LT’s Weekly Update

LT’s Weekly Update

Good evening gents.

With an extremely busy week last week, we have had some awesome things going on. I’ll jump straight into it.

Group growth.

We are consistently receiving new recruits and applicants into the group each week and have grown to a size that we haven’t reached in a while. This is fantastic as it means we can fill sections, roles and gives us the opportunities to look at new assets.

With that in mind, Delta section has been opened as to give the current reservists an opportunity to take the leap into a more permanent position. We have already half-filled the section and expect to have it full within a week or 2. If any members are interested in moving into Delta section, you need to message CPL Will and request to be moved. If there is need, CPL Will will discuss it with PHQ prior to you being moved. Remember that if you want to be a part of a section, then your attendance needs to be a **min** 2 weeks a month for the Sunday Op’s. This ensures a good turnout for Op’s and events, whilst ensuring that spots aren’t being filled with members who aren’t attending. Those members who are keen to move into a permanent role that are waiting for a spot to open, should not have to miss out whilst section members aren’t committing to their role.

A reminder for you all to continue to support or social media accounts, especially our reddit “findaunit” page. It takes 30secs to click on the link that CPL Hex posts so please if you have a reddit account, take the time to upvote it.

Op attendance

This week was very busy with notifications as we had a lot happening throughout the week. I understand some of you cannot be at your PC every night so you may miss some notifications. When you joined the group, one of the questions/requirements that you agreed to is that you will have good communication with your section staff in relation to Op’s and events. This was vital for this week and unfortunately it was one of the worst weeks for people reacting to attendance posts. This is an issue.

As stated above, I understand that you cannot all be at a PC every night to check discord. In basic training we recommend that you download the Discord app on your phone so you can receive notifications through out the day or whilst your away from your PC. You don’t have to have all notifications on and can mute certain channels. I do recommend you download it (its free) and have it set so you at least get notified when you are pinged and/or keep the important channels unmuted. This way, if your away from your PC and need to react to Op attendance posts, that you can.

Lads, this really helps PHQ and Zeus when you react and it means that we can sort sections and reservists much quicker and smoother. So please ensure you keep on top of the attendance posts and react accordingly. I will be looking at the option of having an attendance channel so we can keep it central and make it easier for you guys. That way attendance posts won’t get lost in section channels. Wait out on this.

Joint Op

First of all I would like to extend a huge thank-you to LCPL Stiglitz for organising the ASOR joint Op. Stiglitz actually initiated and liaised with ASOR for a majority of the planning and organising of the event. Without Stiglitz’s work the event would not have happened. CPL Will and Sgt Tricky also helped out a lot so a massive thank-you to you lads as well. It was extremely successful and was a lot of fun for everyone.

As for the event itself, I could not express on the night how impressed I was with everyone who attended and on our performance as a group. We were very effective during the mission and everyone stepped up and did exactly what they needed to. We completed a lot more of the mission than anticipated as we steamed our way through the very well defended EN positions. ASOR lads were impressed with our performance and praised our group as a whole.

I would like to congratulate PTE Huske on his performance during the Op, stepping up multiple times and taking command of the section when his secco was killed. He did this immediately when required and was effective during his command time. He then handed over to his secco giving a sitrep once reinforced. This just shows that members who aren’t even in a leadership position can step up and fill those roles when required in a situation. Well done Huske.

Also a shout out to CPL Hex for his performance as part of the Golf callsign which worked quite effectively. He worked with the ASOR Golf member very well and every time I saw him interacting with the ASOR lads, he was very professional. Good job Hex.

A final shout out to CPL Spartan who has consistently maintained our promotional and social media outlets. Your work has been noticed by myself and is much appreciated. It is a vital part of our group and I can sit back in confidence knowing you are running the media team. Thank-you for your great work.

Those members who attended, if possible, I would recommend holding onto the ASOR sync as we will most likely be doing another event with them in the near future. I understand that some people may not have space for the extra mods so I would recommend if you have a storage drive, perhaps move the ASOR mods onto that. Then when we are looking at another event, you can simply drag the mods across to your main drive.

For those who were not able to attend I would strongly recommend that you get around any other joint events we are involved in. Everyone had a great time and it gave us the opportunity to show of our group’s skills.


Due to a busy week last week, we were not able to complete any PL training sessions. We will endeavour to run some sessions this week as I know some members are keen to get some qualifications. Watch the training channel for session days and times.

Due to popular request, LCPL Wolflec is planning on running a medical training in the not to distent future. This is something for the new guys who may not able fully aware of how the medical system works and who want to expand their knowledge. No certificates will be handed out and there won’t be an exam at the end. The approach to training has been completely redone and shouldn’t be too overwhelming or boring. All we welcome to join but members who are not familiar with the medical system are encouraged to attend. Regardless of your role, all members are expected to assist in medical situations. Without medical care, operations would fall apart. React below if this is something you would be interested in.

Overall gents I’m extremely happy with where our group is heading and how it has been running so far. This is a testament to our community and the members involved. Keep up the great work and I look forward to seeing you all this weekend.

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