LT’s Weekly Update

A lot of work was done this week, with focus being Hotel 1-1 and the new campaign. We are looking at starting the new campaign this week so get excited. All info will be posted ASAP.

Laser Designators

A reminder that all section members who are not staff are to ensure they only use the binoculars and the vectors. The laser designators will not be available in the new campaign to section members, so start replacing them in your kits.  


I’d like to thank LCPL Wolflec for his excellent medical training and the effort he went into making the training mission. It was fantastic to see so many members attend and eager to learn. We are looking at running more trainings for other roles, ranks and qualifications over the next couple of weeks in preparation for 2 PL. Keep an eye out on the training and noticeboard channels.

Op technical difficulties

Thank-you to all members who stuck around last night during the technical difficulties. It was awesome to see so many commit to the operation even after all the delays. We ended up having a good mission with decent attendance. This is a rare occurrence and procedures have now been placed to prevent it happening again.

New roles/assets

I’ve spoken to a few members about asset and role ideas to be added next into the PL/soon to be company. I wanted to give you all bit of an insight of PHQ’s plans for assets and roles so you have a better understanding of the big picture. It also gives you guys the opportunity to pass on any old training documents, ideas on how the assets could be used and suggestions of how the training could be run.

PHQ’s plan for assets/roles at the moment.

1. Hotel 1-1 – To be implemented hopefully this weekend.
2. 2 Platoon – at this stage looking at 3 sections in 1 PL, min 2 sections in 2 PL.
3. PL Support vehicles – discussions about the possibility of implementing some sort of light-med skinned vehicle to each PL have occurred. PHQ having the badger during Operation Phoenix was very effective and supported all the sections at different times which got us thinking.
4. Engineers/logistics – With the new DLC coming and the new vehicles that we have at our disposal has sparked other ideas. Engineers have been talked about a fair bit with the idea being that they could conduct normal engineer duties along with extra responsibility of creating FOB’s/rolling HQ’s, prisoner extract, KIA extract and possibly logistics including resupply.
5. Fixed wing has also been discussed but is at the bottom of our list at the moment.

These are flexible and aren’t guaranteed to be introduced into the ORBAT. We are always talking about the next step and hopefully seeing it here might help answer some questions you might have. It also paints a picture in case you were looking forward to applying for a particular role in the future.

Shout outs

PTE(P) Linstone and PTE(P) Noodles – You lads are both fairly new to the group but it was great to see your performance when I was moving with Bravo section. You guys were covering and moving well whilst communicating effectively. It was great to see our new members performing at a high standard. Keep it up.

LCPL Roofie – Your hard work and time that went into the mission for last night was outstanding. Your briefing and notes were to a great standard which allowed me to write my briefing and orders in just over an hr. (A new record) It was a shame that we weren’t able to complete the mission last night but I can assure you that we will really try to get it working so we can enjoy the hard work you put in. I’m looking forward to seeing some of the new missions you’ll be making and your work in the J2 team. Top work mate.

Hotel 1-1 Assessments

PHQ and the assessors have been blown away by the standard of our pilots being assessed. We are very excited to replace the derpy AI for proper, capable pilots who will be able to conduct some difficult tasks. It’s an exciting time for the PL and will add that next level of capability and immersion.

Awesome week guys. Maintain the high standard that we are at and lets look forward into the exciting things coming to Auscorp.

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