LT’s Weekly Update

With another exciting and busy week marked off, I’m excited for the next couple of weeks. The group continues on its upwards climb with a lot of progress made. Keep an eye of the channels as there will be a few announcements this week.

Laser Designators

It has come to my attention that a lot of members are taking laser designators with them on operations as part of their dismounted kit. The designators were available to everyone and I have stated to you that if it’s in the arsenal then you are able to use it. Therefore, it is my fault this issue has risen. As some of you may know that the mortars Golf 1-1 have laser guided capability. As you can imagine this becomes extremely dangerous when section members are using laser designators for their magnification. We unfortunately had an incident caused by this last night so the decision has been made to remove laser designators from the section arsenals. This will help prevent any blue on blue incidents in the future and give Golf 1-1 the confidence that they won’t drop bombs on friendlies.

All section members will still have access to binoculars, rangefinders and the vectors. You are free to use these and their features. I would recommend the Vector 21 as this is what I use. It has a heap of useful features and once you know how to use them, they are fantastic.
Here is a link to some instructions on how to use the advanced features.

Staff members within the section will still be given the option to carry laser designators so they can guide mortar fire. I advise you to only use them to get a range when necessary or to carry a laser range finder as well. I will post in staff channel about how we will give you your laser designators if you wish to carry them.

J2 – Mission Making

With the increasing need of other J-staff it has come to our attention that we are going to require more members who can assist in mission making for Op’s. PHQ has decided to open J2 – Mission Making. This is to relieve the Zeus team and myself from some of the load during the week. We currently have only 3 consistent mission makers and with the re-introduction of mid-week events, we simply cannot keep up with the demand.

PHQ is offering a min of 4 members who are interested and have previous experience in mission making to send your interest to Sgt Tricky or Infernus. This role requires commitment and time to assist in mission making. Any members who become inactive or aren’t contributing will simply be removed from the role and will be replaced.

As a J2 member you don’t have to create highly detailed missions in editor with complex scripting or modules. Often the mission is quite bare, with only vital locations, enemies or assets pre-placed. The HQ, arsenals and modules required can be copied and pasted across missions so it’s not too complicated making new missions. There will be a google drive folder that will have documents and previous missions in it to assist you in the process. It will contain example missions that you can look at to have an understanding of some of the missions that we have made in the past. It will also have previous briefings including the notes sent to the Zeus’s prior to the mission as examples. You will work as a team so you won’t be making campaigns all by yourself. Communication will be important between the team as missions will have to line up and make sense.

This role is vital to our group. No mission makers, no Op’s. If you can commit some of your time during the week and have an interest in creating missions for us to all to enjoy, then jump onboard.


Gentlemen, a lot of members have been donating lately so Will and myself wanted to personally thank you all for your generosity. It costs Will a significant amount of money each month to run the group and with the increasing costs of upgrading the server, Teamspeak and VPS, the burden has been lessened due to your donations. We are genuinely touched that you enjoy your time within the group enough to donate. With the recent upgrades to our servers, we have seen significant improvement during operations. This obviously comes at an increased cost but with your donations it has enabled us to do it.

We don’t ever expect you to donate if you don’t want to or can’t afford it. We understand that life expenses happen all the time. If you do have a spare few dollars every now and then, and enjoy your time within the group, then your donations are extremely appreciated and allow us to keep this fantastic community going. It doesn’t matter if it’s $2 or $200 gents. The smallest amounts go a long way over the months. To put it in perspective, with our current group numbers it costs us approximately 70cents for each member per Op.

Do not feel obligated and you will never be removed for not donating. The group continues to grow and it’s heart-warming to see our members enjoying what we offer.

Full Server

Last night we had an issue with a full mission server. This is an excellent yet annoying issue to have. Apologises for those members who tried to join last night but were unable due to this. It has been fixed and we won’t have that problem again.

Hotel 1-1

Hotel 1-1 assessments are coming along well with some excellent scores from the pilots. Assessors are very happy with the quality of flying so far and we are looking forward to the introduction of Hotel into the group.

Timings and days for this week’s assessments will be posted in the noticeboard channel. Those pilots yet to be assessed, ensure you react accordingly.

2 Platoon

As mentioned over the last couple of weeks, 2 Platoon is in the making with plans very much on the way. Once Hotel 1-1 is completed and introduced, PHQ’s focus will then turn to 2 platoon. We are currently working on and rewriting the staff training documents. This will allow members who are currently in staff positions to be refreshed on what PHQ expects of their staff, whilst giving members who are interested in leadership roles the best chance for success when they take on the position. We are going to require a large number of new staff from 3IC’s all the way to LT’s. So if you are interested in moving up the ranks then now is your chance.

Note: All members will be required to complete the rank training in sequence if they wish to be promoted to a particular rank. The member will be required to spend some time in each position to progress. There will be different circumstances which will allow members to move up quicker but that’ll be at the digression of staff.

Shout outs

PTE Franc – Mate, you did very well last night in your role of PHQ gunner and impressed both Sgt Tricky and myself. You were professional, eager, listened to instructions and assisted us effectively when required. Being the gunner of the IFV you had increased expectancy to perform and behave responsibly and you did that above our expected standard. You engaged targets appropriately, you communicated effectively and assisted PHQ when dismounted. Great job mate and I will definitely be offering you a PHQ assistant position again if needed.

Bravo section – LCPL Benno did exceptionally well with Bravo section last night considering a majority of the section was reservists and new members. I was impressed by the section as a whole as you completed your objectives effectively and with aggression. It was excellent to see the new members performing to a good standard alongside the permanent members of Bravo. Well done lads!

All section staff – Although the communications were often extremely busy and sometimes unavailable, all the section staff kept their cool and dealt with some of the largest and most powerful enemies we have faced in a while. The performance of all the sections were to a high standard with notable instances being the multiple MCI’s that occurred. I was involved in both the major MCI’s and the rate of treatment and revivals was outstanding. Awesome work everyone involved.

PTE(P) Juice – Last night being your second operation as assistant Zeus, Infernus and I were impressed with your performance. You were very effective in the way you placed, manoeuvred and controlled the EN forces which greatly increased the realistic and enjoyable components of the mission.

Another great week gentleman. PHQ is happy with the progress made this week and we are looking forward to the next couple of weeks.

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