LT’s Weekly Update

LT’s Update

Evening lads.

We had a busy week last week with multiple training’s, a midweek Op, the PL competition and of course the Sunday Op. Was great to see a lot of members getting involved in these events as it gives the group other things to play or try outside of the main Op.


Attendance was great for the training sessions that were run this week. All members that attended worked really well and I was impressed by the level of skill and dedication during the training’s. We will strive to keep at least a few training sessions run per week or 2 so that members who could not attend have the opportunity to join training’s.

Important reminder– If your circumstances change and you believe you cannot attend a training session, please ensure you update the training attendance reactions. This way I don’t have myself and staff waiting to start only to have to cancel when people don’t show. I don’t care if you change your attendance 4 times, just make sure it’s accurate.

PTE(P) Training
Members are tested on their skills utilising all section weapons including the LMG’s and MMG’s.

PTE(P) Training
Members are tested on their skills utilising all section weapons including the LMG’s and MMG’s.

PTE(P) Training
Members are tested on their skills utilising all section weapons including the M136 and MAAWS.

Discord post reactions

Continuing with what was mentioned above, everyone please ensure you react to the Op attendance posts so PHQ can sort out reservists prior to the Op. It was much better this week, but I still had to ask members within the sections to react or update their reactions. Section staff, this is your job and I shouldn’t need to jump into your channels to find out on Sunday afternoon.

PL Competition

Congratulations to PHQ/Golf and Alpha for their wins in this weeks PL comp. It was great to see members keen to be involved, especially reservists to fill spots. The rounds were close with our first event of the journalist being taken to the other side of the arena. Everyone get around this week and support the teams or jump in to fill empty spots.

LT Absence

Due to my posting happening next week which involves moving, I will most likely be away this weekend. I may also be away the following weekend but I will have to confirm this. SGT Tricky will be resuming command and will lead the PL in the Op. I expect the standards and performance during the Op to remain and any issues or reports of misconduct will be dealt with severely. I know SGT Tricky will perform brilliantly and you should expect a great Op. I will still be active on my phone so I will still be contactable.

Zeus applicants

We have had our first events with the new Zeus applicants in the driver’s seat and have had some great success. The Sunday Op was conducted to a great standard and I’m excited to see the progress that the new Zeus’s make. Keep up the good work Zeus’s!


As most of you are aware there is now a new ARMA DLC available. This is currently not a requirement for our Sunday Op’s. We do however, have events on during the week that require this DLC if you wish to attend. We will not be implementing the DLC into our Sunday Op mod pack for a while, if at all. Maybe only once it’s been on sale a couple of times to give members the opportunity to get it cheaper. So don’t stress if you don’t have it at the moment.

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