Company Weekly Update

What a ripper mission last night everyone. There was a bit of everything in that one and was action packed. Hopefully you all enjoyed it and had a good time. If not, chin up, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the next one. We all have our good and bad missions, it’s what you make of it.    

Golf Statics

Our golf call signs want to remind everyone that if you require statics or wish to get onto one that is set up nearby, to please ask them first before just jumping on it. They have them set up in particular ways and they know how much ammo they have for them. If someone jumps on and starts using it without their knowledge, then if a golf member needs it later, there might not be the ammo they require. They are more than happy to supply statics to the sections for select missions so just organise it with them and they will do their best. Please respect their requests.

Reservist Attendance

A reminder to all reservists that we are in full swing this year and attendance is expected of you. Your attendance must be at least half of the weekends per month for you to remain in the group. We have had a large number of reservists not attending or even marking their attendance. We have people knocking on our front door gents and I’d hate to see some of you be removed due to lack of commitment. J4 will be sending out notices to those who aren’t meeting these requirements.

Platoon Re-insertion Area

From the footage I saw of the mission last night, members were a lot better at the HQ with the organisation of the re-insertion area. This makes it a lot easier for the Hotel members to organise who’s going where, which in turn gets you all back into the AO sooner. Keep it up lads and well done.

EN Mortars and Fire Support

Last night was a big eye opener regarding our reactions and behaviour with EN mortars and fire support. It seems as though we act as if the mortars are not a threat and that they are used to create an atmosphere. I say this because last night I was using HE mortars in a realistic way against sections and they were not reacting to them until it was too late. Just so you are all aware, Zeus’s will be using mortars in a more realistic, aggressive and unforgiving manner from now on.

For those who might not understand how mortars generally work, here is a basic explanation.

– There will generally be a spotter with eyes onto the intended target. Sometimes, although unlikely, if the EN knows your location (like our HQ) they may just call mortars onto it without eyes on.
– Once they have eyes on, they will call in adjustment rounds. This is to sight the mortars and have them adjust so they are getting the right direction, angle and distance. These generally don’t hit the target first round and might be some distance away from you. They will attempt to ‘bracket’ the target which is a term/procedure used to adjust the rounds so they hit the intended target. When they bracket, rounds will generally land either side of the target in single rounds.
– When they land a round that they believe is close enough they will call ‘Fire for effect’ which means they will fire the designated rounds on those corrections.

This is a video that explains the basics quite well.

From now on Zeus’s will be using proper techniques which will include the requirement of a spotter, recon unit/drone/plane, or if they know our location due to mission story. There will also be EN mortars placed down as units so that if you can conduct counter-battery or direct fires which eliminates them, they will stop.

If you start to receive indirect fire or strikes from assets, you are likely being spotted and will have to re-locate. Sitting there and letting them bracket you before dropping a large number of rounds will end up with your sections being wiped out. There’s nothing wrong with moving around until you stop receiving that fire. Most of the time you can still achieve your tasks from a different position so don’t get attached to your first location that you set up in. Getting out of the line of sight or eliminating the spotter is going to prevent accurate rounds. If the Zeus’s can’t see you with the spotter unit, they won’t drop bombs.

2x Scopes

Last night we had some members use 2x scopes in an attempt to test the benefits and performance effects relating to their use. The results were positive so next week we are going to trial it with the entire company. You will have 2x scopes available in the arsenals for you to utilise if you wish.

Now just remember that this is still a trail and they may be removed if J4 and the Zeus’s notice some considerable performance related issues. We cannot promise that they will remain at this stage so please keep that in mind.

1-1 Weekly Notes

2nd Mission of the campaign was well, hectic to say the very least. With it being my first mission back since being in hospital, we managed to successfully repel the enemy thanks to 1-1-B’s efforts to take the radio tower. However, during the mission there was a few things that I would like to see improved.

People need to take a breather when shit hits the fan and listen to my orders. There were multiple times tonight that people did their own thing or took it to themselves to do the wrong thing. Sometimes it works, other times it got people killed. Generally, when I call for something it’s for a good reason. I know it’s exciting or flustering but take a breather, listen and act. Don’t just react to straight away to what’s happening. That is how people get killed. The rest of the issues or praise will be covered Tuesday night at 1800 AEST for our first platoon wide meeting.

Aside from a few issues there everyone did amazing work shooting a lot of contacts and from that I wish to share this “meme” with you that quite easily reflects last night’s craziness.

Staff Movements

PTE(P) Blitz has now stepped down as 1-1 Pronto and PTE(P) Osprey has assumed his position. We wish you all the best for Blitz in his time back with 1-2-Charlie. I know Chrone and Wada will take care of you.

PTE(P) Osprey has now stepped into 1-1 Pronto. I hope last night was a welcome of itself, however welcome to 1st platoon, best platoon. Prepare for the craziness.


PTE(P) Blitz & PTE(P) Osprey: For excellent attempts into keeping cool and maintaining communications

PTE(P) Shiny: For doing a great job as section medic filling in for PTE(P) Mladshiy.

PTE VengfulSnp: For operating very well throughout the whole op, even when his FT leader was down

PTE(P) Toast: For picking up the 3IC for the first time and running with it.

PTE(P) Robzombie: For keeping the platoon alive during incredibly intense circumstances. Both Toast and Robzombie for participating in a 3 man push that captured the radio tower OBJ and resulted in the EN withdrawal.

LCPL Snapper & PTE(P) Broche: For effectively remaining cool and composed throughout the encirclement of the initial LZ.

Everyone in the section stepped up and performed excellently.

Additional Points:

– I would like everyone in 1 platoon to come to the meeting Tuesday night at 1800 AEST [28/01/2020] so that we can cover vital changes, points and information regarding 1 platoon for the future

-Reinforcing CAPT Thomas’ remarks at the end of last night’s mission. Please Adhere to those wishes and if you are unsure come see either myself or CHQ regarding anything you may have issues with.

– Additional trainings & qualifications: Please sign up for the future trainings even if you aren’t wanting to be in that position. The more people we have qualified in all areas then the better off we will be as a platoon. For trainings go to #trainings & #trainings_schedule in Discord

1-2 Weekly Notes

Gents another awesome Op last night. Thanks for keeping it together under pressure and seeing it out.

Sunray Commendations

I’d like to recognise my staff team for their efforts last night.

CAPT Tricky: Ran as Sunray minor, navigated our lads on point and under fire to where we were needed most and played a pivotal role in the Golf hill defence until he was pulled away to lead 1 platoon. Coolness under fire Tricky, an attribute you display consistently.

CPL Wolflec: Simply did not stop and as our Starlight for the best part of the Op and was an essential contributor to the success of our stand. Cheers Wolfie.

PTE(P) Murphy: Was barked at all night by myself and despite running his throat dry, also played an extremely key role in our Op, radioing in supply and CAS runs which kept us in the fight till the end.


1-2 Alpha
PTE(P) Coops:
For stepping up to 3IC and filling the role perfectly. A natural clear-headed leader and leading his fireteam to the dicks for kicking.

PTE(P) MacAttack: As always being an exceptional asset to the section with his medical and infantry knowledge that he can apply in almost all aspects of play.

PTE(P) Mitty: Absolute beast as usual, slotting into 1-2-1 seamlessly and kicking all manner of dicks. Always being exactly where he needs to be when asked by staff, regardless of which fireteam leader is asking. Big hat’s off for following a last-minute change with security and following me to rain down some hate with Golf assets.

1-2 Bravo
PTE(P) Phaser:
For stepping up to 3IC and doing a great job.

PTE(P) Cort: For optimal use of the MMG to destroy enemy infantry and high vigilance in watching his assigned sector.

1-2 Charlie
I’d personally like to commend the entirety of Charlie and say that all of Charlie were absolutely superb tonight. Each member performed his job as if it was his god given duty. There wasn’t a single time tonight where I felt that Charlie faltered as a group. There may have been times where we got smashed and where it got a bit chaotic but every single time they came right back and fought harder than I’ve ever seen. They were the hitman squad. No moment passed that I did not feel we were unable to complete our objective.

CHQ Final Points

An excellent performance from everyone last night. A few things to be addressed and worked on but when isn’t that the case. We will push forward and continue to improve as we always do. Remember the keys points from the post op speech and let’s strive to get back to great community we know we can be. We all want the same thing gents. Let’s not fight against each other and aim for the common goal.

Stay frosty gents!! (Haha tricked ya!)

“The truth is that you always know the right thing to do. The tough part is doing it.” – General Norman Schwarzkopf, U.S. Army