Company Weekly Update

A good start to the year gents. A solid mission with a lot going on but saw some good things being done. There were definitely some things that were a bit rocky but this is to be expected with the first couple of missions after a long break. Night operations always add that extra level of difficulty so both platoons did well with the extra pressure and complexity of the mission. There are only a few points for this week so I’ll jump right into it.   

Training and Operation Attendance

As per the post in the discord last week, something I wanted to remind you all of is the rules and expectations regarding trainings and operation attendance as well as timings.

As per the TFAC SOP’s and Disciplinary Actions, you must attend a training or operation if you have reacted/marked yourself as attending. If you cannot attend, you are to inform your staff/trainer or change your attendance no less than 2hrs prior to the start of the event. If there is an emergency within your personal life, then it will be decided if it is a fair enough reason for missing it or a lack of communication. We are reasonable and fair but there are clear rules and guidelines that need to be followed. Please ensure you read the SOP’s and disciplinary actions document so you fully understand them.

Link to the post with the SOP’s and Disciplinary Actions links:

As per these documents I am meant to give a strike for not attending. I gave 3 members a 2nd chance last week and posted this to remind you all, whilst also let you know that I will not be as generous next time. This may seem harsh but if you cannot show the common courtesy and responsibility to either change your reaction/attendance, or at a minimum message the trainer/your staff, then you will receive repercussions for it. Not only do the trainers set aside their own time, but other members do the same with the expectation that others will turn up when they say they will and on time. If you commit to something then it is your responsibility to track what server it’s on, what mods are required, what day and time it starts, and to ensure you are ready before the start time.

Which leads me to my next point. If the training starts at 1800 AEST, then you MUST be in the server, kit loaded and ready to go at 1750 AEST latest. Loading in at 1800 and being ready to go 15mins late is unacceptable and rude. Again, others set the time aside and do the right thing by being on time, please make sure you do the same.

If you wish to discuss this further then please don’t hesitate to message me.

VCP Training

As per the training schedule I will be running a new VCP training this Saturday at 1800 AEST. Final details and force structure/assignment will come out most likely Friday night or Saturday morning. The more people we have for this training, the better as we can fill more of the required roles and members can get an idea of each role as we rotate.

I will require up to approximately 6 role players who will be a part of the training portion but will then act as the travellers for the “assessment” portion. These members need to be mature and sensible regarding this role. Laughing, carrying on and going off script to much will not be tolerated. This is a serious requirement for the training and I need to have members who want to add to the training rather than take the opportunity to take the piss.

If you are interested in the role play portion, please message me and I will note it down. Again, you will still get caught the training part, but you will most likely miss out on the run through/practice at the end. I will then notify the chosen members when I send out the assigned roles.

If you wish to attend the training, please put your name down on the training schedule.

Platoon Re-insertion Area

Last night there was poor organisation at the HQ regarding the hotel re-insertion areas with members moving around the HQ and not being in their designated areas. Once respawned, all members need to move to their respective waiting area and kit up as quickly as possible. This allows Hotel to easily organise who needs to go into which aircraft and where the REDEP is going. All directions from Hotel need to be followed as if they are from CHQ. They are trying to organise the REDEP as quickly as possible so you can get back into the fight.

I want to receive a much better report from Hotel this week regarding this. Don’t let me or the Hotel members down.

Golf AACFF Requests

Last night showed a possible flaw in the calling of fires by section staff or members. This is what I would suggest the platoons consider for their future procedures.

If section staff or even section members require IDF support immediately, rather than going through the pronto, they get onto their Golf AACFF net (see comms card) and talk directly to Golf. This way it clears the platoon command net which is often busy with communications between PHQ and the sections. Once the AACFF is complete, then the section staff can jump of the AACFF net and return to their normal channels.

This is just a suggestion and will need to be discussed with your PHQ, section staff and most importantly, the platoon pronto.

1-1 Weekly Notes

First mission of the new campaign and 1-1 worked fairly well. We were able to complete all of our objectives and took relatively low casualties doing so. Communication over platoon net has been getting better however there are still things that can be improved. Something that both myself and LT Spartan saw through stream last night was the lack of spacing. Last night we encountered a lot of IEDs and were lucky to have only one conflict casualties considering the poor formations. This will be worked on in the following days and weeks.

Overall though 1 Platoon had quite a good week and I hope to see you all next week.


PTE(P) EvilRabbit: PTE(P) EvilRabbit safely and effectively cleared a large amount of IEDs around 1 Platoons position which prevented multiple casualties.

1-2 Weekly Notes


Last night’s Op is rated right up there, not personally a massive advocate for night ops but this one stood out as one of the most intense Ops I’ve experienced. Massive kudos to the mission developers for last night’s adventure in foreign lands (Blitz… hats off mate).

2 platoon hit the ground swinging dicks in standard fashion with sporadic engagements quickly escalating into a full-blown fight for our lives (so much for rolling quietly) as the clearance operation in Elsaville rapidly devolved into a stand up brawl and eventually a fighting withdrawal with our extraction birds pulling out ground forces under fire, in a hot LZ, in a compromised area of operations.

I commend every element in 2 platoon for maintaining your composure in the face of a relentless enemy battering, IDF strikes and surprise minefields. With MCIs popping up frequently and obstacles continually hindering our advance, the initiative demonstrated by section staff and the fluidity of the execution of our tasking allowed us to adapt and respond effectively.

The whole Op had a real cinematic feel to it, from the beginning of the convoy negotiating hazardous MSR and pocket ambushes, through to Charlie rescuing our DFSW element as their position was overrun, to the grand finale being pulled out by Hotel under fire and having to control detonate our supply stash and static weapon positions. Good times indeed and you know the boys are all having fun when Murphy is laughing and “woo-ing” uncontrollably.

In our normal defiant 2 platoon manner, we were able to redirect the hate back on to our adversary and multiply our response tenfold. Even I was able to empty a few magazines up close and personal and drop some 40 Mike Mike love down range (sorry Wolflec) which is a rare opportunity for PHQ members. I expect that when we return to this theatre there will be a few EN individuals waiting to repay the favour.

Again, we had the company of Capt Thomas and CPL Wolflec, as they were displacing all over the show filling holes and supporting assets, themselves taking incoming fire (sorry Wolflec) and even Thomas going down on the odd occasion. Facing the chaos of battle everyone played their part incredibly, this is why we do this lads. To have started 2020 so strong it is hard to not get excited about the good times to come.

Sunray Commendations

LCPL Wada: LCPL Wada for your impeccable precision coordinating IDF with Golf and dropping accurate hate down upon EN IDF positions. I know in the heat of battle there is always chaos but Wada’s composure and articulated action really quenched the heat as EN mortars were dropping around their ears. Section staff members remember to exercise your capabilities, work with the tools at your disposal, understand the extent of your roles and constantly look for opportunities to exercise these capabilities. Wada identified the need for IDF support, took the reins and executed his ability extremely effectively… well done mate for finding the time to take the crayons out of your mouth, wipe your chin and courier some 80mm freedom to our EN hosts, a solid example to all.

2 Platoon: Second platoon is really starting to gel and it is interesting to see the sections assuming unspoken roles naturally within the larger formation. This might be due to the influence of each of the seccos and the way they like to operate. It might just be an understanding each section comes to on their own accord having operated closely with each other over a period.

Alpha 1-2: Alpha has seemingly become the assault element of 2 platoon. Watching the Alpha boys operate on the CTAB as they systematically clear sectors and bring them back into conformity is chub inducing. Last night clearing the western sector and then negotiating yourselves into a position to support Bravo in their advance was superb.

Bravo 1-2: The Bravo boys are 2 platoon’s defensive element, the way Bravo held on to their positions against overwhelming odds, encumbered by heavy casualties and without drama was inspiring. You lads certainly had Starlight bouncing all over the show. Your section is a different beast to the Bravo that we ended with in 2019. The way you guys are bonding is inspiring, keep it up gents.

Charlie 1-2: Charlie section under Chrone and Wada is 2 platoon’s QRF. Mobile, clear thinking and able to read the situation as it unfolds. Charlie is our fire brigade. The way you not only initiated the roll out into contact last night, but also the way you were able to clear your sector, secure the stadium objective, and lend easterly support to Bravo, you were able to fight your way clear of Golfs contested location and retrieve their estranged vehicle… only to then rinse and repeat without issue. Thanks Charlie.

Golf 1-2: Cpl Key Gen… (Named thusly henceforth) is our ‘master-key-generator’. He and his war hounds, the ‘scratch-golfers’ are constantly unlocking doors and paving the way for 2 platoon dogs of war to do their business. Without your rapid situational awareness and ability to rain hugs and kisses down on the foe, Starlight and Hotel would be a lot busier than they currently are. 2 platoon loves hugs and kisses.

PS: thanks for the cinematic detonation on our exfil… way to top off a sloid nights Op.

“To take the hill I send Alpha,
To hold the hill I send Bravo,
To destroy the hill I send Charlie,
To remove said hill from the geographical survey charts I send Golf”

– SGT Konk 2020

Section Commendations

Alpha 1-2
PTE(P) MacAttack: Selflessly using his in-game knowledge with regard to the medical system, IRL tactics and operational conduct to consistently support, teach and check Alpha 1-2.

PTE(P) Osprey: For embodying everything a secco looks for in a Reservist. A mature team player, who assumed his role easily and despite not knowing any of the 1-2 lads, conducted himself without question or drama.

PTE(P) Coops: For being the stalwart dependable, and always positive member of the section. A constant pleasure to operate with.

Bravo 1-2
PTE(P) KnightRetro: for stepping up the mark last minute as section medic. Not only did he embrace the challenge but he did so with immense skill and professionalism. Always useful having a guy that can both save your life and take it with his LMG.

Charlie 1-2

PTE(P) Turbanator: Yeeted the emperors holy hellfire with his buzz saw of an MMG nailing enemies left right and centre with dead accuracy. Throughout the final stages of the op when defending the stadium his gun never went silent until he needed to reload with his assistant shovelling into his backpack like a steel hopper. Our enemies felt pure terror on this day and will not soon forget the time Turbanator came to town.

Golf 1-2

PTE(P) Red One: For the superb fire missions conducted.

PTE(P) Hex: For his crucial role in mining the MSR prior to contact.

LCPL Pipsqueak: For his accurate fire missions and Mortar handling.

Another week lads, another successful Op. Be safe out there, hit up the Chaplains if you need to talk shit through. Be good to each other and talk again real soon.

CHQ Final Points

A solid start to the year lads and you should be happy with the performance and attendance that we got last night. Although, this is when we need to knuckle down and get back to where we left off last year. This not only includes operation performance but also our behaviour and attitude in the discord and Teamspeak. We are a large unit now and conflicts will occur. But it’s how we handle and be mature about conflicts and issues that truly makes a unit great. We are all friends, so let’s ensure we look after and treat each other accordingly.

Maintain the rage gents!!

“Battles are won by slaughter and manoeuvre. The greater the general, the more he contributes in manoeuvre, the less he demands in slaughter.” – Winston S. Churchill