expected and dealt with the EN quite well. You guys sook about the EN being terminators or bullet sponges, yet you decimate them. Haha! In all seriousness though, well done lads and we hope to have those settings adjusted/fixed for next week and should be a lot smoother.  

As always, maintain the rage!!

“Never give in, never give in, never, never, never, never — in nothing, great or small, large or petty— never give in except to conviction s of honour and good sense.” – Winston Churchill