Company Weekly Update

Another great week everyone but unfortunately it finished with bit of a sloppy Op. This is as you know, not common so keep your eyes on the ball and let’s move into this week focused.

New section members and training

It was brought to my attention that some members feel that there could be more things taught in the BCT sessions. The BCT document/training is currently under review along with additions being made to the training mission, so there will some things added and removed as I received some great ideas. The issue with adding more things to be taught during BCT is that it will extend the training even further which can often be 1.5 hours. It’s a lot of information to process, especially for new ARMA players.

So how do we teach the new members the things that aren’t covered in the BCT? Short answer is that it’s up to the section staff and members to teach these things. That’s what section trainings are for and why there are staff ranks. As all the current section staff know, trainings and the section’s capability is their responsibility. We can’t teach every new member everything in one session. It will be up to the sections to teach the rest.

Now, with that being said. Gents, if your section staff are trying to organise a training, go to it! They are putting in the time and effort so you should to. The trainings are always helpful in some way even if you think you know it all. If the section staff open the training to everyone, I would recommend any reservists or other members to join as well.

1-2 Charlie

As most of you are aware 1-2 Charlie was opened up over the weekend. CPL ChroneBone and LCPL Wada have taken the reins and I’m confident they will do a great job with their new section.

Congratulations to the new 1-2 Charlie staff and members.

Hotel 1-1 and loading at HQ

Last night we tried a new system with PL reinsertion waiting areas at the HQ. The feedback was positive from the Hotel pilots so we will continue with this going into the future.

The procedure is simple. Once you respawn at HQ, you will move to the PL waiting areas which will be located next to the helipads. Once there are 3 members ready to be inserted or 3 mins have passed, under the direction of the pilot, you will move to the aircraft he directs you to.

There will be an arsenal in the waiting area so if you need to rearm then you need to do it as quick as possible so that the pilots are not waiting on you to take off.

Feedback from Hotel 1-1

We had a very productive night, completing all but one of our objectives due to a technical failure. All members behaved very well at HQ and followed orders on the spot. We in Hotel are continually impressed by the professionalism of community members when they have respawned and are patiently waiting redeployment at the HQ.

A huge thank you to the Zeus team from Hotel for their continuing assistance with behind the scenes edits and additions that allow Hotel to operate at an effective level.

Wednesday’s Coy training

Last Wednesday we ran a Coy wide training session that covered off on a lot of basics. We had great attendance and it was very productive. As I mentioned at the end of the session, those members who attended should be passing on this knowledge to their sections during your section trainings. This will help the information to be disseminated between all members.

Section members being added, removed and changing roles

If you wish to be moved into a different section: You need to talk to your current section staff and the section staff of the section you wish to be moved to. This is to advise them that you want to change section and so the staff can discuss the one-for-one swap or if they are going to take on a reservist. This allows the staff to organise member transfers and can make the changes to the mastersheet. They will change your discord role and update your position on the mastersheet.

If you wish to be removed from your current section to reservists: You need to talk to your current section staff and ask them to process you into reservists. They will change your discord role and update your position on the mastersheet. You will be placed at the bottom of the reservist list and you will have to wait until for your name to be rotated to the top before you can be offered another section position.

If you want to change roles within your section: You need to talk to your current section staff and request to be put into a different role. This is a simple movement which only requires a mastersheet update. Remember that this will not always be possible but most of the sections are already rotating roles every now and then.

None of these movements require to be approved by PHQ or CHQ. As long as the section staff are aware, communicating and update the required roles and documentation, then section changes are up to the section staff. The only time PHQ or CHQ have to give approval for section movements is when reservists are being added to sections from the reservist list.

Changing server settings via admin login

No one is to change ANY settings in the servers via admin login without approval from J4. One of the reasons we had server issues during last nights Op was because people had changed several settings without the Zeus’s or staff knowing about it. There will be complete password changes for admin login anyway so if you are authorised to gain access to admin, you will receive it.

The training server has Zeus slots so you do not need to admin login to gain access. If the Zeus is not working for you, respawn or get someone who has it, to promote you to Zeus using the module. If it is discovered that you have changed settings without approval, or you forget to set them back to what they were, you will receive a strike straight away no questions asked. If you have access, it’s your responsibility to set it back once your done. No excuses.

Individual complaint form

Along with the new discipline system being implemented, I have also created an individual complaint form. This is so members can send complaints directly to J4 staff if they feel it requires J4 attention immediately. This form is not to have a whinge but to bring forward serious issues or instances that you feel require disciplinary action.

Complaint form:

This form is to be 100% and serious. Anyone who misuses this form or is found to be purposely lying, will receive disciplinary action themselves.

Disciplinary Action Procedures:

Golf 1-1 re-assignment

After some lengthy discussions with CPL Bryn regarding Golf’s use and effectiveness, CHQ has decided that a change had to be made. Golf has not been used very effectively since we opened to 2PL’s. They are being underutilised and due to many reasons, they cannot provide the support we had in mind.

CHQ and Golf came to the conclusion that we will be re-tasking Golf to 1-1 Delta. They will provide support to only 1PL whilst we trial this new procedure. This way they can be used in a much more aggressive manner and will hopefully be able to support the PL much easier and more effectively. They will be mounted in some sort of light skinned vehicle so they can provide direct fire support, whilst also carrying heavy AT, AA and mortars. The mortars may be removed in the future but this will be decided after some Op’s as the trial continues.

Golf 1-1 will be running a training this week for those who are interested in DSFW and indirect fire weapons. This will give you the DFSW certification which will allow you to apply for Golf 1-1 (now Delta 1-1) and possibly Delta 1-2 in the future following this trial. The details will be posted in the trainings channel so ensure when its posted you read the details carefully and react accordingly.

Reservist section allocation preference

It was requested by some members if reservists could have a way to request which section they could be allocated to for the Sunday operations. This week we will be implementing a reservist allocation preference reactions as well as a new late reaction indicator. This will be the same as the op attendance reaction system.

Note: The allocation will be mainly determined by the requirement of numbers to each section. We will try to get you to the section you want for the night, but please be aware that we won’t always be able to do it.

1-1 Weekly Update

Although we didn’t get the job done this week, I am impressed with the efforts of the platoon and I know we can all learn from the mistakes we made and come back better. As discussed in the debrief last night, we can always take the easy option and blame others or the server for our failures, or we can ask ourselves how we can become better. The section commanders are aware of the areas in need of some improvement and will ensure we are all up to standard for future operations.  

1-1 Standing Orders The standing orders will be updated sometime this week. When they’re released all pers are to read and acknowledge before the next operation. If you acknowledge these orders and fail to comply in operations, you may encounter disciplinary action. 

Section Members

A reminder that just showing up to Sunday night operations is the minimum expectations for any member of TFAC. As a permanent section member, you are expected to go beyond these expectations whether it be attending section trainings, meetings or getting together with your section outside of operations for section bonding. If you believe you cannot commit to such a role, I would advise you talk to your section staff about moving to reservists. Section staff have been given permission to rotate members out of their section as they see fit. Additionally, if you wish to change sections or are otherwise not enjoying your time within the platoon, talk to SGT Tate and we’ll see what we can do to accommodate you better. 

1-1 Training

1 PL staff will be conducting a platoon level training on Thurs 19 SEP 19 at 1800 AEST. The platoon will be broken into small groups each with a small group instructor, allowing you the opportunity to ask questions and get mentoring within your group. The following things will be covered:

  • Weapons training (CPL Keegan)
  • Section movement (CPL Henza)
  • CQB Package (SGT Tate)
  • IDF & Mines drills (MAJ Thomas/TBC) 

Will aim to spend half an hour on each stand and rotate through. Maximum attendance is expected. 



PTE(P) EvilRabbit 

Returning to the unit only 2 weeks ago, PTE(P) EvilRabbit has shown that he has retained his knowledge and experience and has performed well in the previous operation. He is to be commended on his performance within the op and assisting other members in his section. 


LCPL Reckers

After his fireteam was split from the rest of the section, LCPL Reckers effectively commanded his fireteam to the objective and kept his section commander and PHQ informed on his actions while assisting Charlie with securing the objective. LCPL Reckers is to be commended on his effective leadership and his communication skills, managing multiple orders and liaising with 3 different elements at once, well done Reckers.


PTE(P) Snapper

After topping his PTE(P) course, PTE(P) Snapper demonstrated his new skills to step up and show his leadership throughout the operation and demonstrating initiative to get tasks done, all while maintaining good comms with his section staff. He is to be commended for his leadership and communication throughout the op. Well done Snapper.

1-2 Weekly Update

Despite not completing our objective this week, 2 platoon performed admirably as always, with a lesson forced upon us on the importance of spacing. It was an awesome sight to see a full platoon again this week, with a formal welcome to 1-2-3, our new Charlie section.



PTE(P) Tim: Tim performed really well stepping up to 3IC and followed orders exceptionally well and controlling his FT and clearing Elektro.

PTE(P) GeorgeBasilJ: George stepped up to section medic in the absence of MacAttack, performing well as medic, always ensuring he was with the causalities and providing as much assistance as possible.

PTE Raptor: Even as a reservist, always knew where to be to assist his FT and performed exceptionally with every task given.


All members allocated to Bravo performed well above expectations, good work.


LCPL Blitz and PTE(P) Thunderbolt: Blitz for doing well as a first time 3IC, Thunderbolt for being a highly capable sec medic throughout the op.

CHQ Commendations and final remarks

I would like to commend two staff members this week for demonstrating TFAC’s values and expectations.

CPL Razorjax and LCPL Blitz: Both of these fine gentleman showed excellent behaviour, support, kindness and professionalism in the operation last night. It was overheard by one of our members who then passed it onto CHQ.

Gents, you have shown what this group is truly about and have proven that we have made the perfect decision in having you both in staff roles. These are the small things that matter and to have feedback messages sent in private to me, makes all the long hours and stress worth it. Well done guys and keep up the excellent work.

This is a perfect example of how a simple comment overheard can do so much (good or bad). This is why I emphasise good behaviour and values even when you think you think you aren’t being watched or heard.

“It’s what you do behind closed doors that determines the person you are and what people think of you.”

Genuinely impressed by everyone this week with many people stepping up and completing trainings, helping other and showing the new members that they have made the right choice.

As a wise and very handsome man said last week, maintain the rage gents!!

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